Best of Houzz 2015: Design and Customer Service

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Whole Cellar has been enjoying one heck of a 2015, and it’s with good reason: we’ve recently been awarded Best in Design Best in Customer Service by Houzz this year! Winning one award is an achievement in itself, but winning two? Well, we must be doing something right if we’re included in two categories in the Best of Houzz 2015 list!

So, how deserving do you think we are of those awards? Well, you be the judge below!

Remodeling and Home Design

Best in Design

Out of the many projects that we have posted on our Houzz profile, one of those which grabbed the Houzz community’s attention is our Cape Cod project in Boston. This particular wine cellar houses almost 1800 wine and champagne bottles—some of which are stored in high-reveal display cases—while also allotting enough space in the center table where people can come in to taste wine at a leisurely pace.

The Cape Cod job, in essence, perfectly exemplifies the modern Whole Cellar design philosophy: we still maintain a sharp eye for aesthetics, but we never sacrifice functionality for it. This is why we have obtained the positive reputation we have, not just on Houzz, but on just about any state we have worked in.

Our stellar work ethic had also encouraged new clients to contact us simply because of our reputation on Houzz. Many of them, however, did not have an inkling of how they would be able to have a wine cellar built in the first place. Thankfully, we were more than happy to assist any new clients who simply wanted to have a wine cellar installed in their homes. This is the reason why we also won Houzz’s Best in Customer Service award.

Remodeling and Home Design

Best in Customer Service

Customer feedback, more than anything else, determines the success or failure of a business nowadays. That is why we make it a point that providing an optimal customer experience is a major factor that defines Whole Cellar as a brand.

Many of the clients we have worked with, in fact, do not lead the kind of “affluent” lifestyle many people associate with clients contracting us for their wine cellar projects. Rather, a good number of them are middle-class homeowners just wanting to have their own wine cellar that adds value to their property while still remaining affordable.

In this case, this is where a project like a closet-to-wine storage conversion in Texas demonstrates the kind of attention we give to our clients. Since the space afforded to us was limited to the confines of a closet, we had to find a way to work within the boundaries of the room given to us. Happily, the client found the finished product suited his preferences exactly.

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1790-Bottle Boston Custom Wine Cellars Design Project

A Wine Cellar for Every Homeowner

Gone are the days when building a wine cellar for one’s home was defined by an impossibly high barrier to entry. Nowadays, residential wine rooms are seen as much a part of the household as the bedroom or the dining room. The modern wine cellar now has the capability of serving multiple purposes other than simply being a room to store one’s wine collection. We can now say that wine cellars are truly made for everyone.

For everyone who has helped us attain the recognition from Houzz by voting us in for these prestigious categories, thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts. We hope to match, or even exceed, the high expectations of quality you expect from a product or service produced by Whole Cellar.

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