California Custom Wine Cellar Designs with Stylish Features

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You are a wine collector and would love to have a good storage place for your wines at home. Having a residential wine cellar will keep your collection safe for a long time.

Stylish features will allow you to showcase your precious collection aesthetically, impressing guests and friends. This is also true for commercial wine cellars. Visually appealing custom wine displays will attract customers to buy your wines and come back your establishment again and again.


Features of Custom Wine Cellars Built with Style

Glass Enclosure or Walls 

When building a wine cellar, the needs and requirements of each client must be met including the ambiance one wants to create , thus it is wise to work with a trusted wine cellar builder.

Glass-Enclosed Wine Displays

If you want a contemporary or modern wine cellar, metal wine racks must be used to house the wine bottles. Locating a specific vintage will be fast and convenient since the bottles are arranged with labels facing up. Air flow in and around the bottles are also one of the benefits of using metal wine racks.

Glass wine cellar enclosures or walls are also in demand both in residential and commercial custom wine storage. These allow the owner to easily view their custom wine displays without having to get into the wine cellar.

View some examples of wine cellars with glass enclosures or walls: 

The wine cellar projects mentioned above were built by Wine Cellars by Coastal, a company whose goal is to provide their clients the best wine storage solution, one that will them enjoy wine to the fullest.

Eco-Friendly Features and Accessories 

There are popular eco-friendly wine cellar floorings used in California custom wine cellars – wine barrel, nautical timber, and cork flooring. These types of flooring are all durable and visually appealing.

In addition to flooring, reclaimed oak wine barrels can also be used in making elegant countertops (cooperage) and wine barrel carvings (barrel end).

Wine Barrel Carving (upper left), Nautical Timber Flooring (upper right) & Wine Barrel Counter Tops (below)

Accessorizing wine cellars with wine barrel carvings is a trend in the wine cellar industry. They can be personalized with your own theme or design and can last a lifetime.

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