Unique California Wine Cellar Flooring with Wine Barrels

When planning to build a wine cellar, the flooring must be taken into consideration. Just like the walls, wine cellar cooling unit, and wine racks, wine cellar flooring has a big impact on the proper storage of wine.

 The purpose of wine cellar insulation is to isolate the room from external factors, providing wine a cool environment needed for proper maturation. It will also prevent your wine cooling system from working overtime.

Not only should the walls and ceiling be well-insulated, but the flooring as well. Thus, it is important to discuss your flooring requirements with your wine cellar designer.

Wine Barrel Flooring Creates a Unique Look in Wine Cellars California

In addition to providing insulation, the right wine cellar flooring can also add aesthetic appeal to your wine room. When choosing the type of flooring, consider the existing theme of your space and the ambiance that you want your guests to feel when they enter your custom wine cellar.

Personalize your Wine Cellar with Unique Wine Barrel Flooring from Coastal

Reclaimed Oak Wine Barrel

An oak wine barrel can last for 5 years. Instead of letting old wine barrels fill a landfill, wine cellar builders, including Wine Cellars by Coastal, found a way to recycle them. Wine barrel flooring has been a popular choice for wine cellar owners.

This type of flooring will surely make other wine collectors envy your custom wine cellar. There are endless possibilities with this option.

The inside (infusion), outside (stave), or top and bottom (cooperage) portions of the reclaimed oak barrel can be used to create distinctive flooring. Depending on your personal preference, you may use a combination of two or all of the barrel parts.

The different stamps, markings, and patinas on the barrels contribute to uniqueness of the wine barrel flooring. The inner portion of the barrel is naturally stained by wine stored in it, creating different tones of red when used for flooring.

Here is One of Coastal’s Projects Built with Eco-friendly Wine Barrel Flooring:

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