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You Can’t Go Wrong with Reliable, Eco-Friendly, and Stylish Wine Cellar Flooring Options Offered by Texas Builders

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Wine Barrel Flooring Texas Wine Cellar Project

Eco-Friendly Wine Barrel Flooring Texas Wine Cellar Project

Mistakes in wine cellar construction are common. The wrong choice of material and improper installation will make or break the functionality and appeal of your wine cellar. Your flooring must not be neglected. You must work with a professional to ensure that your flooring will suit your storage needs, budget, and style. WholeCellar works with Wine Cellar Specialists in installing stylish and durable flooring options.

Exceptional and Eco-Friendly Wine Cellar Flooring

When building a climate-controlled wine cellar, the installation of the flooring requires a professional. It plays a significant role in creating a stable environment for long-term wine storage. When poorly installed, it can cause serious problems in the future. You must work with Wine Cellar Specialists, one of the top-notch builders in Texas.

Recommended Materials for Your Wine Cellar Flooring

A refrigerated wine cellar has humid conditions, so you have to be careful when choosing your flooring material. Keep in mind that using a carpet is a no-no. This is because it can be a good breeding place for mold and mildew in damp conditions.

The common materials are tiles, vinyl, and slate. However, we recommend cork and wine barrel for your flooring. For many years, there has been an increase in using sustainable materials to help save our Mother Earth. Most designers and builders recommend renewable or recyclable materials.

Cork Wine Cellar Flooring

Cork is the bark that is harvested from cork oak trees found in northwest Africa and southwest Europe. Harvesting cork does not require cutting of trees. The proper way of stripping the bark will not affect the life of the trees. A protective inner layer of the bark allows the trees to regenerate growth every 9 to 12 years.

Properties of Cork

Cork Flooring Wine Cellar Texas

Cork Flooring Wine Cellar Texas

Cork is a great material for making wine bottle stoppers because of its buoyancy, impermeability, and elasticity. Another amazing use of cork is for the flooring. WholeCellar and Wine Cellar Specialists recommend the cork flooring because of its unique characteristics and cell properties that make it ideal in wine cellar conditions.


Cork contains suberin, a waxy substance that inhibits mold growth and prevents the material from rotting. Suberin also makes cork highly resistant to extreme heat or fire, hypoallergenic, and able to keep away mites and bugs.

Durable and Longer Lifespan

Cork has natural micro rubber particles that lengthen the lifespan of your flooring. It is made up of 50 percent air, which helps it withstand pressure. It is a lightweight, yet durable material. In fact, it can last for decades if properly maintained.

Our natural cork flooring is milled using the “Click” technology with a tongue and groove center core. It helps create a tight connection between planks without using glue.  It also makes the installation quick and convenient. Additionally, it also makes repair easier.

Thermal Insulator, Minimizes Noise and Vibration

Cork’s ability to withstand temperature changes and resistance to moisture make cork an ideal material for wine cellar flooring in Texas. Its closed and bubble-form cell structure makes it a natural thermal insulator. It also reduces noise and vibration because it offers a cushion effect.

Stylish Options

When it comes to visual appeal, cork flooring offers a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes. You may opt for tiles or planks, depending on how you want your flooring to look. You can even use alternate tones or colors for a striking effect.

Cork floors also blend well with any décor. Lighter shades achieve a casual look, while dark tones are ideal for formal settings. With limitless design possibilities offered by cork, Wine Cellar Specialists can create a truly unique flooring for your space.

Almada Cork Flooring

We offer Almada cork flooring.  It is certified by Greenguard Children & Schools for maintaining indoor air quality. This means that this product does not introduce harmful emissions into your home. It is also easy to install. Unlike other flooring options, Almada cork flooring can be installed without the use of glue or nails.

We use beveled narrow planks to make your flooring appear like natural hardwood. The core flooring is moisture resistant exterior grade high-density fiberboard. This provides better insulation, which can help in maintaining a stable environment in your wine room.

Our Almada cork flooring collection is available in Fila Natural, Nevoa Natural, Tira Natural, and Marcus Natural.

Wine Barrel Flooring

Breaking the Wine Barrel into Strips Texas Builders

Breaking the Wine Barrel into Strips Texas Builders

Another popular flooring option is wine barrel flooring. Oak barrels are used to age wines for many years. They impart distinctive flavors, tint, and texture to the wine.

After about 3 years, the used barrels can be recycled. Instead of selling them as firewood or putting them into the landfill, they can be turned into something that can beautify your wine cellar.

Reclaimed wine barrel flooring is not only environment-friendly. It also adds an historic touch to your wine cellar.

At WholeCellar, we utilize the top, inside, and outside parts of the barrels, so nothing goes to waste. We break them into long strips and engineer them so we can make exceptional flooring for our clients.

Flooring Styles

Stave Wine Barrel Flooring

The vertical wood that makes up the barrel sides are called Stave. The distinctive markings left were from the metal hoop bands of the barrel.

The Cooperage style flooring is made from the wood of the top and bottom parts of the barrel. It shows the markings and cooper stamps, which are used to identify the original contents of the barrel and the logo of the winery.

If you want your flooring to display the “wine-stained” part of the barrel, the Infusion style is a perfect choice. The planks, which were naturally infused by the wine, have various shades of reds.


We use the tongue and groove when installing wine barrel flooring. The planks are 5/8” thick and available in random widths and lengths.  The flooring is micro–beveled and pre-finished in sealant.

Let us Help Choose the Best Flooring Option for Your Wine Cellar in Texas

With an aim to make every wine cellar design exceptional and be eco-friendly at the same time, WholeCellar and Wine Cellar Specialists offer the best flooring options: cork and wine barrel flooring. Start your project today! Contact us at +1 (844) 334-2121​!

Residential Wine Cellar Flooring: Important Part of Proper Wine Storage

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A residential custom wine cellar in Los Angeles, California is one of the many wine storage solutions, and the most ideal of them all. A residential custom wine cellar is not only your wine collection’s house, but also its sanctuary. Therefore, it is important that your wine cellar isn’t just beautiful, but also durable and functional.

One of the most important parts of a home wine cellar in Los Angeles, California is the flooring. Wine cellar flooring isn’t just something you step on when you’re inside your storage room. It plays an important role in keeping the temperature and humidity within the cellar at the ideal levels. Wine cellar flooring also contribute to the beauty of your custom wine cellar.

Learn all about custom wine cellar flooring in Los Angeles, California by reading through this page.

Custom Wine Cellar Flooring Weight

Wine cellar flooring should be able to withstand the weight of wine bottles in the wine cellar. Wine cellar bottles can be very heavy, and if your flooring is not durable, it can break, and the temperature and humidity in the cellar will be compromised.

Installation of a Vapor Barrier

A lot of wine collectors choose to have their residential wine cellars in California built in the lower levels of their houses (e.g. the basement), because the temperature in these areas is generally cool and constant. If a wine cellar is built in the lower level of a house, the wine cellar floors are usually installed over concrete. Over time, the material used for the flooring may warp due to the humidity inside the wine storage room. To avoid this, it is imperative that, before the wine cellar flooring is laid down, a vapor barrier is installed.

Never Use Carpet for Custom Wine Cellar Flooring

Never use carpet for your cellar flooring. It is quite humid inside a residential wine cellar in Los Angeles, CA and if carpet is used for the custom wine cellar flooring, mold can grow over time. Moreover, carpets are hard to clean if you do make spills.

Wine Cellar Flooring Materials

There are various materials to choose from for your custom wine cellar flooring in Los Angeles, California. The most common types include wood, mosaic, stone, and reclaimed wine barrels. Each one has beauty to offer. The wine cellar flooring material you choose should match the design of your entire home wine cellar in CA, and should complement the existing décor in your house.

Wine Cellar Designer in California

It is always best to have your custom wine cellar in CA designed and built by a professional. With a professional, you can be sure that your wine storage room will not only look good, but will also be efficient at keeping your wines safe.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is one of the best choices for a wine cellar designer in Los Angeles, California. They will take you from the design process up to the completion of your wine storage room. Wine cellars by Coastal are a few of the most beautiful cellars in California. Have your 3D custom wine cellar design made today!

What to Consider When Building a Custom Wine Cellar in CA

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A custom wine cellar in Los Angeles, California is the safest place to store your wine collection. Have a residential wine cellar built by the best wine cellar builders in California. Wine Cellars by Coastal are not only functional and durable, but also elegant and classy.

If you plan to have a residential wine cellar built in your home in California, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind:

Customize the Home Wine Cellar Walls

You can make your residential wine cellar in California look even better by customizing it. One way you can customize it is by choosing unique wall treatments. There are various kinds of wall treatments, and these include paint, tile, slate, stone, wood panel and travertine. Whatever treatment you choose, make sure that the material is able to do well in a slightly damp environment.

Custom Wine Cellar Flooring

The wine cellar’s flooring plays a very important role in making sure that the wine storage room functions properly. Make sure that the surface of your wine cellar floor is durable and solid. It should be able to withstand harsh flooring conditions, such as constant moisture and frequent wine spills. Wine cellar flooring should also be beautiful. The flooring you choose should complement the overall design of your home wine cellar in Los Angeles. There are many choices for wine cellar flooring, and these include hardwood, sealed concrete, tile and stone.

Wooden Paneling to Cover Wine Cellar Walls

If you do use wood-paneled walls for your custom wine cellar, you need to allow expansion and contraction of the wood. The wood will eventually expand and contract due to the humidity inside the wine cellar. If there is now allowance for expansion and contraction, the wood will eventually crack and buckle.

Other Considerations When Building a Custom Wine Cellar in CA

There are a lot of things to consider when designing and building your residential wine cellar in LA, California. For example, you still need to decide on what lighting and other accessories you want installed in your wine storage room. You also need to consider how to avoid vibrations and odors. You need to figure out what wine cellar refrigeration system will you have installed in the cellar as well.

Designing and building a custom wine cellar in LA, California must be planned carefully. Of course, the wisest way to start is to seek the advice of a wine cellar design professional.

Essential Elements of a Custom Wine Cellar in Canada

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The design and construction of a custom wine cellar in Vancouver, Canada should be well thought out, so that it can meet the essential requirements for proper wine storage. The following are the basic parts of a custom wine cellar and how they should ideally be.

1. Wine Cellar Walls & Ceiling

Wine cellars in Canada should be properly insulated. Wine cellar insulation should be at least R20, so that the temperature and humidity levels are kept from fluctuating. The interior walls of your custom wine cellar should be as inert as possible. Many wine cellar specialists would advise choosing Urethane for your cellar insulation, because it is efficient in sealing the walls and ceiling. Mineral wood is good to use too, but it should be properly protected from humidity, because otherwise it will lose its capacity to insulate after some time. Rigid insulation panels are a good idea as well.

To maintain the level of humidity in the wine storage room, a vapor-seal is essential. Make sure that your vapor-seal sheets overlap and are secured with adhesive tapes.

The paint used on the walls and ceilings of your wine cellar should be of mold-resistant latex. Bathroom paint is the best option.

In order to make room for a wine cellar cooling unit to be installed, avoid cellars that are completely surrounded by concrete.

2. Custom Wine Cellar Door

In order to ensure that the temperature and humidity in the wine cellar are stable, an insulated door equipped with weather stripping should be utilized. Cellar doors ought to be at least R16 insulation. Tell your wine cellar designer to have a window or a thermal glass on your door so that you may be able to see your wine collection inside the cellar without needing to open it.

Some people opt to have a lock on their wine cellar door, so that they can control access to the wine cellar. This also is a good idea, so that you can control how often the wine cellar is opened. Constant opening of a wine cellar in Vancouver, Canada can cause temperature and humidity fluctuations that are harmful to your wines.

3. Wine Cellar Flooring

There are various options to choose from when it comes to custom wine cellar flooring. The material you use should be resistant to humidity. Stones, ceramic tiles and marble are humidity resistant materials. If you want to use wood for cellar flooring, make sure that it is sealed properly, so that it won’t absorb humidity.

If you plan to construct your custom wine cellar in your basement, you can make use of the soil’s natural humidity by putting holes through the concrete basement floor. But before that, you have to make sure that the soil is not water logged and that there is enough drainage beneath the basement’s foundation to avoid water infiltration. You may also put holes in the cellar walls to increase the humidity level by 1 to 2 degrees. Don’t forget to cover the holes in order to keep insects out.

4. Custom Wine Cellar Lighting

The lighting you choose for your wine cellar in Vancouver, Canada should be that which generates minimal heat. Heat can damage your wines. The best type of lighting for wine storage rooms is LED. Some wines are not favorable to light. Light dimmers are recommended, so that you can adjust the light as needed.

5. Wine Cellar Cooling System

A quality wine cellar refrigeration unit can set the temperature and humidity inside your custom wine cellar to the ideal levels. There are various kinds of wine cellar cooling units. A wine cellar specialist can calculate the heat load in your wine storage room, so that you can identify the appropriate wine cellar refrigeration system for your cellar.

Custom Wine Cellars Florida Bonita Springs Project in Naples Florida

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Custom Wine Cellars Naples Florida Bonita Springs Project – A Processed Video Transcription


Custom Wine Cellars Florida Bonita Springs Project in Naples Florida

Inspiration for Custom Wine Cellars Florida

Entering the Custom Wine Cellars Florida through a Barolo Style Door

Entering the Custom Wine Cellars Florida through a Barolo Style Door

Tim:  What was your main inspiration for the whole styling and all the woodworking for this custom wine cellars Florida?

Jody: Well, we like Italy.  We all like the Tuscan days and we rent a castle out in Napa.  It was an all stone castle.  We saw a room and we liked it.  We liked the atmosphere and we thought we’d do something similar to that.

Tim:  It really comes across that.

Jody:  It’s like a little dungeon.  I call it my little man dungeon.  I figured we could fit about 2200 bottles in this custom wine cellars Florida.

The Wine Collection

A Collection of the Client's Favorite Wines

A Collection of the Client’s Favorite Wines

Tim:  You’ve got some really nice features in here, as well.  So you just acquire these?

Jody:  Just about everything we picked out we picked out when we go someplace.  We’ve got some French wines that I picked up from France.  When we go to Napa we go to the wineries and if we like it we join the wine club and buy different styles of wine.  Our latest one is Merlot.

The Wine Tasting Room

The Cozy Wine Tasting Room

The Cozy Wine Tasting Room

Tim:  It’s very cool in here, you can feel it.  You’ve got a separate area (wine tasting room) where you can sit and enjoy the wine and still feel it because of this whole big glass here.

Jody:  This is the biggest piece of tempered glass we could find.

Tim:  Dual paned and tempered?

Jody:  Yes.  We centered the wine cellar cooling unit in the middle so the whole thing can be cool at one end and stays pretty consistent throughout.

Wine Barrel Flooring

Wine Barrel Flooring - Custom Wine Cellars Florida

Wine Barrel Flooring – Custom Wine Cellars Florida

Tim:  I think you’ve done a really tasteful job in here.  This wine barrel curvy effect is very unusual.

Jody:  These are all recycled wine barrels.  Everything’s recycled in here.  For the green people, I mean, you know, everything is recycled.  It’s natural stone off the ground, racking and wine barrel flooring from recycled oak wine barrels.

Tim:  What really stands out to me is the coloring.  They’re not all the same.

Jody:  Some of these are from red wines and white wines.  You’ll see this was from the inside of a red wine barrel.  You’ll see the straps.  This is from the outside of the barrel.  If you look at the inside, they’re a different red because red wine was inside the barrel.

Tim:  It has a beautifully aged, stylized look.  The wine bottles are also stored the other way around which is interesting as well.

This wine cellar project is located in Naples, Florida and was designed and constructed by Wine Cellar Specialists. To see more wine cellar projects in Florida and other wine tasting room design features, click on this link –