Dallas Texas Commercial Wine Cellar Design for a Wine Store

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Wine stores and hospitality establishments need to use strategies to enhance their sales. This is why the demand for commercial wine cellars has been increasing not only in Dallas, Texas, but in many parts of the world.

COMMERCIAL WINE STORAGEThe main purpose of wine cellars is wine storage. Wine cellars provide wine the best climatic conditions needed for proper maturation. Well-aged wines make the drinking experience of customers memorable.

Customers who love the wine from your store, hotel, or restaurant will go back again to buy more. They may even spread positive feedback about your products.

In addition to ensuring that wines in your store are preserved properly, having a custom wine room in Texas also allows you to create custom wine displays.

How you display your wines will affect sales generation of your business. Wine Cellar Specialists, an expert wine cellar builder, has recently designed stylish commercial wine racks suitable to Wine Down Wine Market in Flower Mound, Dallas Texas. With a relaxing atmosphere, this wine store offers a variety of wine suitable for any type of drinker.


Commercial Wine Racks Dallas Texas

Wine Cellar Specialists used a mix of commercial and residential wine racks for this wine cellar with a capacity to house up to 3,398 bottles. All the wine racks were constructed from knotty alder wood.

When you enter the store, the first set of Texas wine racks that will catch your attention are two round island wine displays at the center aisle of the room.

Round Island Display Wine Racks Dallas TX Wine Store

The bottles around the top can be viewed easily in 360 degrees. Underneath them are columns where the bottles lay horizontally. Round island displays are perfect for high traffic areas such as this wine store.

The room was built in an L-shaped configuration. The left wall begins with a quarter round display rack. The shelves in this type of rack can be used to display wine accessories or large format bottles.

On the left wall, a 2-column retail wine rack was placed in between 2 solid X-cube bins. A curved corner wine rack was used for a smooth transition to the back wall.

Wine Store Commercial Wine Racks Dallas Texas

The longest wall is the back wall. Here, you will clearly see that height differences create a big impact on the visual appeal of the whole custom wine room. The wine racks used were 3-column wine racks, solid X-bins, rectangular bins, horizontal racks, and retail stacker.

Why Use Knotty Alder Wood for Wine Racks

JAN 20 KNOTTYThe material from which your wine cellar racks are built contributes to the overall aesthetics of your wine room. Wine Cellar Specialists offers a wide array of wood in wine cellar construction such as mahogany, pine, redwood, and knotty alder.

This time, they selected knotty alder which is a widely-used construction material for wine cellars. Knotty alder wine racks helped the wine store in creating high quality presentation of their products. This wood species contains small knots which add character to the wine racks. It is also known for its versatility, resistance to rot, and affordability.

Do you have any space that you would like to transform into a commercial wine cellar and tasting room? Contact Wine Cellar Specialists today and grow your business with stunning custom wine displays. Request a FREE Consultation and 3D design by clicking here or visit their website at http://www.winecellarspec.com.