Residential Custom Wine Cellars Built in Dallas, Texas

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Wine, unlike most beverages, is very sensitive. It can spoil easily if exposed to light or heat. Wine requires specific conditions in order to mature properly. This is why, if you plan to start a wine collection, you need to understand the essentials of wine storage first.

Wine can be stored in a variety of ways. One of the best is through a residential custom wine cellar in Dallas, Texas, with a quality wine cellar refrigeration system installed. In fact, this is the most ideal wine storage solution.

Wine Cellar Spec, a leading wine cellar builder company, designed and built one of the most interesting custom wine cellars in Dallas. This unique wine cellar was built in a home in Frisco, a suburb of Dallas, Texas. Learn more about this home wine cellar by reading through this page.

Home Custom Wine Cellar Wine Racks in Texas by Wine Cellar Spec

In one of the residences in Frisco, Dallas, Texas, Wine Cellar Spec converted a kitchen pantry space under a staircase into a lovely home wine cellar.  The design of this custom wine cellar was made to match the existing home décor and maximize the given space.

For this wine cellar, Wine Cellar Spec used wine racks made from rich Mahogany. In order to accommodate bulk storage, lower double deep solid x bins were designed for the custom wine racks. A wine tasting table top was included too. Since the wine storage room was under a staircase, a full wall of horizontal single deep racks and a waterfall style rack were added, to complement the slanting ceiling.

Lacquers and finishes are important, too, when it comes to wine storage. The wrong type of lacquer or finish can potentially damage your wine collection. In this residential wine cellar project in Dallas, Texas, not only did the wine cellar designer choose a lacquer that would complement the home décor, but also one that was non-aromatic. There are many wooden wine rack finishes that produce an odor that can ruin your wines. It is important to remember that home wine cellars are rooms that are tightly sealed, which means that even the slightest odors can build up after some time. Bad odors can affect not only the aroma, but also the taste of your wines.

Custom Designed Wine Cellar Door

A wine cellar door is another important aspect of a custom wine cellar, because its design and build can affect the consistency of the temperature and humidity inside the storage room. For this home wine cellar in Dallas, Tx, the custom wine cellar door was built with a square top and an arched dual plane glass panel with a wrought iron inset. To match the existing cabinetry and molding style in the client’s home, custom stain was applied and custom made moldings were added.

A wine cellar refrigeration unit provided by US Cellar Systems was installed in this wine cellar in Frisco, Dallas, Texas. More specifically, a Rack Mount 2600 was chosen in order to meet the requirements of the wine storage room. Wine cellars in Texas need an efficient wine cellar cooling unit because the temperature and humidity in the state vary a lot throughout the day and through the seasons. A quality wine cellar cooling system can make sure that the ideal temperature and humidity inside the residential wine cellar are kept at constant levels.