Contemporary Residential Wine Cellar Project Miami Florida

North Miami seems to be flocked by affluent home owners who want nothing but the best for their homes. This is not limited to having the latest gadgets. Many homeowners turned wine collectors have their own custom wine cellars built.

North Miami Aventura Florida Contemporary Custom Wine Cellars

Such is the latest project of Wine Cellars International in Aventura, North Miami. In this part of the world, having a custom residential wine cellar seems to be the symbol for a home to be considered high-end. But, for its owners, it is highly likely that their objective is to have a space or room where their wine collection be properly stored and retrieved easily when needed.

These two requirements may be the general objective, as the latest project of Wine Cellars International Florida revolves around maximizing space for wine storage and easy retrieval of the wine bottles.


Florida Custom Wine Cellar Design Features

In this particular project, the design was made to store 800-1000 wine bottles in one area. From the outside of the wine cellar, floor to ceiling wine racks are put up on two sides that appear to frame a back wall.

On the side of the passage is where the cellar door can be found. It is a sturdy glass door that does not fog up, even if the temperature is cooler than the room outside the wine cellar.

Florida can really be warm in the summer and cool in the fall and winter, hence the need for an efficient wine cooling system to regulate and maintain temperature and humidity levels.

Custom Wine Rack Design

The glass door opens to a bigger space with more wine racks and diamond bins for wine bottles. The racks go up to the ceiling to store more wine bottles.

Each wine storage rack is two bottles deep, meaning one can place two bottles in one column. This is particularly efficient when the owner prefers to store several bottles of a particular winery.

Retrieval is also child’s play since the wine labels can easily be read. There is no need to remove bottles unnecessarily just to get a particular wine from storage.

Another great thing about custom-made wine racks is you can mix different wine rack designs — made from wood, metal, or both. The countertop is made of wood and stained for a more attractive look. The stain may also serve as additional protection to the counter in the presence of humidity which can damage wood due to moisture.

The shelves below the counter are diamond bins intended for bulk bottles of wine. Each diamond bin is three bottles deep, allowing the owner to store more of his favorite wines. Much like commercial wine rooms, this particular Florida custom wine cellar has similar function.

For additional function, the designer added a space for glassware. These are slots where the base of the stemware is inserted for upside down storage.

Doing such prevents dust from gathering at the base of the glass. Putting a space solely for stemware is a great idea as everything one needs is within distance. There is no need to run to the kitchen when one needs a glass.

Everything is within reach without feeling cluttered or closed in. Subdued lighting completes the custom-designed wine cellar in Miami, Florida, highlighting the real stars of the wine room.

This particular project of Wine Cellar International is just one of the masterpieces they have created for their clients. For further information, visit and browse their website at http://www.winecellarinternational.comClick here to fill out Custom Wine Cellars Florida No-Obligation Design Consultation Request.