Designing California Wine Cellars with Used Oak Wine Barrel

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We commonly see oak barrels (wooden, bulky oval containers) in movies and pictures placed in a wine cellar for preserving wine. Oak barrels are a significant part of wine storage.

Oak Wine Barrels Impart Subtle Flavors to the Wine Stored in Them

Before wine is bottled, it is aged in wine barrels after the fermentation process. Oak wine barrels impart subtle flavors to the wine stored in them. They are also porous in nature which allows oxidation needed by wine to have richer aromas and complex flavors. The longer the wine is stored in the barrel, the stronger the flavor that it imparts to the wine. Imparted flavors due to wine’s exposure to oak are vanilla, cream, caramel, smoke, and spice.

 The type of wood, size, age, grain component, origin, and the treatment received by the oak barrel also affects the taste of wine. “Toasting” the oak barrel to caramelize its wood sugars is a common practice. This creates coffee and mocha flavors, especially to red wines.

After the desired period of storage, wine is then transferred into bottles and placed in a wine cellar or wine rack where it is aged and displayed for aesthetic or business purposes. Instead of putting the used barrels into landfill or using them as firewood, they are used to create furniture or accessories for wine cellars.

WB FLOORINGWine Cellar Flooring

Just as our taste buds deserve the finest wine, our wine cellar deserves to be designed with aesthetic appeal. Give your California custom wine room a unique and antique look by choosing reclaimed wine barrel flooring. Old wine barrels are milled into 3 components: cooperage (top and bottom of the barrel), wine infusion (inside of the barrel) and stave (outside of the barrel). This type of flooring will surely make your wine storage space an envy of friends!

WB RACKWine Racks

Used oak barrels can also be re-purposed into wine racks. Wine barrel wine racks are eye-catching and strong enough to hold your collection if constructed properly. You may opt for custom wine racks that allow you to incorporate any design or style that your want. The whole wine barrel or a certain part of it can be made into a wine storage rack.

WB TASTING TABLETasting Tables for Wine Cellars

The tasting table in a wine cellar is important for decanting, wine tasting, or storing extra wine bottles or glasses. Wine barrel tasting tables are a perfect way to accentuate one’s wine cellar, giving it an old-world feel. You may use custom glass or granite top to add sophistication to the space.

Wine Barrel Carvings

One of the favorite ways to recycle old wine barrels is using them to make wine barrel art carvings. The part that is often used is the end of the barrel which can be carved carefully according to your desired theme or idea.

 Wine Barrel Carvings by Coastal

Other wine barrel furniture that can accentuate your wine cellar includes chairs, stools, hanging wine glass racks, wine coolers, and sinks. By using reclaimed oak wine barrels in designing your custom wine room, you will not only beautify you wine cellar, but also help save mother Earth. For any wine cellar needs, contact Wine Cellars by Coastal at (888) 735-8889. Visit their completed wine cellar projects at