White Rock Lake Area Dallas Texas Custom Wine Cellar Project

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In an area of a recreational lake in the city of Dallas, Texas called the White Rock Lake, a custom wine cellar built with iron and glass was completed by one of the most sought-after Texas wine cellar builders – Wine Cellar Specialists.

Visually Appealing Modern Wine Cellar Design Dallas TX

Metal Wine Racking System with Vintage View 

The wine racks used were wall-mounted metal wine racks from Vintage View. A major advantage of this type of wine rack is easy viewing of the wine labels. Your guests can read the wine labels without any obstruction and find a specific vintage quickly.

Wall-mounted wine racks are perfect for small spaces since they don’t occupy floor space. They are also decorative and can make your wine display a focal point of a room. If constructed and installed properly, wall-mounted wine racks can keep your wine bottles safe from falling due to intense shaking.

Attractive LED Lighting 

At Wine Cellar Specialists, we always ensure that every Dallas Texas custom wine room we build will not only store our clients’ wines in an environment with constant temperature and humidity, but will also showcase their collection impressively.

The wine cellar lighting is one of the crucial factors that contributes to the ambiance of a wine cellar and quality of wine. In this project, LED lighting was used. It was installed behind the front lips of the iron divider, creating a striking bottle display. See picture below.

White Rock Lake Dallas TX Custom Wine Cellar with LED Lighting & Iron Dividers

LED light is popular for its low heat emission, preventing the acceleration of wine’s aging process. To create the mood that our client wanted in his contemporary wine cellar, recessed LED lighting was installed in the ceiling. With our creativity and craftsmanship, the lighting created a clean and stylish look.

Glass Enclosure with Insulated Iron Frame 

An insulated iron frame and dual paned glass were used for the wine cellar’s enclosure to ensure that the cool air was maintained in this beautiful contemporary wine cellar in the White Rock Lake Area in Dallas, Texas.

Not only must the wine room itself be insulated, but the doors and windows as well. Proper insulation of your wine cellar will prevent external factors from harming your wines.

It will also eliminate the need for your wine cooling system to work hard when warm air gets inside your wine cellar. With this, you won’t be surprised by high electric bills.


Wine Refrigeration System from US Cellar Systems   

Wine Cellar Specialists have been using US Cellar Systems’ efficient climate control systems in their wine cellar projects.

The cellar’s optimal conditions are stabilized by an HS4600 ducted split cooling system. We placed the compressor and evaporator underneath the floor and the supply and return vent of the system in the ceiling.

US CELLAR SYSTEMS – HS Series Wine Cellar Cooling Unit


Click here to watch the video of the project. This project shows Wine Cellar Specialists’ craftsmanship and quality of work and service. Visit their website at http://www.winecellarspec.com/.