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A High-End Wine Cellar Built Under a Tiny Staircase in a Dallas Condo

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Custom Wine Display Under the Stairs Dallas Installation Project

Custom Wine Display Under the Stairs Dallas Installation Project by Wine Cellar Specialists

For wine lovers who are living in a small home or condo, there is another option for a full-sized wine cellar. In Dallas, Texas, a client of Wine Cellar Specialists wanted to build a custom wine display area under their staircase. See images and learn more about the features of the wine room. 

A Wine Cellar Designed by a Master Builder for a Tiny Space Under the Stairs

Size does not matter when it comes to building the wine cellar of your dreams. Nowadays, a garage, walk-in closet, space under the stairs, or any extra space in your home can be utilized for your wine room project.

Wine Cellar Specialists is one of our dealers in wine cellar construction. They have been in the industry for many years, offering innovative wine storage solutions to clients in Dallas and San Antonio. They want their customers to have a wine cellar that is safe, unique, and matches their home.

Recently, a wine enthusiast, who lives in a condo in the Dallas area, wanted to build a wine storage area under the stairs. They sought the help of Wine Cellar Specialists for this project.

The stairs have bamboo steps with steel beams. The space in between each step was open.

CAD Drawings of the Wine Room

Dallas Contemporary Wine Display Under the Stairs 3D Drawing

Dallas Contemporary Wine Display Under the Stairs 3D Drawing

The main purpose of creating 3-dimensional drawings before the construction is to allow for a better visualization of the finished wine cellar. At Wine Cellar Specialists, they assess all the needs and requirements of the owner, so that they can create a perfect design.

The free drawings are usually in black and white, and show the plan views, bottle capacities, and the room’s dimension. In some cases, they may need to create colored drawings for a small fee.

On this under the stairs wine cellar installation project, they decided to provide colored drawings, in addition to the black and white images. This helped Wine Cellar Specialists in providing the client clearer options for the backer boards and wall colors.

They chose the gray walls, brushed aluminum pegs, and Alumasteel backer boards to match the steel beams of their staircase.

Front View Dallas Custom Wine Display Drawing

Dallas Custom Wine Cellar Display CAD Drawing

Functional and Eye-Catching Custom Wine Cellar Design for a Contemporary Dallas Home

Dallas Contemporary Wine Cellar Ultra Peg System

Dallas Contemporary Wine Cellar Ultra Peg System Metal Racks

The creativity and passion of Wine Cellar Specialists inspired them to design and install a custom wine room for a high-end residential space. Regardless of space constraints, they always find a way to build a stellar custom wine display for their clients.

They want every wine rack system to provide the maximum bottle capacity. For this project, the original plan was to install single-deep wine racks. Later on, the client decided to have a double-deep racking system. This would maximize the space of the room, allowing for more bottle storage.

Modern Features of the Ultra Peg Wine Rack System

Building a contemporary wine cellar in a tiny space has been in demand in the United States, and even more so in Texas. The size and location of your room does not matter if you work with a trusted master builder.

Wine Cellar Specialists has been providing contemporary wine rack solutions using metal wine racks. This type of wine rack offers many benefits, both for residential and commercial applications.

Metal wine racks are very flexible. They can match any existing décor of your living space. They can also fit snugly in a tiny corner of a tiny space. They can be designed to create visually appealing custom wine displays. The design options are limitless.

At Wine Cellar Specialists, they offer stand-alone and wall mounted metal wine racks. For this wine cellar project, they installed the wall mounted Ultra Peg system.

High-Quality Material and Ease of Access

Ultra Pegs Two Deep with Rubber O-Rings Modern Wine Cellar

Ultra Pegs Two Deep with Rubber O-Rings Modern Wine Cellar Texas

The Ultra Peg System is a high-end wine storage solution that is made of durable and lightweight pegs. It displays and stores the bottles horizontally.

The main advantage of this bottle orientation is the convenience in finding a specific bottle of wine.

Since the wine labels are facing out, the owner can see the brand name, type, variety, alcohol content, and net contents. There is no need to pull out the bottle from the wine rack or flip it to see this  information.

Safety Feature and Ease of Installation

The Ultra Peg system used for this custom wine cellar installed in Dallas has rubber O-rings. These protect the client’s bottles from slipping out. Other types of metal wine racks don’t have this kind of safety feature.

Another advantage of this racking system is its ease of installation. The backer boards were already pre-drilled before the assembly and installation of the Ultra Peg racking on the construction site.

Cooling the Wine Room with an Efficient Cooling System

Wine deteriorates easily if it is stored in poor conditions. It can age properly in an environment where the temperature is between 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels from 60-70 percent. This condition can be achieved if a reliable cooling system is installed in your residential wine cellar.

If you don’t know what type, size, and brand of refrigeration system is suitable for your needs, an expert can help you.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Installation – Challenges and Considerations

Powdercoated WM8600 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Powdercoated WM8600 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Challenges in installing the wine cooling system did not hinder Wine Cellar Specialists from building a safe storage space for the client’s collection. On this project, they needed to find a way to prevent cutting or patching up the ceiling of the space under the stairs.

They decided to create a soffit on the lower level, which allowed them to run the lines across and out to the owner’s courtyard for the compressor.

The wine cooling unit was placed vertically between the studs of the left wall. Before adding 3 inches of foam, they built out the wall first.

The drain line had an irregular height. This posed another challenge for Wine Cellar Specialists. Installing a condensate pump within the cooling unit solved the problem.

The Ideal Type and Brand of Cooling System for a Small and Odd-Shaped Wine Room

Wine Cellar Specialists

Wine Cellar Specialists Texas Master Builders

For this wine cellar, the wine refrigeration unit used was the WM6600 manufactured by US Cellar Systems. This large size single wall mount unit is a perfect option for small wine rooms that are enclosed in glass.

The unit was powder coated to match the steel beams of the stairs and the wall paint as well.

Work with a Master Builder in Your Next Project

Do you have a small space in your Dallas home that you want to turn into a wine storage space? Call Wine Cellar Specialists today at +1 (866) 646-7089 or request a unique design for free!


Best of Houzz 2015: Design and Customer Service

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Click on this image to know how you can get a FREE 3D wine cellar drawing

Custom Wine Cellars Boston 3D Drawing

Whole Cellar has been enjoying one heck of a 2015, and it’s with good reason: we’ve recently been awarded Best in Design Best in Customer Service by Houzz this year! Winning one award is an achievement in itself, but winning two? Well, we must be doing something right if we’re included in two categories in the Best of Houzz 2015 list!

So, how deserving do you think we are of those awards? Well, you be the judge below!

Remodeling and Home Design

Best in Design

Out of the many projects that we have posted on our Houzz profile, one of those which grabbed the Houzz community’s attention is our Cape Cod project in Boston. This particular wine cellar houses almost 1800 wine and champagne bottles—some of which are stored in high-reveal display cases—while also allotting enough space in the center table where people can come in to taste wine at a leisurely pace.

The Cape Cod job, in essence, perfectly exemplifies the modern Whole Cellar design philosophy: we still maintain a sharp eye for aesthetics, but we never sacrifice functionality for it. This is why we have obtained the positive reputation we have, not just on Houzz, but on just about any state we have worked in.

Our stellar work ethic had also encouraged new clients to contact us simply because of our reputation on Houzz. Many of them, however, did not have an inkling of how they would be able to have a wine cellar built in the first place. Thankfully, we were more than happy to assist any new clients who simply wanted to have a wine cellar installed in their homes. This is the reason why we also won Houzz’s Best in Customer Service award.

Remodeling and Home Design

Best in Customer Service

Customer feedback, more than anything else, determines the success or failure of a business nowadays. That is why we make it a point that providing an optimal customer experience is a major factor that defines Whole Cellar as a brand.

Many of the clients we have worked with, in fact, do not lead the kind of “affluent” lifestyle many people associate with clients contracting us for their wine cellar projects. Rather, a good number of them are middle-class homeowners just wanting to have their own wine cellar that adds value to their property while still remaining affordable.

In this case, this is where a project like a closet-to-wine storage conversion in Texas demonstrates the kind of attention we give to our clients. Since the space afforded to us was limited to the confines of a closet, we had to find a way to work within the boundaries of the room given to us. Happily, the client found the finished product suited his preferences exactly.

Know more about this award-winning project by clicking HERE

1790-Bottle Boston Custom Wine Cellars Design Project

A Wine Cellar for Every Homeowner

Gone are the days when building a wine cellar for one’s home was defined by an impossibly high barrier to entry. Nowadays, residential wine rooms are seen as much a part of the household as the bedroom or the dining room. The modern wine cellar now has the capability of serving multiple purposes other than simply being a room to store one’s wine collection. We can now say that wine cellars are truly made for everyone.

For everyone who has helped us attain the recognition from Houzz by voting us in for these prestigious categories, thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts. We hope to match, or even exceed, the high expectations of quality you expect from a product or service produced by Whole Cellar.

To view our complete profile on Houzz, you can visit our profile page here.

To see the complete list of Houzz’s ‘Best Of’ winners, visit this link.

To see a complete review of our services, visit our reviews page on Houzz

Call us at +1 (949) 355-4376 to speak with one of our design consultants and get a one-of-a-kind 3D wine room design for free.

Residential Wine Cellar Cooling Installation Aliso Viejo CA – Learn the Importance of Refrigeration Systems

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Types of Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems by ArcticA wine cellar refrigeration system is designed exclusively to help create and maintain a stable and consistent wine cellar environment.  Temperature plays an important role in the maturation process of wines, while the correct humidity level keeps the cork moist and expanded, and thus maintaining its sealing quality.  For optimum wine storage conditions, the temperature must be kept within 50°F and 55°F, with the relative humidity between 60% and 75%.

On the market are three primary categories of wine cellar refrigeration systems: self-contained cooling systems, ductless-split refrigeration units, and ducted-split climate control systems.  These units are available in a range of sizes, configurations, and cooling capacities, that can address the unique specifications and needs of commercial and residential wine cellars.

For optimum cooling performance and efficient operation, a ductless-split refrigeration unit is the best cooling option.  This climate control system uses a line set to connect two separate units; the evaporator unit is installed inside the room and the condensing unit outside.  Separating both components allows the noise-producing condenser to be located remotely, thus reducing the production of noise and vibration inside a wine storage space.

elocating the Condenser - Residential Wine Cellar Cooling Aliso Viejo CAAlthough the condensing unit can be located indoors (such as the attic or garage space), wine cellar cooling installation specialists recommend locating the unit outdoors, where it can receive proper ventilation.  Since these indoor spaces have a tendency to gather heat throughout the summer months, placing the condensing unit in one of these areas can lead to a compressor failure and bring serious consequences to expensive wine collections.

This recently finished wine cellar cooling installation Aliso Viejo CA project demonstrates the importance of providing a well-ventilated space for condensers.  The project involved replacing an existing condensing unit that was damaged due to exposure to extremely high temperature levels.

The condensing part of the residential wine cellar cooling system was originally located in the garage, which had a temperature reaching up to 100 degrees in the summer.

The heat emanating from the garage space reduced the chilling capacity of the condensing unit, causing a warm wine storage environment in the process.

Condensing Unit Wine Cellar Cooling Installation Aliso Viejo CA

Upon initial inspection by Arctic Metalworks, the refrigeration component was discovered to be overheating.

To keep the condenser perpetually cool, the Arctic team suggested moving the unit to the side yard.

The Arctic wine cellar cooling installation Aliso Viejo CA team fabricated angle brackets to hold the residential wine cellar cooling system in place.

After anchoring the angle mounts to the walk, the condensing unit was removed from the carport and secured to the brackets in the yard.  Two additional copper tubes were attached to the existing line set, which is located in the garage space.

After completing all copper and electrical wiring connections, the Arctic wine cellar cooling installation team attached a rain shield to the residential wine cellar cooling unit to protect the compressor against elements, and recharged the system with R134a refrigerant.  Starting and testing the system allowed the Arctic team to detect a compressor malfunction.

The existing condenser had to be replaced with a new one; it failed due to the high heat in the garage space.  The Arctic wine cellar cooling installation team came back a few days later to replace the outside half of the split refrigeration unit with a brand new 1/3 hp Arctic 0033 split system.  The wine room climate control system is now in perfect working condition, and the client is very happy with the result of the wine cellar cooling installation Aliso Viejo CA project.

Wine Cellar Cooling Remedial Project - Aliso Viejo California

When building commercial and residential wine cellars, it is important to integrate the proper support infrastructure (such as insulation, vapor barriers, and an exterior grade entryway door) into the wine cellar design, to ensure that the wine cellar environment remains stable and tightly sealed.  A carefully constructed wine enclave will not only create the best climate conditions for storing and aging wines, but also allow wine cellar refrigeration systems to provide optimum cooling performance.

Arctic Metalworks specializes in wine cellar refrigeration systems, for both commercial and residential wine cellars.  This family owned and operated business is committed to manufacturing and supplying top quality wine cellar climate control systems, backed by a team of refrigeration specialists dedicated to providing exceptional service and professionalism.


Their wine cellar cooling products are manufactured from commercial grade materials, and are designed to fit the unique needs and specifications of a custom wine cellar.  This Southern California-based company expanded their business to include wine cellar construction and renovation, as well as custom wine rack making.

Limited Budget Should Not Hold You Back from Having a San Antonio Texas Custom Wine Cellar

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Do you think you can provide a proper wine storage space for your collection if you have a limited budget? The answer is YES! A reliable wine cellar builder can help you establish the appropriate budget for your project. Find out how a master builder in San Antonio helped their client build an affordable custom wine cellar.   

budget for wine cellarYou can Have a Custom Home Wine Cellar on a Budget

Scared of going over their budget, some homeowners opt for cheap wine coolers, or wine refrigerators to store their wine.  But keep in mind that unlike wine cellars, these units cannot protect your wines intended for long-term aging. They are not designed to stabilize both the temperature and humidity required to maintain wine’s quality.

Although a bit more expensive, a climate-controlled custom home wine cellar is highly recommended for long-term storage. It is equipped with a refrigeration system that will protect wine from being damaged by temperature fluctuations and wrong humidity levels.

wine cellar vs wine cooler

In addition to maintaining the ideal environment for wine, having your own home wine room also allows more storage capacity. It also adds value to your property.

Wine Cellar Specialists, a trusted designer and builder, can create a unique wine storage room that fits your financial requirements. They have been in the industry for many years, helping wine lovers fulfill their dream of having an affordable Texas residential wine room.

Transforming a Room into a Functional Wine Cellar

Philips wine cellar owner

In San Antonio, Texas, the Philips family wanted to have their own custom wine cellar where they could store their favorite vintages in the right conditions. They approached Wine Cellar Specialists, believing in the company’s ability to complete the project successfully, while staying under budget, and meeting their aesthetic requirements.

To ensure that proper storage conditions are created, every component must be carefully planned, designed and installed. Thorough planning ensures that the clients will be happy with the overall functionality and look of their wine cellar. Wine Cellar Specialists excel at this step in the design process, one of the reasons that their clients are always so thrilled with the end product.

To achieve the goals of the clients many important elements had to be planned for, elements you can be watching for when planning your custom wine room project. An expert building for wine storage will plan to insulate and cool the space specifically for wine cellars. They’ll take into account the custom features and racking options that best fit the particular client. All of these elements were accounted for in this San Antonio project.


Philips Wine Cellar Insulation

Room insulation should not be taken for granted. Any room that will be equipped with a cooling system needs to be insulated before the installation of wine racks, flooring, and lighting. This will provide a seal to the room, preventing mold growth and other external factors that can ruin wine. Without the proper seal, you might spend more in the future due to the breakdown of your wine cooling unit, and high energy consumption.

For this project, the room was framed, and electrical components were added prior to the insulation of walls and ceilings using closed cell foam. Undesirable humidity and temperature fluctuations can be avoided if the vapor barrier and insulator are installed properly, leaving no gaps in the walls.

custom wine racking Philips wine cellarKit Wine Racking

In addition to choosing a trusted San Antonio, Texas wine cellar builder, using kit wine racks also help the builder stay under budget. Kit or ready-built wine racks were installed in the back wall and curved corners of the room. The back wall consists of individual racks and a solid diamond bin with arch and extenders.

Learn more about different kit wine racks from Wine Cellar Specialists.

Custom Component in a Custom Wine Cellar in San Antonio, Texas

custom wine racks Philips wine room


Custom features were incorporated into the wine cellar design, adding visual appeal to the custom wine storage room.

One of these is the waterfall display styled custom wine rack found on the left wall, which stores the bottles in a way that allows the labels to face up.

The solid diamond bins below it allow for bulk storage. This design is also perfect for storing large format and odd-shaped bottles.

Another custom feature of the wine room can be found on the right wall. The custom wine racking was designed to accommodate bottles individually, and allows for maximum airflow between bottles.

There are also solid diamond bins below the individual storage rack.

The Cooling Equipment

Wine Cellar Specialists San AntonioIn every project, Wine Cellar Specialists always makes sure that the most suitable cooling system is provided to their clients. For the Philips wine cellar, a refrigeration unit from CellarPro was chosen. Installed in an adjacent mechanical room, the wine cooling unit is designed for a quiet operation, and excellent performance.

Want to Invest in an Affordable Home Wine Cellar? Talk to a Master Builder.

Let Wine Cellar Specialists design and build a unique San Antonio, Texas custom wine cellar based on your allotted budget for the project. Contact them today at (210) 591-1595 or get a free 3D wine cellar design.


US Cellar Systems and M&M Cellar Systems – Wine Cellar Dealers Bel Air Los Angeles

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Wine collecting is considered a serious hobby. Collectors take wine more and more seriously, mainly because of the profit and pride they can get from their collection. This is why wine cellar builders and wine cellar dealers strongly recommend wine cellar cooling units, especially for those who plan to grow their vintage collection. One of the easiest and most convenient ways of managing and showcasing your wines is through a residential wine cellar. This is where you can let your wines age peacefully, while providing you 24/7 access.

A Stunning Residential Wine Cellar in Los Angeles

A Stunning Residential Wine Cellar in Los Angeles

residential wine cellar will not only add to the aesthetic appeal of your home, but will also keep your vintage wine collection secured inside the temperature-controlled storage environment. Regardless of your preferred wine cellar design or theme, you will need the help of professional wine cellar dealers in the wine cellar refrigeration units installation. Your wine cellar builders must consider the ethical aspect of wine cellar construction while maintaining the design you want.

Proper sealing and insulation, with the best wine cellar refrigeration units, is the key secret in maintaining and achieving the optimum environment for storing and aging wine. Wine cellar refrigeration units are made to stabilize the condition in which wines should be stored, at 55 to 57 degree Fahrenheit, with a Relative Humidity of 60%.

When it comes to wine cellar refrigeration units Bel Air Los Angeles, US Cellar Systems can definitely give you the best option, from cabinets to refrigeration units.

Wine Cellar Dealers Bel Air Los Angeles

Wine Cellar Dealers Bel Air Los Angeles

M&M Cellar Systems is one of the best-know wine cellar dealers of US Cellar Systems. They are among the best wine cellar refrigeration units experts within California, and even in nearby states.

They can give you the proper cooling option based on your specific needs, from installation to maintenance. It can also provide you with cooling options for small-sized cabinets and large-sized commercial displays, with a variety of cooling solutions to choose from.

M&M Cellar Systems’ wine cellar dealers Bel Air Los Angeles worked on the installation of a residential wine cellar in Westside LA, where they used a pair of RM4600 in a 10x10x8 wine storage room.

The RM4600, from the RM Series of US Cellar Systems, is one of the split-type wine cellar refrigeration units. This means that you can hide its evaporator on the cellar’s ceiling or behind its walls, away from the condenser, which is the noisiest component. This way, you can provide a quiet storage environment for your wine collection.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units Bel Air Los Angeles

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units Bel Air Los Angeles

A split system for cooling wine cellars can be ducted or ductless. A ducted cooling system makes use of air ducts as the passageway for cool air into your cellar and, as the exit door for warm air. On the other hand, a ductless cooling unit includes lines (electrical wiring and copper tubing), which serve as a link between the evaporating unit and the condensing unit.

The wine cellar refrigeration units Bel Air Los Angeles for this particular residential wine cellar project had two evaporating units on top of the ceiling, covered by a grill cover that was customized from premium redwood. The evaporator was connected to the unit’s condenser, which was placed in the mechanical room outside of the house through the use of a 50-feet line.

Your home wine cellar cannot be complete without the wine cellar cooling units. US Cellar Systems is one of the most trustworthy and reliable manufacturers of wine cellar refrigeration systems Bel Air Los Angeles. Together with M&M Cellar Systems, they form a tag team in supplying you with the most efficient and most steadfast cooling solutions for your residential wine cellar.


Save Yourself from a Tedious Task. Organize Your Texas Home Wine Cellar the Right Way

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Proper Management of Your Texas Wine Cellar is Important

Most wine collectors may have experienced a difficult time finding a specific vintage from their residential wine cellar. If you are looking through each row of your wine racks, and pulling out every bottle to check the labels every time you search for a specific wine, you have an unorganized home wine cellar.

Don’t let your guests wait for a long time while you’re finding a particular vintage. Using the most suitable organization and tracking system for your collection will help you find a specific bottle in your wine racks easily and conveniently.

Wine Cellar Management Software from eSommelier

You want to avoid opening an expensive bottle of wine that is too early to drink or has aged longer than it should have. Drinking wine that has not matured properly will not let you enjoy its desirable flavors and aroma to the fullest extent.

The right wine cellar management software will help you achieve this. Some wine collectors may not see the need for a wine cellar management software until their collection is really out of hand.

Why wait for the time when you get stuck searching through the mess, when you want to drink or serve to your guests? If you have plans of growing your collection in the future, it is recommended that you invest in an inventory system that will save you from that tedious task.

The eSommelier wine inventory system, not only allows you to keep track of the wines you have, where you bought them, their price, vintage or producer; it also allows you to keep track of the wine’s maturation period.

Wine Cellar Specialists, an experienced wine cellar designer and builder in Texas, offers the eSommelier private cellar management system. Their aim is for their clients to manage their collection effectively in a simple way.

The eSommelier Wine Inventory System

The eSommelier wine management system is designed and engineered by Media Access Solutions. It is perfect for wine collectors who have large collections of unusual or rare vintages, and those who want to ensure that wine is consumed at its peak.

The eSommelier wine inventory system has 3 components – the touch screen terminal, wine barcode printer, and bar code scanner. The touch screen monitor is 12½” high, 15½” wide and 2″ deep.

It only takes take 2 minutes to enter new information for of a wine bottle. After entering the necessary information into the system, a customized barcode is printed. This unique barcode is affixed to the bottle.

Easy to Use Barcode Scanner

The barcode scanner allows easy removal of bottles from your home wine cellar. When you grab a bottle of wine from the wine rack, simply run it under the bar code scanner, and that particular wine will be erased from your inventory. You can opt to enter your own tasting notes and score after you mark a bottle as consumed. Very simple!

Software installation can be done in minutes after you receive the kit. You will need a wired or wireless Internet connection to be able to install the software.

Investing in a wine inventory system may not be possible for some because of budget constraints. If budget is a problem, you can still organize your wine cellar by using a logical organization system.

Logical Ways to Organize Your Texas Home Wine Cellar

wine organization

When budget hinders you from purchasing wine cellar management software, you can create your own organization system such as arranging bottles by region, brand, varietal or price. With dedication and consistency, a system can also help you have easy access to the right wines without having to spend more.

By Region 

If you love to collect wines from different parts of the world, group those that are produced from the same region in one section of your wine racks. The region from where the wine came from has a big influence on the wine’s taste because of the variation in soils and climate. For many wine enthusiasts, the region of origin matters a lot when deciding which wine to pair with a certain dish.

By Brand 

Another way to organize your Texas home wine cellar is storing your wines by brand. This is most useful if you buy wine in bulk. After categorizing your wines by brand, you can break down each brand by vintage, varietal, region and price.

By Varietal 

Separating the red and white wines in wine racks is common for collectors who want to find the perfect vintage to pair with their meal. Others choose to arrange their collection by grape varietal. This way, Chardonnays, Shirazes, Cabernets and other varieties are grouped separately.

By Price 

Less expensive wines are usually meant to be consumed earlier than more expensive ones. By storing vintages with similar price range, you will know which wines are meant for short term storage, and which ones require longer aging periods.

Other Wine Cellar Organization Tips

If you think the two wine cellar organization options mentioned above won’t work for you, there are other simple ways to organize your wine cellar.

You can place the youngest wines at the top of your wine racks, and the older wines at the bottom. You may also choose a section in your storage racks for wines that you drink everyday.

Make sure to place them separately from wines that are expensive and meant for long-term storage. Everyday wines should be stored in accessible areas, such as in an eye-level section of your wine racking, or near your wine cellar door, while those that require aging can be stored higher.

locating wine

When storing wines in double-deep wine racks, the same bottles should be stacked at the front and back. This way, you won’t need to pull the bottle at the front to know what’s next to it.

For wine collectors who live in earthquake-prone areas, it is best to place expensive wines on the bottom section of your wine racks to prevent the impact that would result from a high fall off the rack.

Invest in an Effective Wine Inventory System and Get the Right Wine from Your Wine Cellar in Seconds

Wine Cellar Specialists Dallas Chicago

Organizing your wine should be fun. It shouldn’t feel like you’re at work maintaining a spreadsheet (although that would be a very effective way to do it if you had way too much time on your hand.)

If you’re like most of us, without oodles of time, go for eSommelier’s wine cellar management system to ensure effective inventory of your collection and ease of access to your wines.

For more information on this product, call Wine Cellar Specialists today at 866-646-7089. Don’t have a Texas home wine cellar yet? Request a FREE 3D custom wine cellar design  now!

Why Have California Chardonnay in Your Residential Wine Cellar?

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choosing wineBefore buying a new variety of wine to add to your collection, it makes sense to know its characteristics. The main reason you are collecting wine is to consume it after it reaches maturation, thus it is important to have a good bottle in your residential wine cellar.

Knowing something about the history of wine also makes sense. It can be the topic of conversation during wine tasting parties with your friends. Let’s talk about California wine’s history and a specific wine variety that deserves to have a place in your California home wine cellar.

California Wine History

California has been very important in the United States’ wine industry. Considered the world’s 4th largest wine producing region, California produces almost 250 million cases of wine annually. Nearly 20% of the production is exported.

California wine history

In 1683, the first planting of a vineyard recorded was by Eusebio Francisco Kino, a Jesuit Missionary. The vineyard, which was located at San Bruno was never harvested. Franciscan missionaries planted the first sustained vineyard of California at Mission San Diego.

The missionaries were directed by Father Junípero Serra, who has been known as the “Father of California Wine”. The grape variety he planted became what they call the Mission grape. This variety dominated the wine production in California until about 1880.

Today, there are more than 100 different grape varieties cultivated in California and around 3, 500 wineries. One of the leading varietals is Chardonnay, which can adapt well to different climates and soil types, resulting in a wide range of styles. Chardonnay is popularly known as the “queen of whites” and has become the generic white wine in America.

California Chardonnay – Characteristics

California Chardonnay wines

California Chardonnays are categorized based on the region where the grapes are grown such as Napa Valley, North Coast, Carneros and many sub-regions. Different vintners produce different styles within the region.

Chardonnay grapesOld styles of Chardonnay are characterized by vanilla and buttery flavors imparted by aging in oak barrels. Today, many wine companies in California produce Chardonnay wines that exhibit citrus and green apple flavors. Creamy, buttery and fruity Chardonnays are now rare.

Chardonnay’s complexity and distinct taste make it a great choice for casual or fine dining. Just like other wines, Chardonnay develops its complex nuances and rich flavors when aged. It is common for wine collectors in the United States to have California Chardonnay stored in their home wine cellars. Not only is it great tasting, but it can easily be paired with various dishes too. If you want to drink a California Chardonnay, pair it with pasta or seafood.

Some of the Best California Chardonnay Wine Producers

If you’re planning to add Chardonnay to the bottles stored in your wine racks, it is a good idea to buy one from a reputable California winery. This will ensure that you have a good bottle added to your collection.

Stony Hill Vineyards 

Stony Hill Vineyard

The owners of Stony Hill Vineyards are Fred and Eleanor McCrea. They began planting their vineyards with Chardonnay in 1947. Today, their vineyards have 25 acres of Chardonnay, 3 acres of Gewurztraminer, 10 acres of white Riesling and 1 acre of Semillon. Their small winery was completed in 1952.

Stony Hill Chardonnay (2011 vintage) has distinctive notes of apple and citrus. Its crisp acidity gives it the ability to develop richness as it matures. It is ideally aged for more than 5 years. It was fermented for 2 weeks in barrels (5 to 25 years old) and aged in old French oak barrels for 10 months.

Mount Eden Vineyards 

Mount Eden Vineyard

Farming 20 acres of Chardonnay, Mount Eden Vineyards produces 1,200 – 2,000 cases annually. The Estate Chardonnay grapes they harvest are pressed without crushing. They use 1-year old French oak barrels for fermenting all the fruit juice. They release the wine for sale after 2 years of cellaring.

If you are looking for lemon, mineral flavors and hints of hazelnut, Mount Eden Vineyards’ Chardonnay deserves to be stored in your wine cellar. Two to four years of aging is recommended for the wine to release its most desirable characteristics. Many vintages of Mount Eden Estate Chardonnay are enjoyable after 15 years.

Build a Wine Cellar for Your California Chardonnay – Contact Coastal

Coastal – a California Wine Cellar Builder You can Trust

California Chardonnay, the generic white wine of America, is a great addition to your home wine cellar. When aged well in a stable environment, you and your guests will enjoy its crisp, fruity flavor.

Don’t have a wine cellar yet? Contact Wine Cellars by Coastal today at (888) 735-8889. Let them design and install a wine room for your California Chardonnay.

Prevent Waste of Investment – Have an Expert Plan Your Wine Cellar Project

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If your chosen residential wine cellar builder does not go through the planning stage carefully, you could end up with wasted quality wines, time and money. The planning stage in wine cellar construction is very crucial. This is the time when all your concepts, objectives and budget are evaluated to create the most suitable and effective wine cellar. The location, size of the room, materials and the number of bottles you want in your wine room must be assessed.

With these considerations, all the necessary components for your wine cellar will be designed and installed properly. Without proper insulation, the right kind of door, a wine cellar cooling system, wine racks and lighting system, you will not enjoy the complex flavor and aromas wine has to offer.

All the requirements in wine cellar construction must be discussed and determined at this planning stage so you won’t end up spending more later on correcting or replacing elements of your wine cellar.

At Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, they take the planning stage very seriously. With their knowledgeable and skillful team, all details are noted and integrated to the wine cellar design.

They ensure that the finished product is something that their team and their clients can be proud of. Combining their passion and experience in wine cellar design and installation enables them to create an efficient and impressive wine storage space.

How Wine Cellar Insulation and Vapor Barrier Affects Wine Storage

One of the common mistakes in wine cellar construction that results in ruined wines and wasted money, is improper insulation and vapor barrier installation for walls and ceilings. Poor wine cellar insulation will not create balance in temperature and humidity needed for wine aging. It will also cause mold growth in your wine cellar and will force the wine cellar refrigeration system to work harder than it needs to, increasing the amount of energy used.

Insulating the walls and ceilings of the room is required if a refrigeration unit is to be used. To determine the proper insulation and vapor barrier installation, your wine cellar builder must assess the location, size of your wine room and bottle capacity at the planning stage.

The grade of insulation to be used depends on the thickness of the walls and ceilings. A higher R-value (R means resistance to heat flow) is required for thicker walls and ceilings. Thicker insulation results in better cooling.

Cool air from the wine room will leak into the walls without a vapor barrier installed.  The vapor barrier helps keep the ideal humidity in the wine cellar and prevent growth of mold and mildew on walls and ceilings due to condensation.

To prevent these from happening, walls and ceilings of the room intended for wine cellar conversion must be insulated and installed with a vapor barrier by a knowledgeable wine cellar specialist, such as Coastal.

How Your Wine Cellar Door Must be Constructed

Wine Cellar Doors

One of the most common reasons for wine cellars to fail to achieve a climate-controlled environment in a wine cellar is the use of a poorly constructed or low quality wine cellar door. A wine cellar builder who lacks knowledge of proper wine storage would have no idea about the role of a wine cellar door in keeping stable conditions in a wine cellar.

If the wine cellar installed in your home has a door that has no insulating properties and is of poor quality, your wines could be in danger. The wine cellar door should provide an airtight seal to prevent cool air from escaping out of the refrigerated wine cellar. To achieve this, the right material for the door must be used and sealing aids must be added.

As an experienced wine cellar specialist, Coastal’s knowledgeable team never neglects the function of wine cellar doors in wine storage.

At the planning phase, they will discuss with you the different wine cellar door options. They will help you determine the right choice of door and make sure that it seals the room to safeguard your collection.

Coastal uses only wine cellar doors constructed of superior quality. They use a weather-stripped, 1.75” exterior grade door.  Weather stripping ensures that no external elements can get into the wine cellar. In this process, a synthetic rubber material is applied to all four sides of the door jamb.

Coastal’s custom wine cellar doors are also equipped with an automatic door bottom to seal the cool air in the wine cellar. Additionally, this device prevents door dragging that can damage your floor.

Modern technology (Laminated Veneer Lumber) and traditional technique (Mortise and Tenon joints) are used by Coastal to ensure strength and appropriate insulating properties for their doors.

Why it is Important to Determine the Right Wine Cellar Cooling System Prior to Construction

Installing wine cellar refrigeration equipment without considering your wine storage requirements during the planning stage will harm your wines. Factors such as size of the room, number of bottles to be stored and location must be taken into account before purchasing and installing a wine cooling unit.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

You don’t want your home wine cellar to have the wrong type of refrigeration system, not capable of providing optimal cooling to the whole room. Some builders use regular air conditioners in wine rooms.

A knowledgeable wine cellar builder would not use this type of cooling unit in wine cellars. Conventional air conditioners used for homes and offices are not designed to keep consistent temperature and humidity levels in wine storage.

By seeking help of a wine cellar refrigeration expert such as Coastal, your cooling requirements will be taken into account very carefully. This will ensure that the most suitable wine cooling system will be installed in your wine cellar. Coastal offers a wide range of commercial grade wine cellar cooling systems that will cool your wine cellar efficiently.

How to Achieve Effective Wine Racking Solutions for Your Wine Room

Custom Wine Racking

There are a lot of wine collectors who spend a lot on great-looking custom wine racks, but later find out that these racks are not durable and don’t suit their wine storage needs. The wine rack designs and materials must be thought of carefully prior to the construction of your wine room.

It is a good idea to ask for suggestions from an experienced wine cellar company in determining the right wine racks for your collection. Coastal always makes sure that they provide the best wine racking solutions for their clients. In doing this, they see to it that there is balance in aesthetics, space optimization, convenience and budget.

How Important is Wine Cellar Lighting in Wine Storage?

Wine Cellar Lighting

Wine cellar lighting is one of the components in wine cellar construction that is often neglected at the planning stage of the project. The wrong choice of lighting can have negative impact on the quality of wine and the ambiance of your wine cellar.

Fluorescent lighting which gives off excessive amounts of ultraviolet or UV light should not be used. UV light can ruin wine by degrading its stable organic compounds.

The flavor, aroma and structure of wine greatly depend on these organic compounds. Exposure to UV or too much sunlight will result in flat wine.

Your lighting should provide ample amount of vision. Make sure that it makes reading of wine labels and moving around the wine room convenient.

The different lighting options that you can choose from include track lighting, recessed can lights, wall sconces and chandeliers.

The knowledgeable team of designers at Coastal will see to it that the lighting system that best suits your wine cellar and style is considered at the planning stage. Not only that – they would also recommend lighting that will illuminate their clients’ wine cellar dramatically.

They recommend LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting which provides a comforting glow and will keep your wines safe because of its low heat emission. It is also efficient, ideal for long-term use and versatile, making it a favorite option in wine cellar installation.

Contact Coastal Custom Wine Cellars – a Competent Wine Cellar Builder

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars California

The planning stage gives you the first insights into the knowledge and competence of your wine cellar builder. It’s here that you see how problems are solved and prevented. Safeguard your wines by contacting Coastal, a wine cellar company that provides only quality products and excellent service from the planning stage until the completion of your project.

Coastal will give you a free design where you can see first hand how the planning of a proper wine cellar project is to proceed, and it is though this process that you will gain the trust of your future wine cellar builder. Call them today at +1 (888) 735-8889 and speak with a design specialist about your wine room project and get all your questions answered.

Maryland Homeowners Turn to Wine Cellars to Grow Home Value

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Since the housing bubble burst, homeowners have adjusted their expectations concerning how to grow the value of their home.  It’s no longer adequate to throw a fresh coat of paint on the walls and flip it. Now, more than ever, Maryland homeowners are turning to wine cellar builders to help them increase the value of their home.

Wine—A Growing Market in Maryland

Wine is growing in popularity in the state of Maryland. There are now over 400 wines made in the state. Wineries in the area are also are growing in reputation with over 60 wineries to visit in the area.

Wine Cellar Baltimore

A beautiful wine cellar in a luxury home.

But anyone who understands wine will tell you that you can’t just put that fine bottle in the back of a closet and leave it there for years and expect it to grow in quality. Proper storage means maintaining a constant cool temperature in your wine room. It’s no surprise that the new trend in luxury home modification is the addition of custom wine rooms.

Build Your Own Wine Cellar

In the good old days the common method of thinking when it came to growing your home value was to remodel the kitchen, adding granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. A home theater or hot tub was also a welcome addition. But now it’s not uncommon to see low rent apartments with granite counter tops. Most housing units have a hot tub. And even more modest homes can feature state-of-the-art surround sound with their flat screen displays at very low cost.

Luxury home owners are then faced with a real challenge to make their home stand apart in the competitive marketplace. It’s not surprising then that many owners in Maryland are turning to builders like Coastal Custom Wine Cellars in Baltimore, to help them find the edge. A beautifully designed, temperature controlled, wine cellar or room gives these homes the edge they need, driving up resale prices. They can be enjoyed while the homeowners live there, and truly appreciated when it comes time to sell.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Baltimore

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New location of Coastal Custom Wine Cellars in Baltimore

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Common Wine Defects and Ideal Wine Storage Solutions

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Have you opened a bottle of wine from a cabinet in your kitchen or a box under your sink and found out that its smell is not floral, fruity, or spicy? Have you noticed some discoloration? You should know that these are signs that your wine has a defect and may be undrinkable.

Let us find out the different possible wine defects and learn the ideal wine storage options that will preserve wine’s quality and desirable characteristics.


When unwanted air mixes with wine, it is subjected to hot temperatures, or is aged too long, oxidation occurs. The original vibrant fruity scents in wine become lifeless or flat, losing their aroma, flavor, and color.

oxidized wine

This results in stale, stewed fruit and a burnt marshmallow, sherry, or vinegar-like smell. The moldy smell is caused by the TCA or Trichloroanisole in corked wine due to high level of oxidation.

The insipid taste in oxidized wine is caused by the bacteria that oxygen promotes when it gets into the wine. The alcohol in wine turns into acetic acid, causing unpleasant taste.

The color of an oxidized wine is usually a shade of brown, while other wines look dull. These are the clues that indicate wine defects.

Oxidation can happen prior to or after bottling of wine and even while it is stored at home or in a restaurant. So, next time, you will know when to pour wine down the drain or return it to the restaurant or wine store where you bought it from.


The cork of wine bottles functions as a seal to protect wine from being exposed to unwanted oxygen. How can a cork cause wine to spoil? When wine comes in contact with a contaminated cork, it will smell and taste like a wet newspaper, rotten cardboard, or damp cloth, resulting in what they call “corked wine”.

cork taint

A cork is contaminated when 2, 4, or 6-Trichloroanisole (TCA) is present. This chemical compound is usually formed when the natural fungi that reside in cork come into contact with chlorides.

Chlorides are found in sanitation products used in the winery, such as bleaches. Using infected corks will cause cork taint, a wine defect that destroys the natural aromas and fruitful flavor of wine.


Maderized WineMaderization is a process where wine is heated and oxidized to make it taste like Madeira wine that has a nutty and caramelized character. When talking about wine defects, the term “maderized” refers to the condition of wine exposed to too much heat or very high temperatures (greatly higher than 55 degrees Fahrenheit). This usually happens in wines with low alcohol content.

There will be greater chances that your wine will become maderized when you keep it near a radiator or any heating device in your house. An under-the-stair space where hot water pipes are installed is also a bad storage place for wine.

Too much heat exposure increases the rate of wine’s aging, resulting in spoiled wine. This is why proper wine storage must be practiced to preserve wine the right way.


Ideal Wine Storage Solutions – Wine Cellars and Wine Cabinets

One of the major reasons wine gets spoiled is from storing it in a place where stable temperature and humidity levels are not present. Wine needs to be stored in an environment with temperature ranging from 55-75 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels between 50-60 percent.

The two most in-demand and efficient wine storage solutions are custom wine cellars and refrigerated wine cabinets. When choosing between a wine cellar and a wine cabinet, consider the size of your collection, your space, and your budget.


Residential Custom Wine Cellars 

Nowadays, home owners in many parts of the world, including Canada, who have the right budget, invest in a residential wine cellar to keep their finest wines safe from harmful external factors.

Wine cellars are carefully designed and installed to ensure that a climate-controlled environment is provided to your finest wines, especially those intended for long-term aging. Proper room insulation and installation of a vapor barrier are the primary steps to prepare the room for construction.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars Designs and Installs Custom Wine Cellars in Canada

In Vancouver, Canada, a team of experienced designers and installers, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, has been building custom wine rooms for many years. With their expertise, any extra room can be converted into a functional resting place for your wines.

For them to achieve the ideal temperatures and humidity levels in their client’s wine cellar, they use efficient wine cellar refrigeration systems suitable for the storage needs and requirements of the collector.

The right wine cellar door material and seal must also be installed. Other things that must be given consideration are the wine rack material and design and wine cellar lighting. All of these can affect the stability of the conditions inside a refrigerated wine cellar.

Building a home wine cellar in Canada may not be affordable to some, but in the long run, you will realize that having one will save you money since it lowers the risk of having a defective wine in you collection.

Below are some photos of high-end wine cellars built by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars:

Custom Wine Cellars Built by an Expert in Canada

Wine Cabinets  

If having a wine cellar in your home is not possible due to budget and/or space constraints, you shouldn’t worry because there is another wine storage option that is more affordable – the wine cabinet.

Wine cabinets with a built-in wine cooling system are called refrigerated wine cabinets. Even though it is a budget-savvy option, a refrigerated wine cabinet has the ability to maintain an environment similar to wine cellars.

One of the most popular brands of wine cabinets in Canada is Eurocave. Their sturdy, high capacity and stylish products are being used by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars in many of their wine cellar projects. Learn more about Eurocave wine cabinets by clicking here.

Eurocave Wine Cabinets – a Top Choice of True Connoisseurs

In addition to sturdiness, style, and capacity, other features that you should look for in a wine cabinet include internal lighting, an alarm system, and vibration exclusion. Keep in mind that wine cabinets only accommodate a certain number of bottles, unlike wine cellars that allow your collection to grow in the future.

A collector’s goal is to store his wines in such a way that its desirable characteristics are preserved properly. Storing them in a climate-controlled environment is the key to achieving this. Depending on your needs and budget, make sure that your choice of storage solution can help prevent wine defects.

If you need expert advice in choosing the right wine cabinet to suit your needs, call Blue Grouse Wine Cellars at 1.888.400.CORK (2675) or visit their website at