About Bill Bridges – WholeCellar Wine Cellar Designer

Bill Bridges – WholeCellar Wine Cellar Designer

William “Bill” Bridges has been in the wine cellar industry for 12 years. He grew up in San Diego, California where he graduated with an interior design degree from a reputable school with flying colors. Before that, he had already started collecting wine.

In addition to proper wine preservation, his fondness of hosting wine tasting parties at home made him decide to design and build his own residential wine cellar. He worked as a freelance wine cellar designer in and around California in his first few years after graduation.

His passion for designing wine cellars was influenced by his father who was an architect. Bill used to watch him make residential and commercial building sketches when he was a kid.

With his knowledge, extensive experience, and encouragement of friends, he decided to start his own business in 2003. WholeCellar, which designs and builds wine cellars, also distributes wine racks, wine cooling systems, wine cellar doors, and wine cellar flooring. The company also offers accessories that enhance the aesthetics of wine rooms.

With the increasing demand in custom wine cellars, WholeCellar works with companies and manufacturers that provide efficient and cost-effective wine storage solutions. These companies have been a part of their custom wine cellar projects in California, New Jersey, Chicago, Texas, Canada, and Florida.

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In order to bring their clients’ dream into reality, he ensures that all details and specific wine storage and customization requirements are noted before rendering a hand-drawn wine cellar design.

After a free consultation, WholeCellar will create a 3D wine cellar design package (including plan views and elevations) and a 3D audio/video tour of the design. A proposal for a wine refrigeration system, door, flooring, bottle capacities, wood and finish samples, and construction guidelines are also provided to the client.

Customization options make wine cellars not only an enticing place for storing vintages, but also an ideal location for enjoying wine tasting parties with friends. Residential custom wine cellars increase the resale value of one’s home, while commercial custom wine rooms can increase sales generation.

Bill’s expertise in adding personal touches to a wine cellar is what makes him one of the most top-notch and in-demand wine room designers from Vancouver to Florida.

He strongly encourages wine collectors to invest in wine cellars to protect their wines from harmful environmental factors. Imagination, creativity, experience, craftsmanship, technology, and passion, when combined, will result in functional and stylish wine cellars that are built to last.

For any wine cellar needs, visit WholeCellar at http://www.wholecellar.com/ or click here to request a 3D wine cellar design for FREE.

Bill Bridges

WholeCellar Wine Cellar Designer