Wine Cellar Designers and Builders and their projects spread throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Find a wine cellar construction and wine room refrigeration specialist in your area. Also find examples of real completed projects in many major cities.

Local Wine Cellar Builders and Manufacturers

Get great ideas for designs for small closet wine room conversions, large wine cellar storage rooms and stunning commercial wine displays that stand out and impress.


Custom Wine Cellars Miami Florida – Miami, FL


Custom Wine Cellars Miami Florida
15632 SW 127 Ave. Suite 107

Miami, FL 33177
Business: +1 (954) 607-2092

Contact: Hannah Callaway, Lead Designer

Email: Use the contact form here

Custom Wine Cellars Miami, Florida, can provide full design and installation services throughout Florida. Based in Miami, CWC Miami, FL has a design team and a network of installers divided into South Florida and North Florida teams.

“Our 21 years of experience and unparalleled work ethic allow us to offer our products and services at competitive rates. If you are looking for top-quality products and service, you can count on us.”

Specializing in modern contemporary designs, we recommend you check out their design gallery


Custom Wine Cellar Builds - Richmond, VA

Harvest Custom Wine Cellars and Saunas – Richmond, VA


Tim from Harvest Custom Wine Cellars and Saunas

1509 Palmyra Avenue
Richmond, VA 23227
+1 (804) 467-5816

Contact: Tim Wright

Email: Use the contact form here

Harvest Custom Wine Cellars and Saunas are a Richmond, VA based company that specializes in wine cellar builds and design. They are with you from the initial design consultation to the completion of your custom wine cellar project.

Check out this recent wine cellar project in Williamsburg, VA by Harvest Custom Wine Cellars and Saunas.


Burton & Clark Construction – Los Angeles, California

Burton & Clark Construction – Los Angeles, California

Keith Black Owner Burton and Clark Los Angeles Spray Foam InsulationWebsite:
201 South Santa Fe Ave. #301
Los Angeles, CA 90012
+1 (949) 295 4251
+1 (949) 295 4251
Contact: Keith Black
Email: Use the contact form here

Burton & Clark construction are a Los Angeles based company specializing in the application of advanced insulation solutions. They apply spray foam rather than tradition insulation types in wine cellars.   Spay in foam typically provides a significantly better insulating factor along with the elimination of air cracks and subsequent air movement.  This along with the foam’s natural vapor barrier does and excellent job of reducing the likelihood of moisture problems in a climate controlled wine cellar.


IronWine Cellars LLC 9830 Siempre Viva Rd Ste 13 San Diego, CA 92154

IronWine Cellars – San Diego, California

IronWine Cellars LLC San Diego California Luis Vasquez Founder RwcWebsite:
9830 Siempre Viva Rd., Ste 13
San Diego, CA 92154
+1 (844) 608-4199
Contact: Luis Vasquez

IronWine Cellars are a San Diego based company with manufacturing facilities in Mexico. They manufacture hand crafted wood and metal wine racking to the trade. This includes custom and modular racking for residential and commercial use. Contact Luis Vasquez if you are interested in becoming a wine cellar dealer. As well as a focus on wine racking products IronWine also provides special hospitality services for wine displays and wine storage and various forms of furniture manufacture.


MandM Cellar Systems Los Angeles California

M&M Cellar Systems – Los Angeles, California

Mario Morales Founder MandM Cellar Systems Los Angeles CaliforniaWebsite:
1551 East Gage Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90001
+1 (323) 578-3330
Contact: Mario Morales
Los Angeles Wine Cellar Cooling Systems Contractor and Supplier. Specialize specifically in the design and installation of the climate control systems wine cellars require. Work with individual home owners, commercial developers, builders and partner with wine cellar dealers to help them provide a complete solution.


Blue Grouse Wine Cellars Vancouver

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars – Vancouver, Canada

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars Vancouver Canada Gary Bombay Owner WCWebsite:
1621 Welch Street
North Vancouver, BC. V7P 3G9
+1 (888) 400-2675
Contact: Gary Bombay
Blue Grouse Wine Cellars on HouzzVancouver, Canada Wine Cellar Designs, Full Service Construction and Wine Storage Refrigeration Specialists.  Also check out their designs on Houzz!


Wine Cellar International Florida

Wine Cellar International – Fort Lauderdale, South Florida

Jake Duquette Owner Wine Cellar InternationalWebsite:
9230 Lagoon Place, Ste 302, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33
Contact: Jake Duquette
+1 (954) 630-5866
Residential Custom Wine Cellars Miami
Primarily serve cliants in the State of Florida, particularly focusing, Orlando, Clearwater, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and South Miami.

Check out this recent wine cellar project in Miami by Wine Cellar International


Coastal Custom Wine Cellars California

Serving Clients Nationally Coast to Coast
Distinctive Wine Cellar Designs, installation and refrigeration systems. Residential & Commercial Applications. See our work in our wine cellar design project gallery.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars – Orange County, California Office

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Orance County26222 Paseo Toscana San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675‎
+1 (949) 355-4376
Contact: Jerry Wilson
Cell: +1 (949) 355-4376

Jerry Wilson Owner Coastal Custom Wine CellarsCustom Wine Cellars, Wine Cellars Installation, Wine Cellars Los Angeles, Wine Cellars Orange County

Full Service National Residential & Commercial Wine Cellars, Wine Rooms, Wine Storage Design.

Visit our Wine Cellar Design Blog, Visits our custom wine cellars channel on YouTube

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars – New Jersey Office

New Jersey Office Coastal Custom Wine Cellars2405 Orchard Crest Blvd Manasquan, NJ 08736‎
+1 (732) 722-5466
Contact: Jerry Wilson
Office: +1 (732) 722-5466
Contemporary Wine Displays from CoastalCell: +1 (949) 355-4376

Example Projects:

Wine Cellar Designs Short Hills New Jersey

Custom Wine Cellars Watermill New York

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars – Connecticut Office
Moved to New Jersey!

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars New Jersey
1117 E. Putnam Ave. #475 Riverside, CT 06878
(note: This Office has moved to New Jersey)

Contact: Jerry Wilson
Office: +1 (732) 722-5466
Cell: +1 (949) 355-4376
Can serve customers anywhere in North America
Primary business focus of this office is all along the east coast CT, NY, NJ, PA, VA, MD, MA, DC, RI, NH, VT, ME, DE.
Custom Wine Cellars New Jersey, Wine Cellar Installers New Jersey, Wine Cellars CT


Wine Cellar Specialists Dallas Chicago

Wine Cellar Specialists – Dallas, Texas

Wine Cellar Specialists Dallas Office2
4421 Cedar Elm Richardson, TX 75082‎
+1 (972) 454-0480

Contact: Nancy Noga

Useful Links:

“Installing and Designing Quality Wine Rooms, see us on Youtube”:

Wine Cellar Specialists – Chicago, Illinois

Wine Cellar Specialists Dallas Office2
858 W Armitage Ave #385 Chicago, IL 60614‎
+1 (773) 234-0112

Contact: Nancy Noga

Useful Links:

“At Wine Cellars Specialists our Wine Cellar cabinets are an excellent way to store and display a your wine collection wine in your home without the disruption or expense of building and dedicating an actual room or space.”


Artic Metalworks - California Wine Cellar Refrigeration Services

Arctic Metalworks INC. – Corona, California

David Gype Owner Arctic MetalworksWebsite:
12050 Margis Street
Corona CA 92883
+1 (714) 251-6875
Contact: David Gype
Email: CaliforniaWineCellars@ArcticMetalWorks
Orange County Wine Cellar Refrigeration Services Contractor. Most experienced in California, offers full service maintenance and emergency repair as well as residential and commercial products.

Bella Vita Custom Wine Cellars California

Bella Vita Wine Cellars – Orange County, CA

Jerry Wilson
+1 (949) 355-4376

Bella Vita California Custom Wine Cellar Builders inspires exceptional design originality and delivers a lifetime of assurance. With over 9 years of unbeatable experience and know-how, we can turn your dream of a home custom wine cellar into a reality and leave a mark in the wine cellar industry.

See our latest work and visit our outstanding Wine Cellar Designs News Page for the latest in Wine Cellar Construction.
Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio Texas logo


Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio – San Antonio, Texas

14080 Nacogdoches Road #289
San Antonio TX 78247
+1 (210) 591-1595
Contact: Nancy Noga

Email: Use the contact form here

Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio are a full service specialist niche builder. They cover the San Antonio, Austin and Houston area’s in Texas. They have a portfolio of completed projects in various locations throughout the State. They are a local commercial and residential certified construction company that have made climate controlled wine cellars their specialty.


Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles California

Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles

Los Angeles California
Custom Wine Cellar Design – Los Angeles Pacific Palisades
Stunning Custom Wine Cellar Designs.  Created a purpose built room for an entertainer who love sharing their passions with family and friends. Finishing at a maximum capacity in excess of 1,300 bottles of wine of various types this custom wine room has a something of everything. The design made great use of…
See other projects by Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles
Custom Wine Cellars with a Difference – Santa Monica Los Angeles
Palos Verdes Custom Wine Cellars Los Angeles Builders Project


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