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Exceptional Modern Custom Wine Cellar in Miami Florida

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Many wine lovers from all over the world, including Florida, dream of having their own wine cellar at home for easy access of wine, proper wine storage, entertainment, and additional home value. In order to achieve the desired look and ambiance in your wine cellar, all your wine storage needs, requirements and personal preferences must be discussed carefully with your chosen wine cellar designer and builder.

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The end result will be a wine cellar with exquisite design that you can show off to your guests and a place where your prized wines can have the environment they need for proper maturation.

There are many wine lovers who want to have a wine cellar with a contemporary design to complement their modern home. Others who have a traditional home want to add some modern features in it.

Let’s take a look at one of the custom wine cellars designed and built in Florida by Wine Cellar International, a respected company in the wine cellar industry.

Modern Features of a Home Wine Cellar in Miami Beach, Florida

The client of Wine Cellar International is a resident of Northbay Road in Miami Beach, Florida. The newly-renovated home is in a picturesque setting and is beautiful and spacious. The living room and entertainment area is simple, yet elegant. Close to it is a room that was already designated for a wine cellar prior to the build out.

Residential Wine Cellar Project Miami Beach, Florida

What the client wanted was to have a modern feature in his residential space. The wine racks, wine cellar door, and flooring were designed to suit their client’s custom preferences.

Wine Cellar International chose a lighting system that would accentuate the client’s wine storage space attractively. Let’s discuss the features incorporated to make this wine cellar a state-of-the-art creation and a stellar home for the client’s prized wines.

Custom Wine Cellar Door

Stainless Steel and Glass Door Miami Beach Florida Contemporary Wine Cellar

The entryway of your wine cellar should be properly installed and must be made of the right materials to ensure that cool air doesn’t escape the wine room and warm air doesn’t get in from the outside. This means that the door of your wine room must be installed properly to perform its main function: to help the wine cooling unit stabilize the temperature and humidity levels essential for the graceful aging of wine.

There are proper techniques used to create a seal in the doorway of your wine cellar. In this project, Wine Cellar International used dual paned glass with a custom-brushed stainless steel frame, and installed inset gaskets all around the entryway to keep an airtight seal.

The advantage of a glass wine cellar door is that it provides the owner the best view of his collection from the outside. Stainless steel has been a widely-used material for making kitchenware and appliances. Nowadays, it has also become popular in wine cellar construction.

The good thing about stainless steel is its resistance to rust and corrosion. A film of chromium oxide formed over the surface of this metal alloy (during air exposure), shields it from rusting. Stainless steel is also non-reactive and cannot be scratched easily. These are the reasons why the client opted for this material not only for his wine cellar door, but also for his wine racks.

Stainless Steel Wine Cellar Racks

Your wine racking is another important component of a wine cellar that needs to be given keen attention. With several styles and types of wine racks in the market today, it is wise to seek the help of a professional when it comes to determining the most suitable racks for your space.

Make sure that you choose wine racks that can cradle the different types of wines and sizes of bottles in your collection. Also, see to it that the wine rack material and design will complement the existing décor or ambiance in your home.

Stainless Steel Custom Wine Racks

Wine Cellar International utilized custom-designed, brushed stainless steel metal wine racks for this contemporary residential wine cellar in Florida. These wine racks are ideal for long-term storage because of their ability to maintain their appearance and quality for a longer time, especially in a humid place such as the wine cellar.

The left, right, and back walls of the wine room were installed with stainless steel wine racks, built from floor to sealing to maximize storage space. The wine rack orientation on the left and right walls was horizontal, to keep the cork in the bottles moist all the time. Cork that has dried up will become brittle, losing its ability to seal a bottle. If this happens, wine will be oxidized and becomes undrinkable.

Wine Storage Display in Miami Beach Florida Wine Cellar

The lower portion of the left and right wine racking was designed with case storage bins to accommodate wines in bulk. This also added some effective design element to the wine room.

The racking design on the back wall included bin and bulk storage where the owner displayed the different wine varieties and bottle sizes (splits, 750ml, magnums, etc.) in a more utilitarian look. Adding more bottles in the future won’t be difficult for the owner because the wine rack design maximized the space of the room.

Glass Ceiling and Metal Flooring

More impressive features in this wine cellar were incorporated into the ceiling and flooring. The ceiling was made of double-smoked, highly-reflective mirror, creating an illusion of more space in the wine room.

Mirror Glass Ceiling and Metal Wine Cellar Flooring

The brown flooring looks great. It is eco-friendly and made of recycled tiled metal. Metal flooring is known for its flexibility and durability. It is also easy to clean and maintain.

Impressive and Safe Wine Cellar Illumination

Illuminating your wine cellar takes careful consideration. Wine is very sensitive to light, so your wine cellar lighting must emit minimal heat. Achieving proper lighting while creating an aesthetic appeal was achieved by using overhead LED lighting.

Overhead Wine Cellar Lighting

LED lights do not generate UV rays which are harmful to wine. These also provide soft illumination, just enough to highlight the owner’s prized wines and allow easy readability of wine labels.

Accent Wine Cellar Lighting

The overhead lighting can be directed to specific bottles housed in the stainless steel wine racks. It created an impressive wash down effect on specific areas of the wine racking.

Wine Cellar International also added some accent lighting to the floor. When all the lights in the wine cellar are turned on, you will see a dramatically stunning wine storage display. LED lighting is used by many wine cellar builders because it provides many interesting and unique ways to show off your collection.

High-Performance Wine Cellar Cooling System

To ensure that the ideal conditions are met in a wine cellar, an efficient wine cellar refrigeration system must be installed. The high-performance RM Series split cooling system from US Cellar Systems was used in this project. This option eliminates noise in the wine cellar since the condenser, which produces noise, was placed outdoors.

Miami Beach Wine Cellar Refrigeration System form US Cellars

The space allotted for the air handler, or evaporator, was above the wine cellar door. Beside it is a thermostat that indicates the temperature and humidity in the wine room. Wine cellar refrigeration is a crucial factor when building a wine cellar, thus an expert must be consulted to protect your investment.

This residential custom wine cellar is one of the remarkable projects of Wine cellar International, showing their true passion in wine cellar design and construction.

For more details about this wine cellar project, watch the video below.

Contemporary Residential Wine Cellar Designs in Stainless Steel

If you’re considering building your own unique and fully-customized wine room according to your budget and requirements, contact Wine Cellar International at +1 (954) 630-5866 or click here to request a FREE wine cellar design today!

Custom Wine Cellar Doors: Essential Part of a Residential Wine Cellar in Florida

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No residential custom wine cellar in Florida will ever be complete without a beautifully designed and skillfully built custom wine cellar door. A home wine cellar door is an essential part of proper wine storage, because without it, a wine cellar cooling unit would not be able to maintain the temperature and humidity within the storage room at their ideal levels. When choosing a home custom wine cellar door, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. What Material Do You Want For the Wine Cellar Door

Just like custom wine racks and custom wine cellars, custom wine cellar doors can be made from a variety of materials. The most popular materials used for wine cellar doors are wood, glass and iron. All three are beautiful options for a cellar door.

Wine cellar doors can be made from a variety of materials, such as wood, glass, and iron. Each one has its own advantages. Wooden doors are the most popular kinds. There are various kinds of wood species you can choose from, but the most popular are Mahogany, Pine and Redwood. You can opt to have wooden wine cellar doors that are plain, or that are elaborately designed with carvings. Wine cellars can also be made from glass, but not just any type of glass. Average glass is not a good material for making an airtight door. Insulated or thermal glass panel doors are ideal for custom wine cellars in Orlando, Florida. These glass panels should also be at least double or triple pane, and in between the panes should there should be a vacuum or gas filled space. Lastly, iron is another choice for the material for your wine cellar door. Some people use wrought iron only as an additional material or an accessory to their wooden or glass wine cellar door, but you can opt to have your entire door made from iron as well. You can also have a separate wrought iron cellar door mounted in front of a glass door. This will not only keep your wine storage room airtight, but also secured.

2. Always Check Your Cellar Door for Airtightness

Airtightness is an essential component of custom wine cellars in Orlando. Whether your wine cellar door is made of wood, glass, or iron, you should make sure that it is airtight. When choosing a home wine cellar door in Orlando, Florida, check its frame for weather stripping and its bottom for a sweep. If a door has no frame, it cannot provide the airtightness that is necessary for residential wine cellars in Fl to provide proper wine storage. Without it, the heat load within storage room will be high and you will need to have a bigger wine cellar refrigeration unit to keep the temperature and humidity in the ideal levels.

3. Add Your Personal Style to the Wine Cellar Door

Whether you choose a wooden wine cellar door, a glass wine cellar door or a wrought iron wine cellar door, you should always have it designed according to your personal preference. The design should also match the décor of your residential custom wine cellar in Orlando, Florida.

Custom Wine Cellars in Florida must be Designed & Built Properly

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Custom wine cellars in Miami, Florida should be designed and built properly, because these are the safe haven for wines. If they are not properly designed or built, your wines may become damaged. Many times, residential wine cellars in Miami, Florida are poorly designed and built because home owners try to utilize the cheapest ways to have them constructed.

The following are the most common mistakes committed when constructing a residential custom wine cellar in Miami, Florida:

1. Poorly Installed Insulation and Vapor Barriers

One of the very first priorities when building a residential wine cellar in Florida is to apply insulation and vapor barriers, which must be applied correctly. If they are not properly installed, condensation usually occurs between the walls of the cellar. As a result of this dew formation, mold can begin to grow. It is imperative that you hire a professional to install the insulation and vapor barrier for your custom wine cellar, so that this problem is avoided.

2. Wrong Type of Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installed

A wine cellar refrigeration unit needs to be installed in a custom wine room, so that the ideal temperature and humidity levels for proper wine storage are met. There are various kind of wine cellar cooling units for different wine cellars, such as through-the-wall cooling units, split cooling systems, ducted refrigeration systems, etc.

When it comes to wine cellar refrigeration systems, the 2 most common problems are when:

  1. The cooling unit needs to be returned to the manufacturer for service.

    This is can be tedious because you will have to take out the system out of the wall, put it in a box, ship it to the manufacturer and wait for them to return the unit. This is why before you purchase a wine cellar cooling system, check first if the manufacturer is located locally.

  1. The unit cannot efficiently cool the air to the ideal range.

    It is imperative that you have a professional calculate the heat load inside your residential wine cellar to make sure that you purchase the appropriate wine cellar cooling unit for your storage room.

3. Having Windows Installed on the Exterior Walls

Many wine cellar owners do not realize that there is no need for a window on the cellar’s exterior wall. Windows allow light and heat to enter the wine storage room, and this can damage your wines.

4. Inefficient Wine Cellar Doors

Wine cellar doors are an integral part of wine storage rooms. They should be well-designed and properly built because they can also affect the temperature and humidity inside the wine room. The custom wine cellar door should be an exterior grade door. It should also have heavy duty weather-stripping and threshold.

If you want to have a window on your wine cellar walls or door, it is imperative that you use insulated glass. Non-insulated glass causes a lot of problems that will consequently ruin your wines.

5. Poor Quality Custom Wine Cellar Racking

Wine racks in Miami, Florida are where your wines will be resting. Some people tend to look for cheaper ways to have wine racks. This is why some wine collectors settle for cheap wine rack kits or have a carpenter construct their racking. These might be cheaper options but they compromise the quality of your wine racks and put at risk the safety of your wine collection.  Custom wine racks in Florida do not need to be expensive but they have to be of good quality.

Quality Wine Cellars, Wine Racks & Other Wine Storage Essentials

Your wine storage room should be made from quality materials. Wine Cellar International is one of the most trustworthy providers of custom wine cellars, wine racks and other wine storage essentials in Florida. They products are not only durable but also cost-effective.

Contemporary Residential Wine Cellar North Miami Florida Project

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Custom wine cellars Miami Florida are increasingly becoming the most sought after feature in residential homes.  A residential wine cellar is a stylish, yet functional addition to the home.  It is designed to provide a stable environment, wherein wines can age accordingly, and at the same time serve as a showcase area for a large variety of wine bottles.

Residential Wine Cellar North Miami Florida

Residential Wine Cellar North Miami Florida

Wine Cellar International recently completed a custom residential wine cellar project for a client in Aventura North Miami, Florida.  The goal was to create a contemporary wine cellar with a total storage capacity of 800 to 1,000 wine bottles.  The design team at WCI combined different wine rack configurations with varying depths to maximize the room’s limited space, as well as provide an efficient storage and display method.

Contemporary Wine Cellar Horizontal Display

Contemporary Wine Cellar Horizontal Display

The back wall, situated right across a large window, serves as the main focal point of this residential wine cellar North Miami Florida.  It features wood finish horizontal storage sections that present wine bottles in a label forward orientation and allow wines to be stored three deep.  The label forward nature of the display rack promotes clear visibility of wine labels, thus making it easier for wine collectors to search for a particular bottle.

Just below the label forward storage sections of this contemporary wine cellar is a high reveal display row that pitches wine bottles to a 15 degree angle, with their labels facing forward.  The addition of an LED lighting fixture behind the valance illuminates the different bottles featured on the display row and makes for a stunning visual element to this residential wine cellar North Miami Florida.

The lower part of the back wall features double deep diamond bin configurations that significantly increase the storage capacity of this custom wine cellars Miami Florida project.  The diamond bin is a traditional method of storing wines in bulk.  It can accommodate large quantities of wine bottles of different formats.  This racking configuration is an excellent management tool for wine collectors who like to purchase wine in case lots.

Contemporary Wine Cellar North Miami Florida Project

Contemporary Wine Cellar North Miami Florida Project

The designers also decided to integrate a stemware rack into the back wall display, along with a serving area.  The stemware holder allows collectors to hang their stemware or glassware within easy reach.  The matching countertop area is sealed with a stain, to be in sync with the overall look of the residential wine cellar North Miami Florida.

To add visual appeal to this contemporary wine cellar, label forward racking systems and a high reveal wine display were installed right next to the glass window.  The display rack with a high reveal feature is flanked by floor to ceiling metal wine racks.  Below, the high reveal wine displays provide additional storage in a horizontal orientation.

The addition of metal wine racking solutions to this custom wine cellars Miami Florida project not only provides optimum storage capacity, but also completes the contemporary look of the residential wine cellar.  Wine racks constructed from metal components provide stunning wine displays, and their floor to ceiling configuration allows wine collectors to utilize what would have been unused areas in their wine storage space.

All in all, the Aventura North Miami Florida wine cellar project combines functionality and elegance, and a testament to Wine Cellar International’s quality of work and excellent customer service.  Truly, they are Florida’s premier designer and builder of custom wine cellars.


Proper Sealing of Florida Custom Wine Cellars

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Wine cellars are essential when you want to get serious with your wine collection. Wine is a delicate and complex substance, and it requires just the right elements to come together to make sure that it is stored well and aged properly.

Options have been made available on the market that will help aspiring wine collectors replicate the ideal conditions in the wine cellars in the chilly French countryside.

When constructing a wine cellar, you must ensure that the crucial conditions for proper wine preservation are present. Two important facets of proper wine cellar construction are installing a proper vapor barrier and making sure the doors, walls, and windows are completely sealed.

Things to Keep in Mind in Sealing Florida Wine Cellars

Vapor Barrier 

 A vapor barrier keeps the warm air from the outside or from adjacent rooms from seeping through the walls of your wine cellar. If this happens, condensation will occur, and over the course of time cause mildew and mold to form inside your cellar, affecting wine’s quality.

The vapor barrier stops this from happening. You can typically use a 6-8 mm plastic sheet for the vapor barrier, available in most Home Depots. They should be wrapped around your wine cellar on the warm side of the insulation. Note that the cool side of the wall is the one which actually encloses your wine collection. This essentially covers your wine collection from heat and humidity.

Wine Cellar Door 

Another aspect of sealing your wine cellar is making sure that your wine cellar door is airtight. The wine cellar door should be weather-stripped on all four sides of the door jam. There should be a bottom door-sweep to prevent outside air from flowing into your wine cellar when the door is closed. Solid core doors or full glass doors are recommended. But, if you prefer a glass door, it should have double-pane insulated tapered glass. Premium grade silicone caulk must be used to seal door casing to the wall.


Just as your wine cellar entryway, the windows must also be sealed. The use of quality insulated glass, good sealant, and a high quality frame is recommended. A reliable window foam sealant is recommended to prevent the intrusion of warm air, thus preventing wine faults.


Other ways you can ensure an airtight wine cellar is to build an extra wall that is made out of waterproof materials and leave a 1cm airpocket in between the two walls. Another way is to apply polyurethane on the wall that is already there and then cover it with cement and plaster panels.

Sealing is very important to make sure that your wine cellar cooling system will be able to perform its job efficiently which is to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity in your Florida custom wine room. This is especially critical if you live in an area with a warm climate such as Florida. Florida wine cellar owners need to make sure that their cellars are completely sealed in order to protect their wines from harmful external factors.

Wine Cellar International is a Florida wine cellar builder that offers its clients the best wine storage solutions available. Visit their website at for more information about their products and services.


Custom Wine Cellars Florida Bonita Springs Project in Naples Florida

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Custom Wine Cellars Naples Florida Bonita Springs Project – A Processed Video Transcription


Custom Wine Cellars Florida Bonita Springs Project in Naples Florida

Inspiration for Custom Wine Cellars Florida

Entering the Custom Wine Cellars Florida through a Barolo Style Door

Entering the Custom Wine Cellars Florida through a Barolo Style Door

Tim:  What was your main inspiration for the whole styling and all the woodworking for this custom wine cellars Florida?

Jody: Well, we like Italy.  We all like the Tuscan days and we rent a castle out in Napa.  It was an all stone castle.  We saw a room and we liked it.  We liked the atmosphere and we thought we’d do something similar to that.

Tim:  It really comes across that.

Jody:  It’s like a little dungeon.  I call it my little man dungeon.  I figured we could fit about 2200 bottles in this custom wine cellars Florida.

The Wine Collection

A Collection of the Client's Favorite Wines

A Collection of the Client’s Favorite Wines

Tim:  You’ve got some really nice features in here, as well.  So you just acquire these?

Jody:  Just about everything we picked out we picked out when we go someplace.  We’ve got some French wines that I picked up from France.  When we go to Napa we go to the wineries and if we like it we join the wine club and buy different styles of wine.  Our latest one is Merlot.

The Wine Tasting Room

The Cozy Wine Tasting Room

The Cozy Wine Tasting Room

Tim:  It’s very cool in here, you can feel it.  You’ve got a separate area (wine tasting room) where you can sit and enjoy the wine and still feel it because of this whole big glass here.

Jody:  This is the biggest piece of tempered glass we could find.

Tim:  Dual paned and tempered?

Jody:  Yes.  We centered the wine cellar cooling unit in the middle so the whole thing can be cool at one end and stays pretty consistent throughout.

Wine Barrel Flooring

Wine Barrel Flooring - Custom Wine Cellars Florida

Wine Barrel Flooring – Custom Wine Cellars Florida

Tim:  I think you’ve done a really tasteful job in here.  This wine barrel curvy effect is very unusual.

Jody:  These are all recycled wine barrels.  Everything’s recycled in here.  For the green people, I mean, you know, everything is recycled.  It’s natural stone off the ground, racking and wine barrel flooring from recycled oak wine barrels.

Tim:  What really stands out to me is the coloring.  They’re not all the same.

Jody:  Some of these are from red wines and white wines.  You’ll see this was from the inside of a red wine barrel.  You’ll see the straps.  This is from the outside of the barrel.  If you look at the inside, they’re a different red because red wine was inside the barrel.

Tim:  It has a beautifully aged, stylized look.  The wine bottles are also stored the other way around which is interesting as well.

This wine cellar project is located in Naples, Florida and was designed and constructed by Wine Cellar Specialists. To see more wine cellar projects in Florida and other wine tasting room design features, click on this link –