Conversion of a Small and Odd-Shaped Closet into a Dallas, Texas Contemporary Wine Cellar

If you have a small closet that you want to convert into a climate-controlled wine room, working with an expert will ensure that your wines are safe, and are displayed beautifully. Find out how a limited space under the stairs was turned into a contemporary wine cellar in Dallas, Texas using metal and wood components.  

An Expert can Turn any Small Space into a Functional Wine Room

under the stairs wine cellar MeyerMany wine lovers dream of having a functional storage space for their wine collection, but aren’t sure if they have an ideal room for the project.

Nowadays, any area in your home, regardless of size and shape, can be transformed into a climate-controlled residential wine cellar. Small room conversion projects are in demand in many parts of the United States, including Texas.

The space under the stairs is commonly used for building a wine cellar. Although small and irregular in shape, a creative, passionate, and knowledgeable team of designers and installers can turn it into a modern wine room that will store, and display your collection properly and beautifully.

Outstanding Transformation of an Under-the-Stairs Space into a Wine Cellar

In Coppell, Texas, which is near Dallas, the Meyers family wanted the space under their staircase to be transformed into a modern wine room equipped with a climate control system. It was originally a small coat closet.

With a room this size, the style and material for the racking must be determined carefully to achieve maximum storage capacity. The wine cooling system must also suit the limited space and be capable of cooling the room efficiently.

With these goals in mind, the client contacted Wine Cellar Specialists, one of the most trusted builders in Texas. After the assessment of the Meyers’ functional and aesthetics requirements, Wine Cellar Specialists created a 3D design to show the Meyers what their wine storage room would look like after the construction.

The space challenge allowed Wine Cellar Specialists to use their creativity and expertise in designing the room in a way that will allow their clients to store their collection for years to come.

Metal Wine Racks

metal wine racks Meyers wine cellarAny small size and curved-shaped room requires a wine rack system that will optimize the storage space, and at the same time, display the bottles with visual appeal. In this project, these objectives were achieved by using metal wine racks from Vintage View.

These racks don’t occupy any flooring space since they are mounted on the wall. They also help create a contemporary look that the client desires.

Three-deep metal racking was installed on the curved right wall. Bottles are displayed like they are floating in the air with labels facing up, allowing easy browsing of specific vintages.

These elegant wine racks were brushed in nickel color. The total storage capacity of the racking is 428 bottles.

Wood Components

wood case storage

Wood Case Storage

Combining wood with metal in the design added more uniqueness and character to this modern wine cellar in Dallas, Texas. The case storage with tabletops below the metal racking was constructed from mahogany, a favorite wood species of many wine room builders.

Mahogany exhibits reddish to pinkish color, which becomes darker overtime. It is naturally beautiful, but will look more attractive when stained.

In this contemporary custom wine room, wood components were finished with chestnut stain and lacquer. Its beauty, durability, strength, and resistance to warping make it an ideal material in Texas wine cellar construction.

Walls and Ceiling with Stone Look

Meyer wine cellar walls and ceiling

Custom Walls and Ceilings with Stone Look

The client requested a stone look for the walls and ceiling, so Wine Cellar Specialists used crushed limestone from France and sprayed it onto the surfaces. To make them appear like real stone, the walls and ceilings were hand-carved and colored.

Glass Door and Windows

The load-bearing studs were left in place because of the weight and curved shape of the staircase. For these reasons, the client’s desire to have all glass on the two sides of the room was not achieved. However, Wine Cellar Specialists was able to incorporate glass on the iron-framed windows and doors.

The glass component allowed maximum viewing of the wine display from outside the room. The structural stud in the corner is hidden by the iron frame of the door.

Dramatic LED Lighting

wiine cellar lighting Meyers

Dramatic LED Wine Cellar Lighting

A dramatic effect of lighting in this contemporary Texas wine cellar was achieved with the use of LED spotlights, which were installed on the left wall. The back wall is lit up by the ribbon lighting placed behind the case storage. To allow the owners to control the brightness and ambiance in their wine room, a dimmer switch was installed.

In addition to their ability to showcase collections impressively, LED lights also stay cool, preventing wines from being damaged due to excessive heat emission. Too much heat can degrade wine, making it undrinkable. LED lighting is eco-friendly, resulting in low energy consumption, and low energy bills.

Wall-Mounted Wine Cooling System

wine refrigeration unit Meyers project

Wine will age well if stored in the right conditions. A wine cellar without an efficient refrigeration system will cause wine faults, which may lead to a waste of investment. In addition to efficiency, it is vital to consider the space when choosing the right climate-control system for your wine room.

A cooling unit that can be mounted is ideal for small rooms, so no racking space is utilized. For the Meyers contemporary closet wine cellar, an RM2600 Rack Mount cooling unit from US Cellar Systems was chosen to provide their wines a stable environment.

It was placed just above the door, hidden from the exterior view of the cellar. A grill cover and box made from wood was built to house the unit, creating a sleek look. The condensing unit is located in the garage.

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