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A High-End Wine Cellar Built Under a Tiny Staircase in a Dallas Condo

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Custom Wine Display Under the Stairs Dallas Installation Project

Custom Wine Display Under the Stairs Dallas Installation Project by Wine Cellar Specialists

For wine lovers who are living in a small home or condo, there is another option for a full-sized wine cellar. In Dallas, Texas, a client of Wine Cellar Specialists wanted to build a custom wine display area under their staircase. See images and learn more about the features of the wine room. 

A Wine Cellar Designed by a Master Builder for a Tiny Space Under the Stairs

Size does not matter when it comes to building the wine cellar of your dreams. Nowadays, a garage, walk-in closet, space under the stairs, or any extra space in your home can be utilized for your wine room project.

Wine Cellar Specialists is one of our dealers in wine cellar construction. They have been in the industry for many years, offering innovative wine storage solutions to clients in Dallas and San Antonio. They want their customers to have a wine cellar that is safe, unique, and matches their home.

Recently, a wine enthusiast, who lives in a condo in the Dallas area, wanted to build a wine storage area under the stairs. They sought the help of Wine Cellar Specialists for this project.

The stairs have bamboo steps with steel beams. The space in between each step was open.

CAD Drawings of the Wine Room

Dallas Contemporary Wine Display Under the Stairs 3D Drawing

Dallas Contemporary Wine Display Under the Stairs 3D Drawing

The main purpose of creating 3-dimensional drawings before the construction is to allow for a better visualization of the finished wine cellar. At Wine Cellar Specialists, they assess all the needs and requirements of the owner, so that they can create a perfect design.

The free drawings are usually in black and white, and show the plan views, bottle capacities, and the room’s dimension. In some cases, they may need to create colored drawings for a small fee.

On this under the stairs wine cellar installation project, they decided to provide colored drawings, in addition to the black and white images. This helped Wine Cellar Specialists in providing the client clearer options for the backer boards and wall colors.

They chose the gray walls, brushed aluminum pegs, and Alumasteel backer boards to match the steel beams of their staircase.

Front View Dallas Custom Wine Display Drawing

Dallas Custom Wine Cellar Display CAD Drawing

Functional and Eye-Catching Custom Wine Cellar Design for a Contemporary Dallas Home

Dallas Contemporary Wine Cellar Ultra Peg System

Dallas Contemporary Wine Cellar Ultra Peg System Metal Racks

The creativity and passion of Wine Cellar Specialists inspired them to design and install a custom wine room for a high-end residential space. Regardless of space constraints, they always find a way to build a stellar custom wine display for their clients.

They want every wine rack system to provide the maximum bottle capacity. For this project, the original plan was to install single-deep wine racks. Later on, the client decided to have a double-deep racking system. This would maximize the space of the room, allowing for more bottle storage.

Modern Features of the Ultra Peg Wine Rack System

Building a contemporary wine cellar in a tiny space has been in demand in the United States, and even more so in Texas. The size and location of your room does not matter if you work with a trusted master builder.

Wine Cellar Specialists has been providing contemporary wine rack solutions using metal wine racks. This type of wine rack offers many benefits, both for residential and commercial applications.

Metal wine racks are very flexible. They can match any existing décor of your living space. They can also fit snugly in a tiny corner of a tiny space. They can be designed to create visually appealing custom wine displays. The design options are limitless.

At Wine Cellar Specialists, they offer stand-alone and wall mounted metal wine racks. For this wine cellar project, they installed the wall mounted Ultra Peg system.

High-Quality Material and Ease of Access

Ultra Pegs Two Deep with Rubber O-Rings Modern Wine Cellar

Ultra Pegs Two Deep with Rubber O-Rings Modern Wine Cellar Texas

The Ultra Peg System is a high-end wine storage solution that is made of durable and lightweight pegs. It displays and stores the bottles horizontally.

The main advantage of this bottle orientation is the convenience in finding a specific bottle of wine.

Since the wine labels are facing out, the owner can see the brand name, type, variety, alcohol content, and net contents. There is no need to pull out the bottle from the wine rack or flip it to see this  information.

Safety Feature and Ease of Installation

The Ultra Peg system used for this custom wine cellar installed in Dallas has rubber O-rings. These protect the client’s bottles from slipping out. Other types of metal wine racks don’t have this kind of safety feature.

Another advantage of this racking system is its ease of installation. The backer boards were already pre-drilled before the assembly and installation of the Ultra Peg racking on the construction site.

Cooling the Wine Room with an Efficient Cooling System

Wine deteriorates easily if it is stored in poor conditions. It can age properly in an environment where the temperature is between 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels from 60-70 percent. This condition can be achieved if a reliable cooling system is installed in your residential wine cellar.

If you don’t know what type, size, and brand of refrigeration system is suitable for your needs, an expert can help you.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Installation – Challenges and Considerations

Powdercoated WM8600 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Powdercoated WM8600 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Challenges in installing the wine cooling system did not hinder Wine Cellar Specialists from building a safe storage space for the client’s collection. On this project, they needed to find a way to prevent cutting or patching up the ceiling of the space under the stairs.

They decided to create a soffit on the lower level, which allowed them to run the lines across and out to the owner’s courtyard for the compressor.

The wine cooling unit was placed vertically between the studs of the left wall. Before adding 3 inches of foam, they built out the wall first.

The drain line had an irregular height. This posed another challenge for Wine Cellar Specialists. Installing a condensate pump within the cooling unit solved the problem.

The Ideal Type and Brand of Cooling System for a Small and Odd-Shaped Wine Room

Wine Cellar Specialists

Wine Cellar Specialists Texas Master Builders

For this wine cellar, the wine refrigeration unit used was the WM6600 manufactured by US Cellar Systems. This large size single wall mount unit is a perfect option for small wine rooms that are enclosed in glass.

The unit was powder coated to match the steel beams of the stairs and the wall paint as well.

Work with a Master Builder in Your Next Project

Do you have a small space in your Dallas home that you want to turn into a wine storage space? Call Wine Cellar Specialists today at +1 (866) 646-7089 or request a unique design for free!


Custom Wine Enclave Coto de Caza CA Golf and Racquet Club Project by Coastal

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Meeting the Client and Starting the Project

The Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club is among the finest private clubhouses in Orange County, California.  The 36-hole country club features a 44,000 square foot clubhouse thatis an ideal setting for weddings, business meetings, and private parties.  The club recently remodeled Preserve, their upscale dining room, to include a 1,380-bottle capacity wine enclave, where members can store and display their private collections.

Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club California

Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club California

In November 2013, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars was contacted by an architectural firm in San Diego, California.  They wanted to add a glass covered custom wine enclave to the newly remodeled Preserve Dining Room.  The room measures 11’ wide, 2’ deep and about 9’ tall.  After several consultations, and a couple of site visits, Coastal prepared a three dimensional design.

A 3D wine celalar design work from Coastal provides a three dimensional illustration of the proposed wine cellar design.  The wine cellar design package includes plan views (elevations and 3D views), total bottle capacities, construction guidelines, and an audio/video tour of the design.

The Wine Cellar Design Features

Stunning Metal Wine Rack Displays

Contemporary Metal Wine Rack Display

Contemporary Metal Wine Rack Display

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, SoCal’s leading expert in wine cellar design and construction, created a climate-controlled commercial display wine room, encased in glass, that features VintageView metal wine rack displays.

Three sets of seamless 1/2″ glass doors provide access to the wine enclave.  To stabilize the climate conditions inside the wine storage space, the Coastal team recommended a Model D088 from Wine Guardian.

Unlike wood-based wine racks, metal wine rack displays provide a contemporary look that will go well with any modern interior.  VintageView metal wine rack displays are designed to hold bottles in a label forward orientation, allowing for ease of product recognition.

The horizontal placement of the bottles also helps maintain the continuous contact of the cork with the wine, thereby ensuring its sealing quality.

Coto Golf Club Vintage View Metal Wine Rack Displays Before Glass

Coto Golf Club Vintage View Metal Wine Rack Displays Before Glass

To increase the total bottle capacity of the custom wine enclave Coto de Caza CA, the Coastal team installed metal wine displays in single and triple deep configurations.

Triple depth wine racks can hold three bottles in a single row; two wine bottles are stored behind the visible bottle.

The metal wine racks are mostly label forward horizontal displays.  A presentation row running the width of the racking system was also installed, for showcasing the finest wine bottles in the collection.

The metal wine rack displays come in a black satin finish, to give them a stainless steel effect.  A three deep configuration wine display rack is located right in front of the series of glass doors that lead to the wine enclosure.

Single deep display racking is installed on the rear, fixed glass panel.  The wine rack design is set up in such a way that the bottles appear as if they are floating when viewed from the outside.

Tempered Glass Walls and Doors

The Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club contemporary wine cellar display is encased in seamless 1/2″ tempered glass walls and doors.

Tempered Glass Walls

Tempered Glass Walls

The glass covered custom wine enclave is an aesthetically pleasing addition to the clubhouse’s Preserve Dining Room.  The heavy duty glass doors are hinged on self-closing, commercial grade pivot sets.

Installating the Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Installating the Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Installating the Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

To maintain the ideal wine storage temperature of 58 degrees Fahrenheit and a relative humidity between 50 to 60 percent, the Coastal team recommended a self-contained air duct handler, by Wine Guardian.

After conducting a heat load calculation, it was determined that the Model D088 wine cellar cooling unit would most efficiently cool the glass encased wine cellar.

Wine Guardian is a world-renowned manufacturer and provider of wine cellar cooling solutions.  Their wine cellar cooling products provide whisper-quiet operation and superior cooling performance.  They offer different types of cooling systems, including through the wall units, split cooling systems, ducted units, and humidifiers.

The Model D088 is a self-contained, fully ducted wine cellar cooling unit, that is ideal for medium to large residential and commercial wine cellars.  This cooling unit not only provides optimum temperature and humidity control, but also adds to the aesthetic quality of the wine storage space.

Wine Guardian Model D088 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Wine Guardian Model D088 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Since this wine cellar cooling unit can be ducted up to 25 feet away from the wine enclosure, it eliminates the presence of mechanical equipment in the room, thus promoting a quiet storage environment.

For this particular project, the cooling unit was placed in the ceiling.  Installing the climate control unit out of sight eliminates any presence of mechanical equipment in the custom wine enclave Coto de Caza CA, and allows the wine cellar builder to maximize available space.  Ceiling mounted units also provide better air distribution and circulation.

About the Wine Cellar Builder

Coastal Custom Wine Cellar Builder has over ten years of experience in designing and building commercial and residential wine cellars in California, and throughout the country.  They provide all aspects of wine storage needs, including wine cellar cooling systems, wood and metal based wine racking, wine cellar doors, and wine cellar flooring.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

If you have a wine cellar project in mind, just contact Coastal Custom Wine Cellars. Click here.

Limited Budget Should Not Hold You Back from Having a San Antonio Texas Custom Wine Cellar

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Do you think you can provide a proper wine storage space for your collection if you have a limited budget? The answer is YES! A reliable wine cellar builder can help you establish the appropriate budget for your project. Find out how a master builder in San Antonio helped their client build an affordable custom wine cellar.   

budget for wine cellarYou can Have a Custom Home Wine Cellar on a Budget

Scared of going over their budget, some homeowners opt for cheap wine coolers, or wine refrigerators to store their wine.  But keep in mind that unlike wine cellars, these units cannot protect your wines intended for long-term aging. They are not designed to stabilize both the temperature and humidity required to maintain wine’s quality.

Although a bit more expensive, a climate-controlled custom home wine cellar is highly recommended for long-term storage. It is equipped with a refrigeration system that will protect wine from being damaged by temperature fluctuations and wrong humidity levels.

wine cellar vs wine cooler

In addition to maintaining the ideal environment for wine, having your own home wine room also allows more storage capacity. It also adds value to your property.

Wine Cellar Specialists, a trusted designer and builder, can create a unique wine storage room that fits your financial requirements. They have been in the industry for many years, helping wine lovers fulfill their dream of having an affordable Texas residential wine room.

Transforming a Room into a Functional Wine Cellar

Philips wine cellar owner

In San Antonio, Texas, the Philips family wanted to have their own custom wine cellar where they could store their favorite vintages in the right conditions. They approached Wine Cellar Specialists, believing in the company’s ability to complete the project successfully, while staying under budget, and meeting their aesthetic requirements.

To ensure that proper storage conditions are created, every component must be carefully planned, designed and installed. Thorough planning ensures that the clients will be happy with the overall functionality and look of their wine cellar. Wine Cellar Specialists excel at this step in the design process, one of the reasons that their clients are always so thrilled with the end product.

To achieve the goals of the clients many important elements had to be planned for, elements you can be watching for when planning your custom wine room project. An expert building for wine storage will plan to insulate and cool the space specifically for wine cellars. They’ll take into account the custom features and racking options that best fit the particular client. All of these elements were accounted for in this San Antonio project.


Philips Wine Cellar Insulation

Room insulation should not be taken for granted. Any room that will be equipped with a cooling system needs to be insulated before the installation of wine racks, flooring, and lighting. This will provide a seal to the room, preventing mold growth and other external factors that can ruin wine. Without the proper seal, you might spend more in the future due to the breakdown of your wine cooling unit, and high energy consumption.

For this project, the room was framed, and electrical components were added prior to the insulation of walls and ceilings using closed cell foam. Undesirable humidity and temperature fluctuations can be avoided if the vapor barrier and insulator are installed properly, leaving no gaps in the walls.

custom wine racking Philips wine cellarKit Wine Racking

In addition to choosing a trusted San Antonio, Texas wine cellar builder, using kit wine racks also help the builder stay under budget. Kit or ready-built wine racks were installed in the back wall and curved corners of the room. The back wall consists of individual racks and a solid diamond bin with arch and extenders.

Learn more about different kit wine racks from Wine Cellar Specialists.

Custom Component in a Custom Wine Cellar in San Antonio, Texas

custom wine racks Philips wine room


Custom features were incorporated into the wine cellar design, adding visual appeal to the custom wine storage room.

One of these is the waterfall display styled custom wine rack found on the left wall, which stores the bottles in a way that allows the labels to face up.

The solid diamond bins below it allow for bulk storage. This design is also perfect for storing large format and odd-shaped bottles.

Another custom feature of the wine room can be found on the right wall. The custom wine racking was designed to accommodate bottles individually, and allows for maximum airflow between bottles.

There are also solid diamond bins below the individual storage rack.

The Cooling Equipment

Wine Cellar Specialists San AntonioIn every project, Wine Cellar Specialists always makes sure that the most suitable cooling system is provided to their clients. For the Philips wine cellar, a refrigeration unit from CellarPro was chosen. Installed in an adjacent mechanical room, the wine cooling unit is designed for a quiet operation, and excellent performance.

Want to Invest in an Affordable Home Wine Cellar? Talk to a Master Builder.

Let Wine Cellar Specialists design and build a unique San Antonio, Texas custom wine cellar based on your allotted budget for the project. Contact them today at (210) 591-1595 or get a free 3D wine cellar design.