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Top Five Most Common Questions Asked About Wines Stored in a Cellar

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As you grow in your passion for collecting wines, you’ll encounter more and more questions about the beverage. These questions – believe it or not – are more common than you think. Finding the right answer to these questions helps you become a better wine collector and an improved sommelier

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Wine Storage Room Expert Answers the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Vino

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Whole Cellar is an expert at proper wine storage solutions. Besides building ideal wine rooms for residential and commercial clients, we have also been asked about wine collections and tasting events. We’ve gathered the top five most frequently asked queries about vino and answered them accordingly.

1. What is the Difference Between Syrah and Shiraz?

Click on the image for a larger view!This question is on the top of our list! Surprisingly, it the most commonly asked question. And, the answer is NONE. Syrah and Shiraz are wines made from the same grape variety. Syrah is a type of grape produced in the northern portion of the Rhone Valley in southeastern France. When the grape arrived in Australia, Australian winemakers chose to call it Shiraz instead.

Over the years, the two terms have taken more meaning. Although Shiraz and Syrah are made from the same grape variety, some winemakers tend to use Shiraz to indicate a fruiter style with a richer flavor. Syrah, on the other hand, is used to refer to the version that is more complex in character and has more earthy aromas. However, there continues to be a lot of inconsistencies among wine experts regarding the use of these two terms.

2. Will this Wine Taste Better When Aged?

Click on the image for a larger view!This is quite a difficult question to answer because there are numerous variables to consider, in order to determine whether a wine should be cellared to age or not. A few of the factors to consider are the type of wine, quality of wine, the producer of the vino, and storage conditions.

The fact is that not all vinos are meant to be cellared for a long time, but most wines you can find in the grocer are meant for early consumption. For a list of wines that we recommend aging before drinking, click here!

Proper storage conditions have a huge impact on whether a wine will taste good after being allowed to age. If you plan to include in your collection wines that need to be aged for a few months to more than a year, you need to invest in the construction of a dependable custom wine cellar.

Learn from our experts how to build a residential wine cellar. Click here!

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3. Does the Price of a Wine Bottle Reveal its Quality?

Click on the image for a larger view!This is a persistent myth among wine collectors that we’ve repeatedly and consistently tried to debunk. Although price can sometimes be a good indicator of quality, a $300 wine does not necessarily have to taste better than a $20 one.

There are a number of wines that are priced high not because of their quality, but because they’re produced by famous winemakers. These popular winemakers have earned their reputation because of the many high-quality vintages they’ve released throughout the years. But, this does not mean all the wines they produce will please your taste buds.

4. What Do the Terms “New World” and “Old World” Mean?

These two terms are often used in the wine industry, and the difference between them can be interpreted in two ways: the first is region. New world wines are those made in North and South America, Australia, and New Zealand. Old words wines refer to vino produced in Western Europe. The second difference between the two terms is style. Old wines are perceived as more restrained and balanced in flavor. They also have a lesser alcohol content, higher acidity, and more earthy notes. New wines, on the other hand, are fruitier and have higher levels of alcohol.

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5. Can I Still Enjoy a Bottle of Wine Long After It Has Been Opened?

Wine is bottled and sealed immediately after being produced, in order to prevent oxygen from getting in contact with the beverage. When the compounds in wine interact with oxygen, chemical reactions take place that will ultimately lead to the deterioration of its quality. As soon as you open a bottle of wine, you can expect that changes in the wine have begun to happen. For the first few hours, the changes are welcomed. Hard and tannic wines become softer as the liquid intermingles with oxygen. But, if the wine is kept unconsumed for a much longer time period, its flavor begins to fade away and its acidity becomes stronger. This is why, ideally, you shouldn’t open a bottle of wine if you and your guests are not ready to drink it all.

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Click on the image for a larger view!There are situations though where you just can’t down an entire bottle of wine, and it just feels awful to throw away a good vintage. In cases like these, you can try a few ways to prolong the lifespan of your opened wine. One way is to store the wine in a vacuum-sealed storage space. A vacuum-like structure will create a barrier between the wine and the oxygen. Another method is the old trick of placing the wine in the fridge overnight. This works because a cooler temperature slows down the oxidation process. You might also consider using the leftover wine for cooking, the subtle flavor remains after the alcohol evaporates.

These, though, are only “Band-Aid” solutions, and not cures. Don’t leave a bottle of wine unconsumed for longer than a day or two. If, even after you’ve tried these suggested temporary fixes, you find that the opened wine tastes like vinegar, throw it away!

Keep your wine collection in a custom-built cellar designed by an expert! We can provide you with a 3D CAD drawing of your dream wine cellar design for FREE!!! Click here now!

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You Can’t Go Wrong with Reliable, Eco-Friendly, and Stylish Wine Cellar Flooring Options Offered by Texas Builders

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Wine Barrel Flooring Texas Wine Cellar Project

Eco-Friendly Wine Barrel Flooring Texas Wine Cellar Project

Mistakes in wine cellar construction are common. The wrong choice of material and improper installation will make or break the functionality and appeal of your wine cellar. Your flooring must not be neglected. You must work with a professional to ensure that your flooring will suit your storage needs, budget, and style. WholeCellar works with Wine Cellar Specialists in installing stylish and durable flooring options.

Exceptional and Eco-Friendly Wine Cellar Flooring

When building a climate-controlled wine cellar, the installation of the flooring requires a professional. It plays a significant role in creating a stable environment for long-term wine storage. When poorly installed, it can cause serious problems in the future. You must work with Wine Cellar Specialists, one of the top-notch builders in Texas.

Recommended Materials for Your Wine Cellar Flooring

A refrigerated wine cellar has humid conditions, so you have to be careful when choosing your flooring material. Keep in mind that using a carpet is a no-no. This is because it can be a good breeding place for mold and mildew in damp conditions.

The common materials are tiles, vinyl, and slate. However, we recommend cork and wine barrel for your flooring. For many years, there has been an increase in using sustainable materials to help save our Mother Earth. Most designers and builders recommend renewable or recyclable materials.

Cork Wine Cellar Flooring

Cork is the bark that is harvested from cork oak trees found in northwest Africa and southwest Europe. Harvesting cork does not require cutting of trees. The proper way of stripping the bark will not affect the life of the trees. A protective inner layer of the bark allows the trees to regenerate growth every 9 to 12 years.

Properties of Cork

Cork Flooring Wine Cellar Texas

Cork Flooring Wine Cellar Texas

Cork is a great material for making wine bottle stoppers because of its buoyancy, impermeability, and elasticity. Another amazing use of cork is for the flooring. WholeCellar and Wine Cellar Specialists recommend the cork flooring because of its unique characteristics and cell properties that make it ideal in wine cellar conditions.


Cork contains suberin, a waxy substance that inhibits mold growth and prevents the material from rotting. Suberin also makes cork highly resistant to extreme heat or fire, hypoallergenic, and able to keep away mites and bugs.

Durable and Longer Lifespan

Cork has natural micro rubber particles that lengthen the lifespan of your flooring. It is made up of 50 percent air, which helps it withstand pressure. It is a lightweight, yet durable material. In fact, it can last for decades if properly maintained.

Our natural cork flooring is milled using the “Click” technology with a tongue and groove center core. It helps create a tight connection between planks without using glue.  It also makes the installation quick and convenient. Additionally, it also makes repair easier.

Thermal Insulator, Minimizes Noise and Vibration

Cork’s ability to withstand temperature changes and resistance to moisture make cork an ideal material for wine cellar flooring in Texas. Its closed and bubble-form cell structure makes it a natural thermal insulator. It also reduces noise and vibration because it offers a cushion effect.

Stylish Options

When it comes to visual appeal, cork flooring offers a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes. You may opt for tiles or planks, depending on how you want your flooring to look. You can even use alternate tones or colors for a striking effect.

Cork floors also blend well with any décor. Lighter shades achieve a casual look, while dark tones are ideal for formal settings. With limitless design possibilities offered by cork, Wine Cellar Specialists can create a truly unique flooring for your space.

Almada Cork Flooring

We offer Almada cork flooring.  It is certified by Greenguard Children & Schools for maintaining indoor air quality. This means that this product does not introduce harmful emissions into your home. It is also easy to install. Unlike other flooring options, Almada cork flooring can be installed without the use of glue or nails.

We use beveled narrow planks to make your flooring appear like natural hardwood. The core flooring is moisture resistant exterior grade high-density fiberboard. This provides better insulation, which can help in maintaining a stable environment in your wine room.

Our Almada cork flooring collection is available in Fila Natural, Nevoa Natural, Tira Natural, and Marcus Natural.

Wine Barrel Flooring

Breaking the Wine Barrel into Strips Texas Builders

Breaking the Wine Barrel into Strips Texas Builders

Another popular flooring option is wine barrel flooring. Oak barrels are used to age wines for many years. They impart distinctive flavors, tint, and texture to the wine.

After about 3 years, the used barrels can be recycled. Instead of selling them as firewood or putting them into the landfill, they can be turned into something that can beautify your wine cellar.

Reclaimed wine barrel flooring is not only environment-friendly. It also adds an historic touch to your wine cellar.

At WholeCellar, we utilize the top, inside, and outside parts of the barrels, so nothing goes to waste. We break them into long strips and engineer them so we can make exceptional flooring for our clients.

Flooring Styles

Stave Wine Barrel Flooring

The vertical wood that makes up the barrel sides are called Stave. The distinctive markings left were from the metal hoop bands of the barrel.

The Cooperage style flooring is made from the wood of the top and bottom parts of the barrel. It shows the markings and cooper stamps, which are used to identify the original contents of the barrel and the logo of the winery.

If you want your flooring to display the “wine-stained” part of the barrel, the Infusion style is a perfect choice. The planks, which were naturally infused by the wine, have various shades of reds.


We use the tongue and groove when installing wine barrel flooring. The planks are 5/8” thick and available in random widths and lengths.  The flooring is micro–beveled and pre-finished in sealant.

Let us Help Choose the Best Flooring Option for Your Wine Cellar in Texas

With an aim to make every wine cellar design exceptional and be eco-friendly at the same time, WholeCellar and Wine Cellar Specialists offer the best flooring options: cork and wine barrel flooring. Start your project today! Contact us at +1 (844) 334-2121​!

Dream Home Wine Cellar of an Interior Designer in West Vancouver

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Traditional Home Wine Cellar West Vancouver Builders

Traditional Home Wine Cellar West Vancouver Builders

An interior designer was looking for an experienced company to help her build a traditional home wine cellar. She hired Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, one of the most reliable master builders in Vancouver, Canada. They needed to utilize wine racks made from wood to achieve a timeless appeal. Learn more about the features of this wine cellar.

An Interior Designer Worked with a Master Builder in Building Her Residential Wine Cellar

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars completed another wine room installation project in West Vancouver, Canada. Since the owner is an interior designer, they were challenged and expected more specific instructions from her about how she wanted her wine room to look

The customer had a design plan in mind. She wanted Blue Grouse Wine Cellars to build a wine cellar that utilizes traditional wooden wine racks. She requested the wine racks to be darkly colored to match the modern theme of her luxurious home. The flooring, ceiling, and lighting fixture are her personal choice.

Being in the construction industry for more than two decades, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars is very experienced. They can anticipate what concerns the client may have. They always do their best to meet the functional, aesthetic, and financial needs of every client. They are ready to guide homeowners in determining the perfect wine storage solution for their space.

Incorporating Classic Wine Cellar Features into the Design

On this project, the room was small and is narrow like a hallway. It has a height of 96 inches, a width of 102 inches, and length of 87.5 inches. The space is similar to a cathedral because the ceiling at the center is higher than that of the sidewalls. The metal chandelier hanging from the middle ceiling added a contemporary appeal to the wine cellar.

Assessment of Needs and Creation of 3D Images of the Wine Room

Luxurious Custom Wine Cellar Design for a High-End Home in West Vancouver

Custom Wine Cellar Rack Design

Before creating the 3-dimensional drawings, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars always makes sure that the images will provide the customer a better visualization of the completed wine room. To achieve this, they made a careful assessment of the client’s requirements, taking note of every detail.

In this crucial step in building a wine cellar, they need to know the size of the collection and bottles and the overall ambiance that the owner wants to achieve. Additionally, it is also significant to know whether the client buys her wines by the bottle or in bulk cases.

After taking note of all of the requests of the designer, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars implemented them into the design. The 3D images included the various elevations, dimensions of the racking, different bottle orientations, and bottle capacities.

Custom Wine Rack Design

The team of Blue Grouse Wine Cellars recommended custom features for the racking. Both the left and right walls have the same bottle orientations. They combined different racking styles to add functionality and offer maximum storage capacity. They also made sure that the overall design is visually appealing.

Arch and Countertop Adds a Focal Point to the Racking in the Side Walls

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars added an arch and countertop, a common feature in most wine cellars in Vancouver. It adds character to the wine room. The client can use the countertop area to store and organize a few bottle and wine cellar accessories.

Your choice of lighting can make or break the ambiance of your cellar. On this project, the top of each archway has a spotlight, which highlights the objects on the tabletop.

Wine Cellar Lighting Above Archway and Display Row

Wine Cellar Lighting Above Archway and Display Row

Diamond and Wood Case Storage Bins

West Vancouver Residential Wine Cellar in Alder Wood

West Vancouver Residential Wine Cellar in Alder Wood

Since the owner loves to buy wines in cases, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars thought that adding diamond and case storage bins would provide a better way to display and organize the bottles.

The diamond bins store the bottles one on top of another. The owner can use each section in the diamond bins for sorting the bottles according to variety, style, or size.

The rectangular bins allow for storing the client’s bottles in wooden cases. Each of the three shelves can store two cases.

Individual Wine Racks and Display Row

The individual wine racks can store 750 ml bottles. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars added the openings on both sides of the arch (top section) and the diamond bins (bottom section). This type of racking displays the bottles with the cork or cap facing out.

There is a display row in the middle section of the racking, on both sides of the arch and tabletop. It pitches the bottles at a 15-degree angle to keep the cork moist.

Dried cork will cause an unwanted amount of oxygen to get into the bottle and mix with the wine. When this happens, wine will deteriorate due to oxidation.

Properties of Knotty Alder

The wine rack material is another factor that affects the overall appeal of your wine storage facility. At Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, they always make sure that they manufacture wine racks from high quality and attractive material.

On this project, they used Knotty Alder, a popular wood species widely used in the construction of wine racks. It exhibits beautiful clusters and knots, and adds a rustic appeal in wine cellars when stained and lacquered.

Safe and Dramatic Lighting

With the proper choice of lighting, you can illuminate your wine display area with visual appeal. Also, your wine collection will be protected from heat damage. Regular bulbs can damage your collection because they emit excessive heat and UV light that can affect the taste and aroma of the wine.

On this project, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars used the LED (Light Emitting Diode). This type of lighting system is ideal for refrigerated wine rooms because it does not emit too much heat. It also has a longer lifespan than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

Build You Dream Wine Cellar with an Expert

If you want to convert an extra room into an elegant and safe home wine cellar, you must work with a master builder. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars designs and builds custom wine rooms in West Vancouver and the surrounding areas. Contact them today at 604-929-3180.

Sleek *Commercial Wine Cellar Design* for a Restaurant in Richardson, Texas

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Commercial Wine Cellar Design Richardson Texas

Commercial Wine Cellar Design Richardson Texas

The owner of one of the most prestigious restaurants in Richardson, Texas, needed help in building a modern and impressive wine cellar next to the bar and dining area. The owner wanted to attract customers to purchase their wines. For many years, Wine Cellar Specialists, one of our dealers in wine cellar construction, has been helping commercial establishments that sell wine, boost their sales.   

How a Well-Designed Wine Cellar Can Benefit Restaurants in Richardson, Texas

Commercial wine cellars are in demand, not only in restaurants, but also in hotels, bars, and retail stores. The benefits they offer to the owners include proper product presentation, better organization of wines, optimum storage, and increased revenue.

Eye-Catching Product Presentation and Improved Overall Wine Sales

Jasper’s Restaurant CityLine in Richardson, Texas

Jasper’s Restaurant CityLine in Richardson, Texas

If you’re a restaurant owner, a proper and exceptional presentation of wines will help drive more sales by attracting potential customers. A mediocre wine display will not catch the attention of the clients.

They may dine in your restaurant, but may not take the time to check out the wines stored on regular shelves in the bar area.

With a stunning wine display, you are providing the diners a good perception of your products. It will encourage them to take a look at your wines in stock and may end up in a purchase.

Better Organization of Wines and Maximum Storage Capacity

Experts don’t recommend storing bottles in cardboard boxes or ordinary shelves in your restaurant. You can better organize your wines in stock according to size or variety if you have a well-designed racking system.

Commercial wine racks will maximize the storage capacity of your space. Ask your builder to customize your racking, so it perfectly fits your wine room and the various bottle sizes in your collection.

Installation of a Modern Wine Cellar for Jasper’s Restaurant at Cityline in Richardson, Texas

View of the Texas Restaurant Wine Cellar from the Bar Area

View of the Texas Restaurant Wine Cellar from the Bar Area

Wine Cellar Specialists, an experienced builder of wine rooms, recently completed a contemporary wine cellar installation project in Jasper’s Restaurant. They had to utilize the room next to the bar and dining area of the establishment. The wine room can display a total of 864 bottles lying on their sides.

The architect of the restaurant provided Wine Cellar Specialists with the dimensions of the room. The features of the wine cellar include black anodized aluminum framing, sleek metal racking, and glass enclosure (dual panes and tempered).

Sleek Wine Rack Features for a Small Wine Room

Floor to Ceiling Metal Wine Racks

Floor to Ceiling Metal Wine Racks from VintageView

The type of wine racks you use to showcase wine products has a significant impact on the overall sales of the restaurant. At Wine Cellar Specialists, they always make sure they provide a racking solution that will suit the size of the room and aesthetic needs of the client.

On this project, they utilized Platinum Series metal wine racks from Vintage View.

Metal is the most suitable material for commercial wine displays. Its minimalist appeal can bring any-sized room into a wine cellar that can “wow” customers.

Floor-to-Ceiling and Wall-Mounted Metal Wine Racks

When you enter this commercial wine cellar in Richardson, Texas, the first set of wine racks that greets you has a floor to ceiling height.

It is a triple-deep storage unit and is visible from the bar and dining area. At the other side of the glass panel is a single-bottle deep storage rack.

When facing the front racking, the wall on the left consists of wall-mounted metal wine racks that are also 3-bottles deep. This type of racking (wall-mounted) can bring any bare wall to life.

Additionally, it does not occupy floor space, making it ideal for tiny wine rooms. At the back section of the wall is another single-deep wine rack, also mounted on the left wall.

Advantages of Vintage View Metal Wine Racks

Contemporary Wine Cellar Racks Texas

Contemporary Wine Cellar Racks Texas

Vintage View is one of the most reliable providers of innovative racking solutions.

Their wine racks suit the needs of restaurant owners who want to have a wine cellar with contemporary features.

When it comes to durability, Vintage View wine rack systems are a top choice.

Their label forward orientation provides easy access to wines. Since the wine labels are facing out, the customers don’t need to spend much time looking for a specific type of wine.

With other wine rack designs, which hide the labels, the clients will need to pull out the bottle from the rack. This will disturb the wine’s sediments and may alter its flavors.

Moreover, Vintage View wine storage units also provide convenience for easy wine inventory and management.

VintageView Metal Wine Racks Label Forward Orientation

VintageView Metal Wine Racks Label Forward Orientation

Efficient Cooling Unit for Proper Preservation of Wine

Every cellar must have a reliable climate control system to ensure that the wines will reach proper maturation. Without it, wine on sale will deteriorate easily. When this happens, your restaurant will have a bad reputation to clienteles.

Customers who bought a bad bottle of wine from your restaurant may never purchase again in the future. They may even spread the news to their friends and colleagues.

This will have a negative effect on your business profit. It is very important that you seek the help of a wine storage expert to help maintain a stable environment in your wine cellar. After all, the quality of your products will reflect your business.

A careful assessment of the client’s needs helped Wine Cellar Specialists determine the correct cooling system for Jasper’s Restaurant walk-in wine storage room.

Ducted –Split Wine Refrigeration System

The refrigeration unit used for this commercial wine cellar construction project in Richardson, Texas, was the HS (High Static Series) 10000 model manufactured by US Cellar Systems. It is a ducted split system, so there was a need to connect the unit to ductwork.

Ducted Split Wine Cooling Unit by US Cellar Systems

Ducted Split Commercial Wine Cooling Unit

Wine Cellar Specialists placed the evaporator above the ceiling for ease of maintenance. This also helped maximize the room’s capacity because the equipment does not occupy any space in the cellar. The supply and return vent are also in the ceiling.

A ducted split wine cooling system is also recommended for restaurant owners who don’t want a visible piece of equipment in their cellar. Since the compressor (the noisier component of the refrigeration system) is on the upper level of the restaurant, there is minimal noise in the cellar.

Invest in a High-Quality Wine Display in Your Restaurant. Work with an Expert.

Display your wines with elegance to increase the profit of your restaurant. Wine Cellar Specialists designs and installs commercial wine cellars in the Texas areas, including Richardson, San Antonio, and Dallas. Call them today at +1 (866 ) 646-7089!

Custom Wine Cellar Door Texas Installation Project

Custom Wine Cellar Door Texas Installation Project

Dining Area Next to the Commercial Wine Cellar

Dining Area Next to the Commercial Wine Cellar

Single-Deep VintageView Metal Wine Racks

Single-Deep VintageView Metal Wine Racks

Customize the Refrigeration System Setup for Your Wine Storage Space

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Recently, Arctic Metalworks Inc. was contacted by a client in Laguna Beach, Orange County, California. He needed the help of HVAC specialists to install a cooling system for the four custom wine cabinets in his residence.

You’ve invested in the construction of a beautiful wine storage space. You’re not stopping there. You know you need to purchase the right cooling equipment for your structure. But, you found out that choosing an HVAC unit isn’t as easy as you thought. Each storage room has different needs, and therefore each one requires a unique kind of refrigeration unit. The client that we, at Arctic Metalworks Inc., recently worked for was a client that had the same dilemma. He had four wine cabinets that needed to have a cooling unit installed. But, since the storage area was small, he needed to find an HVAC system that would allow the use of extra thin ducting. Our team of technicians created a customized refrigeration system that could meet the client’s distinctive wine storage needs. 

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Arctic Metalworks Inc. – A Trusted Wine Cooling Specialist in California

Click image for a larger view!

Arctic Metalworks Inc. is one of the most trusted HVAC specialists in Orange County, California.

Your wine storage space is just as valuable as your wine collection. That’s why you can’t settle for less when hiring someone to provide services for your structure. You can’t let an amateur HVAC technician tinker with your wine room equipment. For your wine cooling needs, trust only a professional. Contact Arctic Metalworks Inc.

Click image for a larger view!

The client’s wine cabinets were enclosed by glass doors. There was minimal space inside the storage structure to install any kind of refrigeration system. The HVAC technicians from Arctic Metalworks Inc. set up a cooling system in a separate mechanical room, and had cool air ducted into the wine cabinets.

Our team of HVAC experts is well-trained in providing various services for different kinds of refrigeration systems. These services include installation, maintenance, and repair. With years of experience, our technicians have acquired a wide understanding of the storage needs of wine. Our team gives importance to finding the right cooling unit that could meet the unique needs of your storage room. In one of our recent installation projects, for example, our specialists set up a customized refrigeration system for a client who owned four wine cabinets in his luxury home in Laguna Beach, Orange County, California.

The Laguna Beach client’s cabinets were all sealed by glass doors. The area inside each cabinet was very small, and there was limited space to vent air in and out of the storage structure. Since standard ducting would not fit inside the cabinets, our HVAC technicians had to find a refrigeration system that would let them use ducting that was smaller than standard size.

Click image for a larger view!

Setting Up a Customized Cooling System for the Wine Cabinets in Laguna Beach, California

After surveying the client’s cabinets and assessing its requirements, our team of HVAC specialists installed a Unico High Pressure Cooling Unit. This refrigeration system allowed the technicians to use extra thin ducting, which was appropriate for the limited space inside the wine cabinets.

Click image for a larger view!

The team of cooling specialists from Arctic Metalworks Inc. installed a Unico High Pressure Refrigeration Unit, which was a ducted split type HVAC system that allowed them to use extra thin ducting.

The HVAC Equipment Installed was a Ducted Split Type Cooling System

The refrigeration equipment that was set up for the Laguna Beach project was a ducted split type cooling system. In this configuration, the HVAC unit was installed in a separate mechanical room, and cool air was ducted into the cabinets.

Click image for a larger view!

The ducts that were installed in this Laguna Beach project were smaller than standard. This customization of the refrigeration system was necessary to meet the distinctive needs of the wine cabinets.

Extra Thin Ducts Were Used to Vent Air In and Out of the Wine Cabinets 

There were two types of ducts installed in this setup, namely: a supply and a return. Supply ducts carried cool air into the wine cabinets, while return ducts exhausted warm air out. Each one of the four cabinets had a supply duct and a return duct. A total of eight ducts were installed.

Click image for a larger view!

A total of eight ducts were set up in this project. Each of the four wine cabinets were allocated with two ducts. Each pair of ducts had a supply and a return. The supply ducts brought cool air into the cabinets, while the return ducts carried warm air out.

The Unico refrigeration system mounted in this project used a high pressure forced air system, which is necessary to push cool air through the special-sized ducting.

Additional Cooling System Accessories Were Installed 

An ideal wine storage setup is one where the temperature is constantly kept at the right levels with minimal to no fluctuations. In the Laguna Beach refrigeration system installation project, our team included a thermostat and a remote sensor, so that the temperature in the wine cabinets is maintained at 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Click image for a larger view!

The thermostat and the remote sensor installed in this project were added, so that the temperature inside the wine cabinets were maintained at the ideal levels.

Hire a Trusted Wine Cooling Specialist to Provide Your Refrigeration System Needs

Click image for a larger view!Your wine collection deserves the best – the best storage space and the best cooling system. Thus, it is imperative that the refrigeration equipment installed is the right one for your wine room. To ensure that you have the appropriate HVAC system for your wine storage structure, you must consult an expert.

Our expert cooling technicians are more than willing to help you select the most suitable refrigeration system for your wine room. We are also fully equipped to provide you installation and maintenance services. Call us today by clicking here!

How a Top-Notch Builder Increased the Storage Capacity of a Home Wine Cellar in La Jolla California

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Contemporay Wine Cellar Design La Jolla California  Master Builders

Contemporay Wine Cellar Design La Jolla California Master Builders

A homeowner in La Jolla, California, had a custom wine cellar that was built in 2008. However, his growing collection required a larger wine storage space. He approached Vintage Cellars, one of our most trusted dealers in wine room construction, to add new sections to accommodate more bottles. Learn how this awesome project was completed.

Expansion Project for a High-End Residential Wine Cellar

Challenges cannot be avoided when building a residential wine cellar. One of these challenges is to create a design that will accommodate the growing collection of the homeowner.

Vintage Cellars, one of our wine cellar dealers, built a custom wine room for their customer who lives in La Jolla, California. The first installation was completed in 2008. After 5 years, they started the second installation for the expansion of the wine cellar because the owner loves to buy wines in bulk.

Vintage Cellars needed to double the size of the existing wine cellar to accommodate the growing collection of the client. The original wine room could store 1,100 bottles. After incorporating various racking styles and adding new sections to the racking, they were able to provide a storage space for 1,624 bottles of different sizes.

Custom Features of the Expanded Residential Wine Cellar

Modern Style Home Where the La Jolla Wine Cellar was Installed

Modern Style Home Where the La Jolla Wine Cellar was Installed

The client’s home interior was built with wood and glass. All of their furniture and cabinetry were made of Sapele Mahogany.

This wood has a medium to reddish brown color, which makes it a favorite construction material for wine racks. When stained, its grain patterns look more attractive.

The contractor and architect of the house gave Vintage Cellars a palette to match the existing woodwork.

Stability and durability are other characteristics of Sapele Mahogany. It is also safe to use in climate-controlled wine cellars in La Jolla, California, because it is scent-free. This will prevent unwanted odor from affecting the overall quality of the wines.

Wine Rack Styles for Maximum Storage Capacity

La Jolla San Diego Sapele Mahogany Racking System

La Jolla San Diego Sapele Mahogany Racking System

CAD drawings were created to provide the homeowner a better visualization of the completed wine room. The 3D images, which are in black and white, show the dimensions of the room, wall elevations, and bottle capacities of the wine racks.

On this project, Vintage Cellars widened some of the racking sections and added new bottle openings for increased bottle capacity.

Elevation 1

Wine Cellar Door La Jolla San Diego Installation

Wine Cellar Door La Jolla San Diego Installation

Upon entering the wine cellar, the racking to your right is Elevation 1. A VC-style cover was placed at the top section to conceal the evaporator of the wine refrigeration system. Individual wooden wine racks were installed on both sides.

At the middle section, there were diamond bins, which allowed for bulk storage. Since the client collects large format bottles, Vintage Cellars needed to open up a couple of spaces below the diamond bins.

They added coved trays, which could store larger bottles (as big as 9 liters). They were designed to display two bottles in each section, in cascading heights. With this racking style, the wine labels can be seen easily. There’s no need to flip the bottles to see the content and description.

An LED lighting system was installed above the coved trays for a dramatic visual effect. This lighting system is a cost-savvy option because it consumes less energy than other types of bulbs. LED lights are also known for their longer lifespan. When it comes to safety, they can protect your collection because of their low heat emission.

Elevation 2

Contemporary La Jolla California  Home Wine Cellar Design

Contemporary La Jolla California Home Wine Cellar Design

In the next area of this custom wine cellar in La Jolla, California, Vintage Cellars installed three columns of horizontal display wine racks. This section has a depth of 4 ¾ inches and has solid sides and fixed coved trays. Since the bottles were stored on their sides, the wine labels were facing out.

With a depth of 8 ¼ inches, the middle section of this racking was designed to provide space for the client’s mini car and decanter collection. The glass shelves are adjustable for easy organization. To highlight and add appeal to this area of the cellar, mirror and lighting were installed at the back.

Now, the racking in Elevation 2 can accommodate 117 magnums and 36 standard bottles.

Elevation 3

For the next wall, Vintage Cellars added three more sections of custom cabinets with scalloped neck supports and two sets of single bottle wine racks. After the expansion of the racking, the racking in Elevation 3 can hold 384 standard bottles in individual racks and 34 bottles in the custom cabinets.

The weight of the cabinetry was very heavy. To ensure that the racking would not give up, Vintage Cellars installed large steel supports under the double-deep tabletop. The big space below the tabletop provided an excellent storage area for the client’s wines in boxes.

Elevations 4 and 5

Home Wine Cellar San Diego with Hook Rolling Ladder

Home Wine Cellar San Diego with Hook Rolling Ladder

The racking in the last two walls of the wine room was also expanded. In Elevation 4, the wine racks can now accommodate 98 magnum bottles. Another VC-style cover grill, which hides another wine cooling evaporator, was installed at the top section.

After adding new sections, Elevation 5 now provides bottle openings for 288 wines in individual racks, 26 in the custom cabinets, and 16 in the coved trays.

Hook Ladders for Easy Access of Wines in La Jolla, California Home Wine Cellars

Custom Wine Rack Design La Jolla San Diego

Custom Wine Rack Design La Jolla San Diego

It’s difficult to access wines placed in high areas of the wine racks. To provide the client convenience, Vintage Cellars added a hook ladder during the first installation of this home wine cellar in La Jolla, California.

This type of ladder can be transferred from one wall to another wall through a railing that is attached to the racking. The owner needs to lift it if he wants to access hard-to-reach bottles in another room.

Since the ladder was very tall, it would also be difficult to move it to another area in the cellar. Vintage Cellars decided to add a second ladder to allow easy access to the wines.

Considering Your Own Project? We Can Help You.

If you’re planning to start your own wine cellar project in La Jolla, California, Vintage Cellars can help you. Their designers and installers have extensive experience in the construction industry. Call them today at +1-800-876-8789!


A High-End Wine Cellar Built Under a Tiny Staircase in a Dallas Condo

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Custom Wine Display Under the Stairs Dallas Installation Project

Custom Wine Display Under the Stairs Dallas Installation Project by Wine Cellar Specialists

For wine lovers who are living in a small home or condo, there is another option for a full-sized wine cellar. In Dallas, Texas, a client of Wine Cellar Specialists wanted to build a custom wine display area under their staircase. See images and learn more about the features of the wine room. 

A Wine Cellar Designed by a Master Builder for a Tiny Space Under the Stairs

Size does not matter when it comes to building the wine cellar of your dreams. Nowadays, a garage, walk-in closet, space under the stairs, or any extra space in your home can be utilized for your wine room project.

Wine Cellar Specialists is one of our dealers in wine cellar construction. They have been in the industry for many years, offering innovative wine storage solutions to clients in Dallas and San Antonio. They want their customers to have a wine cellar that is safe, unique, and matches their home.

Recently, a wine enthusiast, who lives in a condo in the Dallas area, wanted to build a wine storage area under the stairs. They sought the help of Wine Cellar Specialists for this project.

The stairs have bamboo steps with steel beams. The space in between each step was open.

CAD Drawings of the Wine Room

Dallas Contemporary Wine Display Under the Stairs 3D Drawing

Dallas Contemporary Wine Display Under the Stairs 3D Drawing

The main purpose of creating 3-dimensional drawings before the construction is to allow for a better visualization of the finished wine cellar. At Wine Cellar Specialists, they assess all the needs and requirements of the owner, so that they can create a perfect design.

The free drawings are usually in black and white, and show the plan views, bottle capacities, and the room’s dimension. In some cases, they may need to create colored drawings for a small fee.

On this under the stairs wine cellar installation project, they decided to provide colored drawings, in addition to the black and white images. This helped Wine Cellar Specialists in providing the client clearer options for the backer boards and wall colors.

They chose the gray walls, brushed aluminum pegs, and Alumasteel backer boards to match the steel beams of their staircase.

Front View Dallas Custom Wine Display Drawing

Dallas Custom Wine Cellar Display CAD Drawing

Functional and Eye-Catching Custom Wine Cellar Design for a Contemporary Dallas Home

Dallas Contemporary Wine Cellar Ultra Peg System

Dallas Contemporary Wine Cellar Ultra Peg System Metal Racks

The creativity and passion of Wine Cellar Specialists inspired them to design and install a custom wine room for a high-end residential space. Regardless of space constraints, they always find a way to build a stellar custom wine display for their clients.

They want every wine rack system to provide the maximum bottle capacity. For this project, the original plan was to install single-deep wine racks. Later on, the client decided to have a double-deep racking system. This would maximize the space of the room, allowing for more bottle storage.

Modern Features of the Ultra Peg Wine Rack System

Building a contemporary wine cellar in a tiny space has been in demand in the United States, and even more so in Texas. The size and location of your room does not matter if you work with a trusted master builder.

Wine Cellar Specialists has been providing contemporary wine rack solutions using metal wine racks. This type of wine rack offers many benefits, both for residential and commercial applications.

Metal wine racks are very flexible. They can match any existing décor of your living space. They can also fit snugly in a tiny corner of a tiny space. They can be designed to create visually appealing custom wine displays. The design options are limitless.

At Wine Cellar Specialists, they offer stand-alone and wall mounted metal wine racks. For this wine cellar project, they installed the wall mounted Ultra Peg system.

High-Quality Material and Ease of Access

Ultra Pegs Two Deep with Rubber O-Rings Modern Wine Cellar

Ultra Pegs Two Deep with Rubber O-Rings Modern Wine Cellar Texas

The Ultra Peg System is a high-end wine storage solution that is made of durable and lightweight pegs. It displays and stores the bottles horizontally.

The main advantage of this bottle orientation is the convenience in finding a specific bottle of wine.

Since the wine labels are facing out, the owner can see the brand name, type, variety, alcohol content, and net contents. There is no need to pull out the bottle from the wine rack or flip it to see this  information.

Safety Feature and Ease of Installation

The Ultra Peg system used for this custom wine cellar installed in Dallas has rubber O-rings. These protect the client’s bottles from slipping out. Other types of metal wine racks don’t have this kind of safety feature.

Another advantage of this racking system is its ease of installation. The backer boards were already pre-drilled before the assembly and installation of the Ultra Peg racking on the construction site.

Cooling the Wine Room with an Efficient Cooling System

Wine deteriorates easily if it is stored in poor conditions. It can age properly in an environment where the temperature is between 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels from 60-70 percent. This condition can be achieved if a reliable cooling system is installed in your residential wine cellar.

If you don’t know what type, size, and brand of refrigeration system is suitable for your needs, an expert can help you.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Installation – Challenges and Considerations

Powdercoated WM8600 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Powdercoated WM8600 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Challenges in installing the wine cooling system did not hinder Wine Cellar Specialists from building a safe storage space for the client’s collection. On this project, they needed to find a way to prevent cutting or patching up the ceiling of the space under the stairs.

They decided to create a soffit on the lower level, which allowed them to run the lines across and out to the owner’s courtyard for the compressor.

The wine cooling unit was placed vertically between the studs of the left wall. Before adding 3 inches of foam, they built out the wall first.

The drain line had an irregular height. This posed another challenge for Wine Cellar Specialists. Installing a condensate pump within the cooling unit solved the problem.

The Ideal Type and Brand of Cooling System for a Small and Odd-Shaped Wine Room

Wine Cellar Specialists

Wine Cellar Specialists Texas Master Builders

For this wine cellar, the wine refrigeration unit used was the WM6600 manufactured by US Cellar Systems. This large size single wall mount unit is a perfect option for small wine rooms that are enclosed in glass.

The unit was powder coated to match the steel beams of the stairs and the wall paint as well.

Work with a Master Builder in Your Next Project

Do you have a small space in your Dallas home that you want to turn into a wine storage space? Call Wine Cellar Specialists today at +1 (866) 646-7089 or request a unique design for free!


Construction of a Beautiful Wine Cellar in a Home in Irvine, California

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Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is one of the most trusted wine storage builders in California. They recently completed a construction project for a client in Irvine, a city in Orange County. They built a beautiful and uniquely designed residential wine room that can accommodate wines and other types of liquor. The builders used Redwood for the storage structure’s racks and shelves. Coastal teamed up with Arctic Metalworks Inc. for the installation of a ductless split type refrigeration system. 

Wooden Racks and Wine Storage Cases Made from Lacquer Finished Redwood

Wine Cellar Redwood Racks Irvine CaliforniaThere are various types of wood on the market for making wooden wine racks and shelves. The type of wood that a cellar owner chooses will determine not only the durability of the storage structure, but also its aesthetic value. Coastal builds wooden wine cellars from the most popular materials, like Pine, Redwood, Sapele, Mahogany, and Walnut.

Get more information about the most popular types of wood used for building wooden wine racks and shelves. Click here!

The team of wine storage experts from Coastal decided, together with the client, to use Redwood for the construction of the racking and the shelves. Redwood is a popular choice among homeowners because it is very durable. It has natural oils preserved in it that make it highly resistant to moisture and mildew. A lot of people love Redwood also because of its aesthetic qualities. Its soft earth tone colors are known to develop beautifully over time.

Redwood, if kept unstained or unfinished, is still gorgeous. This is why some people choose to use Redwood without any stain or finish. But the Irvine construction project client wanted his wooden racks and shelves to be lacquer finished. He asked the team from Coastal for advice, and the experts agreed with the client that applying a lacquer finish to the Redwood racks and shelves will enhance the color Wine Display Row LED Lighting Irvine Californiaof the material.

There are many kinds of finishes on the market. Shellac, polyurethane, lacquer, and varnish are a few of the most common types of finishes for wooden wine racks. Not all of these types of finishes are compatible with all kinds of wood species. It is imperative to consult with a wine storage specialist regarding the application of stains and finishes, so that the right product can be used.

Many people choose lacquer because it is very durable. It is also well-loved because it provides a stunning gloss to the wood that is applied to. As per the request of the client, the expert builders from Coastal applied lacquer on the wooden racks and shelves. The finish made the Redwood’s colors more pronounced, and this made the client very happy.

Wood stains and finishes should only be applied by a professional. Find a wine storage expert now by clicking here!

Wooden Shelves and Single Bottle Wine Racks Custom-Designed by Coastal 

One of the reasons why this construction project was successful was the open communication between the client and the builder. The homeowner was freely contributing ideas to the contractors regarding the design of his wine room. For example, it was the client’s idea to install the wood storage cases on commercial rollers. The setup helped the client reach for bottles in the boxes conveniently. Instead of bending down, he simply pulled the shelves out by rolling them across the rollers.

Wooden Storage Cases Irvine CaliforniaCommercial wood cases come in various sizes. Some of these wooden boxes can accommodate three to twelve bottles, depending on the design. Coastal custom-designed the shelves in the Irvine residential wine cellar, so that the openings were large enough to accommodate wines of varying sizes, including standard champagnes, Oregon Pinots, Shiraz, Turley Zinfandels, and other large format bottles.

In one of the cellar’s shelves, a display row accented with LED lighting was added. The client loved the display row not only because it made his wine room look stellar, but also because it provided a convenient way to manage his stock. The wines in his collection can easily be organized by storing similar bottles above and below the display row.

Originally, the Irvine wine room had a mini cellar on one side, which was intended for storing whites, champagnes, and other bottles that needed to be stored at a cooler temperature. The client gave his mini cellar away some time ago. The area where the mini cellar stood became an empty space. The client called the team of builders from Coastal to come back and construct more single bottle storage racks, which will be used to fill the area where the mini cellar used to be.

Have your own home custom wine cellar designed and built by a trusted expert. Contact a wine storage specialist now! Click here!

Arctic Metalworks Inc. Installed a High-Quality HVAC System in the Irvine Residential Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Louvered Grill Irvine CaliforniaAn ideal wine cellar has to have an efficient cooling system installed. Without dependable HVAC equipment, a storage room cannot provide the required climate conditions that are needed to keep wines from spoiling. Custom wine cellars vary in many ways, like size and number of stock stored. These are a couple of the factors that should be considered when choosing a cooling unit for a storage room. Each wine room needs a different refrigeration system, and an HVAC expert should be consulted in order to determine the most suitable equipment for a storage space. For the Irvine residential wine cellar, a team of cooling experts from Arctic Metalworks Inc. installed a high grade ductless split type refrigeration system.

The technicians from Arctic Metalworks installed the HVAC system’s evaporating unit on the cellar wall, and they set up the condenser outdoors. This split type configuration made the client very happy because there was no hot air exhausted inside his house. Moreover, he was pleased that the evaporator operated quietly inside his cellar.

The evaporating unit was mechanical-looking in nature. The client did not want the HVAC system to be seen in his wine cellar, and so the builders made a wooden box for the unit and covered it with a louvered grill. The material used for the box and louvered grill was the same wood used for the racks and shelves.

Find out what cooling unit is most suitable for your home custom wine cellar. Consult a wine storage refrigeration specialist today! Click here!

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Completes a Construction Project in Irvine, California

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A storage structure uniquely designed by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars for a client in Irvine, Orange County, California.

An ideal custom wine cellar is a storage room that is not only functional and dependable, but also masterfully designed. Since the storage structure will serve as a display room for prized wine collections, it should be built beautifully. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, one of the top builders in California, recently completed a construction project in Irvine, a city in Orange County, California. The client wanted a residential cellar built that could accommodate wine bottles of various sizes. He also wanted his storage room to have an area for keeping liquor rather than wine. Coastal’s team of specialists designed and built the home cellar according to the client’s needs and style preferences. 

Uniquely Designed Residential Custom Wine Cellar in Irvine, California

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars successfully completed a construction project in Irvine. The client wanted a uniquely designed residential wine cellar built. He wanted his storage room to be able to accommodate an assortment of wine bottle sizes. The team of expert builders from Coastal began creating the structure while adhering to the client’s design specifications.

Custom-Made Wine Racks and Displays Designed for Large Format Bottles

Click for a larger image

The client keeps his Bourbon collection, together with his prized wines, in this beautiful residential cellar.

The client specified that his home custom wine cellar would not only store wine, but also other types of liquor. He wanted to have a space in the storage room reserved for his Bourbon collection. To meet the client’s request, the team of builders from Coastal included open bins on the cellar’s right side. These specially made bins were designed for storing other types of beverages rather than wine.

On the left side of the cellar, the builders created a display row that could store large format wine bottles. Label-forward spaces were included, so that bottles can simply be cradled in the shelves. The racks can accommodate a wide range of bottle sizes, anywhere from 1.5-liter to 12-liter bottles. Both the left and the right sides of the wine room have shelves that were designed for magnum-sized bottles. The style of the racking in this Irvine home wine cellar is perfect for wine enthusiasts who enjoy collecting bottles of various sizes.

Click for a larger image.

Large format bottles that range from 1.5 liters to 12 liters can safely be cradled on these shelves.

There is a beautiful tabletop in the middle area of the residential cellar. Above this tabletop is a gorgeous arch, and instead of a stemware rack, the arch has an inset on both its left and right sides. Each of these inset spaces is designed to hold wine glasses, upside down, by their bases. Each inset space can accommodate up to four wine glasses. A set of drawers is also included below the tabletop. The client stores wine tasting essentials, like napkins and corkscrews, in these drawers.

The lighting in this Irvine custom wine cellar is stellar. Besides the rich and vibrant lights that illuminate the entire room, the concealed lighting adds a touch of elegance to the racking and makes the displays pop out grandiosely.

The success of this residential wine cellar project is brought about by the healthy working relationship between the client and the contractor. There was adequate planning before the construction commenced, and there was open communication throughout the duration of the project. Since the client’s house was near the main office of Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, the storage specialists were able to visit the area easily. The expert builders were able to take accurate measurements of the space, thoroughly discuss with the client his options, present various wood finish samples, and provide as much comprehensive advice as needed. Because of this good working relationship, the client’s needs and design preferences were sufficiently met from the start of the construction until the end of the project.

Want a distinct design for your residential wine cellar? Consult a professional storage builder now! Click here!

Beautiful Wine Cellar Door with a Stunning Radius Top

A properly installed wine cellar door is necessary to keep the storage space airtight. A poor quality door can cause an imbalance in the tem

Click for a larger image!

This gorgeous wrought iron door with an elegant arch keeps this Irvine home wine cellar tightly sealed.

perature and humidity in the cellar, and it can consequently cause the spoilage of the wines stocked inside. Besides dependability and functionality, a custom cellar door should also be beautifully made. A well-designed door can increase the aesthetic appeal of a wine storage structure. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars designed and installed the door for the Irvine home wine room.

The residential wine cellar door was made of wrought iron and had impeccable design details of grape clusters and vines. The door was about eight feet tall and it had a stellar radius top. The door’s design is called “The Huntington,” which was originally drawn by one of Coastal’s clients in Huntington Beach. Many other clients fell in love with the design, and that is why it has been used many times in other wine rooms.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars offers their clients a wide range of choice in door sizes, shapes, and styles. Their installation services include the setting up of the door’s casement moldings, dual pane glass, weather stripping, jamb, and self-sealing bottom.

Want to find out the most popular wine cellar door design? Ask an expert builder now! Click here!

Storage Construction Specialist – Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Wine has to be kept in the ideal conditions in order to mature properly. The right temperature and humidity can be achieved if the storage room is built correctly. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is a reputable wine storage construction company with over a decade of experience in building effective and efficient cellars. They offer construction services for both homeowners and businesses. Coastal is also well-known for consistently providing high-quality services.

Learn more about Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, their products, and their services. Call them now at +1 (888) 735-8889!

A Master Builder Transformed a Basement into a Gorgeous Custom Wine Cellar in Vancouver

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It’s not impossible to transform an area in your home into a unique storage space for your wines. Working with a reliable builder in Vancouver will ensure that your custom wine cellar will store and display your collection according to your specific requirements. Check out how Blue Grouse Wine Cellars built an eye-catching wine room in a basement.

A Reliable Builder Designed and Built an Elegant and Functional Wine Room in a Basement

Custom Centre Island of Sapele Mahogany Wine Cellar

Custom Center Island of Sapele Mahogany Wine Cellar

If you are collecting wines, the first thing that you must consider is providing them with a safe storage space where they can age gracefully.

A stable environment will help wine preserve its complex taste and aroma, allowing it to reach its peak maturation before it is consumed. This will let you enjoy every bottle of your favorite vintage.

For many homeowners, the aesthetic appeal of their wine cellar also matters. They want their collections to be displayed dramatically, according to their personal preference.

A safe storage space and beautiful wine display are the reasons why many residential owners invest in a climate-controlled custom wine cellar. In addition, if you have a growing collection, converting a space in your home can be the best solution.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, one of our partners in building custom wine cellars, recently completed an installation project in Vancouver.

Transformation of a Basement into a Visually Appealing Home Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar Room Before Construction Began

Wine Cellar Room Before Construction Began

After a careful assessment of the client’s needs, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars created custom 3-dimensional drawings that showed the dimensions of the room, different elevations, and plan views.

They made sure that the room can achieve optimum conditions by sealing it and installing an efficient wine cooling system. They installed beautiful, high quality wine racks made from wood and metal.

The basement had a couple of wine cabinets and a heavy pool table in it, which were transferred to a room upstairs before the construction began.

One of the challenges in this Vancouver home wine cellar project was the window to the outdoors. Light must be prevented from coming through the window because it can damage wine. To achieve this, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars built a wall in front of it.

Insulating the Wine Room and Installing an Efficient Cooling System to Protect Wine

ONAM wine cellar cooling unit CW-30W

ONAM CW-30W Water-Cooled Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

After the client’s approval, they started the construction by installing the proper insulation. Insulating the walls and ceiling will prevent the warm air from entering and the cool air from escaping the room. The absence of proper insulation will negatively affect the quality of the wine.

Additionally, this can also result in the breakdown of your cooling unit and higher energy bills, because it will work harder due to the warm air that interferes with the cooling process.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars needed to take down the drywall on the walls and ceiling because the original room was not built to be a wine cellar. After installing the insulation, they put up the new type of drywall, which was intended for a refrigeration wine storage area.

They also used the same process of insulating and dry walling the room that can be accessed through a small door. This space is located under the stairs, and Blue Grouse made it a “secret” wine storage space to provide additional bottle capacity.

In addition to insulation, they also installed a reliable refrigeration unit. The ONAM CW30-W water-cooled cooling system was the ideal choice for the wine cellar. This self-contained unit did not require an HVAC professional to do the installation.

Wine Racks – Combining Wood and Metal to Create a Unique Wine Display

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars aims to create a wine rack system that will display their client’s collection beautifully and safely. In this project, the owner is a high-end wine collector who wanted a traditional yet contemporary home wine cellar.

With their extensive experience, passion, and creativity, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars was able to create a stylish wine storage space using wood and metal to satisfy their client’s needs.

Classic Sapele Mahogany Wooden Wine Racks

Quarter Round Display Shelf and Racking

Custom Wooden Wine Racks

Wine collectors who want a traditional wine room should opt for wooden storage racks. At Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, they offer various types of wood to cater to the specific needs of their customers.

In this project, they used Sapele, a hardwood species that belongs to the Mahogany family. It is widely used by many builders to add drama to a living space because of its attractive grain patterns and natural luster.

It is harder than other wood varieties because of its interlocking grain pattern. Other properties of Sapele Mahogany that make it an ideal material for wine cellar racks include the ability to withstand humid conditions. It also has a high resistance to rot and has superior stability.

The wooden wine racks were not lacquered or stained because the owner wanted a scent-free Vancouver custom wine cellar.

Various Racking Styles to Create an Elegant Wine Display

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars has extensive experience in providing innovative storage solutions to wine enthusiasts. In this project, they incorporated different bottle orientations to store the client’s collection in a unique way and provide added functionality.

Elevation B

Wood Racking Wine Cellar Drawings Vancouver Project

Elevation B Wine Cellar Drawing Vancouver Installation Project

The first racking that greets you as you enter the wine room from the basement hallway is labeled Elevation B. It starts with a 5-level quarter round display rack, which allows for bottles to be displayed vertically. It also provides a space for storing wine glasses, decanters, and other accessories.

The next wine rack is intended for single bottle storage at the top section and a display row in the middle. This row stores the bottle at a 15-degree angle to prevent the cork from drying out. The cork will become brittle if it dries out. When this happens, an unwanted amount of oxygen can get in the bottle and cause the wine to be oxidized. Oxidation will spoil the wine and causes a waste of investment.

At the bottom section is where the hidden storage area is located. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars covered it with a removable wooden louvered grill to make it look like part of the racking. A wine refrigeration unit and proper insulation were installed to ensure that optimum storage conditions are achieved. There are wooden case lattice racks and half lattice diamond bins on both sides of the secret wine room.

Elevations A and E

Vancouver Canada Contractors Custom Wine Cellar Design

Vancouver Contractors Custom Wine Cellar Design

To provide the client a convenient area for decanting and serving wine, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars created an open area with a wide tabletop at the center. Individual bottle and label forward display racks were installed on both sides of the open area.

The center of the bottom section consists of lattice diamond bins, half diamond bins, and case storage racks on both sides.

The next wall is Elevation E, which consists of the same bottle orientations as Elevation B. The only different is that it has no quarter round display rack.

Elevations C and D

Custom Sapele Wine Cellar with Vintage View Wine Racking

Vintage View Metal Wine Racking

When you enter the door from the outdoors, you will see Elevation D, located on the right wall. Half lattice and wood case storage can be found at the bottom and a display row at the middle section. More individual bottle openings were added at the top section of the racking.

The next wall is Elevation C, which faces the door. The wine rack, which is 54 1/4 inched deep, hides the wine cooling unit in a custom cabinet at the bottom. It also provides a horizontal display area for six large format bottles.

Cotemporary Metal Wine Racks from Vintage View

Incorporating metal racking satisfied the desire of the client to have a traditional and modern wine cellar.  A 3-column single-deep metal wine rack from VintageView was installed on the left wall when you enter from the hallway.

A 4-column triple-deep VintageView wine rack is on the left wall when you enter the wine room through the door from the outside.

The sleek metal wine storage units were finished in Satin Black.

A Master Builder Can Convert Any Room into a Modern Wine Storage Space

If you want an extra space in your home to be transformed into an elegant and safe custom wine cellar, contact Blue Grouse Wine Cellars Vancouver at 1.888.400.CORK (2675).