Naples Florida Custom Wine Cellar with Wine Barrel Features

Life in Florida is generally laid back, with a great view across the state and pleasant weather all throughout the year. With these conditions, it is not surprising that locals would want their own collection of wines for personal use and for entertaining.

Your custom wine cellar need not be incredibly expensive and bank-breaking. Some wine collectors get their own wine cellar or wine cabinets for a reasonable price. What is important is to be able to house one’s own collection and retrieve bottles with ease when the occasion calls for it.

Wine Cellar Specialists recently completed a project in Naples, Florida. This was in Bonita Springs, a suburb of Naples. The wine cellar of the Lombardo’s is stylishly elegant but practical and comfortable. The wine cellar has two areas, one for wine storage and the other for entertaining and wine tasting.

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Flooring and Wine Racks

Almost the whole wine cellar made use of reclaimed wine barrels as the main material. Reclaimed wine barrels are old wooden wine containers for fermenting and aging of grapes.

Wine barrels usually have a shelf life, and when it is reached the old containers are recycled for other uses. This is not only good for the environment, but is also a unique way of adding character to one’s wine cellar.

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Florida Wine Racking and Wine Cellar Flooring

Wine racks were made from reclaimed wine barrels and stained in a natural finish. The use of the material extends to the floors and countertops. The stave style floors have impressions from where the metals were removed from the barrels.

This style creates a unique appearance which adds originality to the whole wine room. The area where wine tastings are held has a glass display rack and a humidor, truly a man-cave.

Wine Cellar Door and Cooling Unit

NAPLES WC DOOR & COOLING UNITFor the wine cellar door, a Barolo-style entryway with heavy distressing was used. This was properly sealed to keep the cool air inside the wine cellar, maintaining the temperature and humidity levels for optimum storage and aging of wines.

Wine Cellar Specialists used CellarPro 6000s wine cooling unit for this particular project. This particular cooling unit can cater to big wine cellars like this. The total capacity of the wine cellar is 1,580 750 ml bottles- a staggering number for a residential wine cellar.

The entertainment area of the wine cellar has a long wooden table and 10 plush chairs around it. There is an area where the stemmed glasses are displayed and stored. Everything one needs is within reach inside this Florida custom wine cellar. This is really ideal for entertaining and wine tasting as it provides an intimate and cozy environment for the guests.

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