The Gorgeous San Clemente Home Wine Cellar Project

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San Clemente Outside View

The gorgeous view from the client’s San Clemente home

San Clemente is one of the most beautiful and peaceful communities in California. That’s why so many people are looking to move there recently. One of our clients recently did, by buying an old home next to a gorgeous seaside view, and he was satisfied with his purchase of it so far—well, except for that musty wine cellar inside his newly purchased home. With 856 wine bottles comprising his own collection, he was looking for the room to be renovated quickly. Fortunately for him, he contacted Whole Cellar to build his San Clemente home wine cellar project.

When we first arrived at the client’s home in February 2015, we were greeted with the dismal sight of an old wine cellar that had major insulation problems. The single pane glass installed on its windows and doors were only compounding this problem even more.

Custom Built Wine Cellars San Clemente California Coastal Project
We decided that nothing less than a complete overhaul was necessary for this job. So, not only did we strip the wall coverings bare, we also removed all of the old wine racks that were previously held there. The purpose for this was to properly re-seal the walls so the room could be tightly insulated. As for the single pane glass, we replaced them with dual pane.

Custom Wine Cellars CA, Wine Rack Installation & Wine Guardian Cooling Units
 One challenge we were presented with during the course of doing this job was deciding on the ideal cooling system for the wine cellar in question. It needed to be a standalone unit, and it should look “compact” enough to be stored inside an enclosure that only measures up to 400 cubic feet.

We eventually found the one we were looking for in the Wine Guardian Ducted System. Its in-system humidification module is extremely user-friendly since it allows the unit’s temperature and humidity levels to be adjusted with the use of a remote control. It’s ideal for limited spaces, and it also performs just as well as any of its “bigger” refrigeration counterparts.

san clemente wine cellar door

The refurbished wine cellar door

We then went to what is perhaps the most important facet of the whole project: the wine racks that will store the client’s wine bottle collection. He was aiming for a classic wood look, so we had the wine racks fashioned with Alder wood as the primary material. We finished the construction of the custom wine racks with a chestnut stain and finished with clear lacquer.

The San Clemente home wine cellar project went on for three months, and it was finally completed on April 2015. Thankfully, the client liked our work so much that he practically allowed us to “use” his home for documentation purposes. To see more of the projects we did, you can check out our recent jobs at Florida and Coto de Caza, California.


San Clemente finished custom wine cellar

The finished custom wine cellar project