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Chicago Custom Wine Cellars Need Quality Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

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Custom wine cellars in Chicago, Illinois are the most ideal storage places for wines. A well-designed and well-built residential wine cellar with a quality wine cellar refrigeration unit installed can provide the ideal conditions for wines to age properly. Baroque Designs LCC, a wine cellar designer and builder in Chicago, teams up with US Cellar Systems to create the best wine storage rooms in Chicago.

Residential Wine Cellar Project in Long Grove, Chicago

 A residential custom wine cellar was designed and built in Long Grove, Chicago, Illinois, by Baroque Designs LCC. This wine cellar can accommodate more than 1000 wine bottles. It is unique because of its medieval and classic design.

A billiard table room in the client’s home was renovated and converted in order to construct the custom wine cellar. There was a fireplace in this room, which was sealed up, and insulation and a vapor barrier were installed.

Insulation and vapor barriers are very important when building a custom wine cellar in Illinois. These help make sure that the temperature and humidity inside the wine storage room do not fluctuate constantly. No matter how good a wine cellar refrigeration unit is, if insulation and a vapor barrier are not installed, or are installed poorly, the wines will still end up damaged.

Chicago Wine Cellar Medieval Design

Home wine cellars in Chicago should be designed to reflect the owner’s personality and style. As for this Wine cellar project in Long Grove, the client wanted a classic look with a medieval ambiance. Baroque Designs LCC constructed handmade custom wine racks made from reclaimed barn wood to achieve this look. The wine racks had individual storage and a diamond bin for bulk storage. The four niches were 2’ high and 6” deep in the corners, to showcase magnums. To complete the medieval appearance of this wine cellar, stone work was done up to the 10’ ceiling and a suit of armor was added to the décor.

Moreover, a custom wine cellar door imported from Europe was purpose-built for this medieval design wine storage room. A large classic style wine tasting room with a table and chairs also enhanced the medieval appeal of this residential wine cellar in Chicago, Illinois.

Custom Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installed

An RM8600 TE Ductless Split Type Refrigeration Unit was installed in this beautifully designed residential wine cellar in Chicago. A licensed HVAC technician installed the cooling unit. The wine cellar refrigeration system and the professional installer were from US Cellar Systems, a leading wine cellar refrigeration company.

What to Consider When Building a Custom Wine Cellar in CA

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A custom wine cellar in Los Angeles, California is the safest place to store your wine collection. Have a residential wine cellar built by the best wine cellar builders in California. Wine Cellars by Coastal are not only functional and durable, but also elegant and classy.

If you plan to have a residential wine cellar built in your home in California, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind:

Customize the Home Wine Cellar Walls

You can make your residential wine cellar in California look even better by customizing it. One way you can customize it is by choosing unique wall treatments. There are various kinds of wall treatments, and these include paint, tile, slate, stone, wood panel and travertine. Whatever treatment you choose, make sure that the material is able to do well in a slightly damp environment.

Custom Wine Cellar Flooring

The wine cellar’s flooring plays a very important role in making sure that the wine storage room functions properly. Make sure that the surface of your wine cellar floor is durable and solid. It should be able to withstand harsh flooring conditions, such as constant moisture and frequent wine spills. Wine cellar flooring should also be beautiful. The flooring you choose should complement the overall design of your home wine cellar in Los Angeles. There are many choices for wine cellar flooring, and these include hardwood, sealed concrete, tile and stone.

Wooden Paneling to Cover Wine Cellar Walls

If you do use wood-paneled walls for your custom wine cellar, you need to allow expansion and contraction of the wood. The wood will eventually expand and contract due to the humidity inside the wine cellar. If there is now allowance for expansion and contraction, the wood will eventually crack and buckle.

Other Considerations When Building a Custom Wine Cellar in CA

There are a lot of things to consider when designing and building your residential wine cellar in LA, California. For example, you still need to decide on what lighting and other accessories you want installed in your wine storage room. You also need to consider how to avoid vibrations and odors. You need to figure out what wine cellar refrigeration system will you have installed in the cellar as well.

Designing and building a custom wine cellar in LA, California must be planned carefully. Of course, the wisest way to start is to seek the advice of a wine cellar design professional.

Custom Wine Cellars Florida Bonita Springs Project in Naples Florida

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Custom Wine Cellars Naples Florida Bonita Springs Project – A Processed Video Transcription


Custom Wine Cellars Florida Bonita Springs Project in Naples Florida

Inspiration for Custom Wine Cellars Florida

Entering the Custom Wine Cellars Florida through a Barolo Style Door

Entering the Custom Wine Cellars Florida through a Barolo Style Door

Tim:  What was your main inspiration for the whole styling and all the woodworking for this custom wine cellars Florida?

Jody: Well, we like Italy.  We all like the Tuscan days and we rent a castle out in Napa.  It was an all stone castle.  We saw a room and we liked it.  We liked the atmosphere and we thought we’d do something similar to that.

Tim:  It really comes across that.

Jody:  It’s like a little dungeon.  I call it my little man dungeon.  I figured we could fit about 2200 bottles in this custom wine cellars Florida.

The Wine Collection

A Collection of the Client's Favorite Wines

A Collection of the Client’s Favorite Wines

Tim:  You’ve got some really nice features in here, as well.  So you just acquire these?

Jody:  Just about everything we picked out we picked out when we go someplace.  We’ve got some French wines that I picked up from France.  When we go to Napa we go to the wineries and if we like it we join the wine club and buy different styles of wine.  Our latest one is Merlot.

The Wine Tasting Room

The Cozy Wine Tasting Room

The Cozy Wine Tasting Room

Tim:  It’s very cool in here, you can feel it.  You’ve got a separate area (wine tasting room) where you can sit and enjoy the wine and still feel it because of this whole big glass here.

Jody:  This is the biggest piece of tempered glass we could find.

Tim:  Dual paned and tempered?

Jody:  Yes.  We centered the wine cellar cooling unit in the middle so the whole thing can be cool at one end and stays pretty consistent throughout.

Wine Barrel Flooring

Wine Barrel Flooring - Custom Wine Cellars Florida

Wine Barrel Flooring – Custom Wine Cellars Florida

Tim:  I think you’ve done a really tasteful job in here.  This wine barrel curvy effect is very unusual.

Jody:  These are all recycled wine barrels.  Everything’s recycled in here.  For the green people, I mean, you know, everything is recycled.  It’s natural stone off the ground, racking and wine barrel flooring from recycled oak wine barrels.

Tim:  What really stands out to me is the coloring.  They’re not all the same.

Jody:  Some of these are from red wines and white wines.  You’ll see this was from the inside of a red wine barrel.  You’ll see the straps.  This is from the outside of the barrel.  If you look at the inside, they’re a different red because red wine was inside the barrel.

Tim:  It has a beautifully aged, stylized look.  The wine bottles are also stored the other way around which is interesting as well.

This wine cellar project is located in Naples, Florida and was designed and constructed by Wine Cellar Specialists. To see more wine cellar projects in Florida and other wine tasting room design features, click on this link –