Contemporary All Glass Vancouver Custom Wine Cellar

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars and Gary Bombay on HouzzNot all wine cellars need to be built in an extra or unoccupied room in one’s home. By that same notion, wine cellars are not solely built for long term wine storage and aging.

For one client of Blue Grouse Wine Cellars in West Vancouver, Canada, a custom built glass-walled wine cellar was designed and installed for them. It stands in the great room, easily blending with the interior and complementing the famous Vancouver skyline.

The city is a melting pot of different cultures, which is probably why many residents are modern and forward thinking in their choices of design for their homes. They are generally innovative and willing to be different.

All Glass Wine Cellar

The West Vancouver custom wine cellar is made of glass- all four walls of it- making it unique and the clear focal point of the home. This all glass wine cellar goes very well with the overall interior design of the client’s home. The glass is well sealed and tempered for durability and strength. It will be able to withstand vibrations that may occur around it.

The glass walls also give lends to a feeling of an aquarium, allowing one to see through the wines displayed on the wine racks. The glass prevents heat and the rays of the sun from penetrating the glass, thus avoiding ruining the wines. The doors and the corners are sealed to ensure that the cooling environment is maintained.

Wine Racks 

The wine racks make the bottles appear as if they are floating when viewed from a short distance. The wine racks are made of durable but light materials and can fit 315 standard sized wine bottles (750ml). They are one bottle deep at the rear and two bottles deep in front. The materials used are reasonably priced which makes them popular to most clients.

When wine bottles are stacked or placed on the racks, the wine labels are conveniently exposed, making it easy for clients to spot and retrieve a particular bottle.

Wine Cooling Unit 

The wine cooling unit was installed in the flooring of the wine cellar to make the unit itself appear non-existent. This created a clean and clear view of the glass walled wine cellar without exposing the necessary pipes and wires.

The manufacturer used ONAM wine cooling units, which are self contained, water-cooled refrigeration systems. These are high-end units, usually used when the walls are made of glass. The cooling unit was easily installed without the need for specialized refrigeration technicians.


There were LED spotlights placed on the ceiling which allowed the light to cascade down to the wine racks. This gives a dramatic effect to the overall look of the wine cellar. The lights used also do not generate heat that could wreak havoc to the wine bottles.

Only avant garde clients would appreciate the sophistication of the design of this custom built wine cellar in Vancouver. Incidentally, the owners of this magnificent custom built wine cellar are not regular wine drinkers, preferring a martini over wine anytime. But, collecting and sharing with friends and acquaintances their wine collection when they entertain motivated them to acquire such a unique storage option.

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