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Customize the Refrigeration System Setup for Your Wine Storage Space

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Recently, Arctic Metalworks Inc. was contacted by a client in Laguna Beach, Orange County, California. He needed the help of HVAC specialists to install a cooling system for the four custom wine cabinets in his residence.

You’ve invested in the construction of a beautiful wine storage space. You’re not stopping there. You know you need to purchase the right cooling equipment for your structure. But, you found out that choosing an HVAC unit isn’t as easy as you thought. Each storage room has different needs, and therefore each one requires a unique kind of refrigeration unit. The client that we, at Arctic Metalworks Inc., recently worked for was a client that had the same dilemma. He had four wine cabinets that needed to have a cooling unit installed. But, since the storage area was small, he needed to find an HVAC system that would allow the use of extra thin ducting. Our team of technicians created a customized refrigeration system that could meet the client’s distinctive wine storage needs. 

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Arctic Metalworks Inc. – A Trusted Wine Cooling Specialist in California

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Arctic Metalworks Inc. is one of the most trusted HVAC specialists in Orange County, California.

Your wine storage space is just as valuable as your wine collection. That’s why you can’t settle for less when hiring someone to provide services for your structure. You can’t let an amateur HVAC technician tinker with your wine room equipment. For your wine cooling needs, trust only a professional. Contact Arctic Metalworks Inc.

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The client’s wine cabinets were enclosed by glass doors. There was minimal space inside the storage structure to install any kind of refrigeration system. The HVAC technicians from Arctic Metalworks Inc. set up a cooling system in a separate mechanical room, and had cool air ducted into the wine cabinets.

Our team of HVAC experts is well-trained in providing various services for different kinds of refrigeration systems. These services include installation, maintenance, and repair. With years of experience, our technicians have acquired a wide understanding of the storage needs of wine. Our team gives importance to finding the right cooling unit that could meet the unique needs of your storage room. In one of our recent installation projects, for example, our specialists set up a customized refrigeration system for a client who owned four wine cabinets in his luxury home in Laguna Beach, Orange County, California.

The Laguna Beach client’s cabinets were all sealed by glass doors. The area inside each cabinet was very small, and there was limited space to vent air in and out of the storage structure. Since standard ducting would not fit inside the cabinets, our HVAC technicians had to find a refrigeration system that would let them use ducting that was smaller than standard size.

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Setting Up a Customized Cooling System for the Wine Cabinets in Laguna Beach, California

After surveying the client’s cabinets and assessing its requirements, our team of HVAC specialists installed a Unico High Pressure Cooling Unit. This refrigeration system allowed the technicians to use extra thin ducting, which was appropriate for the limited space inside the wine cabinets.

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The team of cooling specialists from Arctic Metalworks Inc. installed a Unico High Pressure Refrigeration Unit, which was a ducted split type HVAC system that allowed them to use extra thin ducting.

The HVAC Equipment Installed was a Ducted Split Type Cooling System

The refrigeration equipment that was set up for the Laguna Beach project was a ducted split type cooling system. In this configuration, the HVAC unit was installed in a separate mechanical room, and cool air was ducted into the cabinets.

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The ducts that were installed in this Laguna Beach project were smaller than standard. This customization of the refrigeration system was necessary to meet the distinctive needs of the wine cabinets.

Extra Thin Ducts Were Used to Vent Air In and Out of the Wine Cabinets 

There were two types of ducts installed in this setup, namely: a supply and a return. Supply ducts carried cool air into the wine cabinets, while return ducts exhausted warm air out. Each one of the four cabinets had a supply duct and a return duct. A total of eight ducts were installed.

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A total of eight ducts were set up in this project. Each of the four wine cabinets were allocated with two ducts. Each pair of ducts had a supply and a return. The supply ducts brought cool air into the cabinets, while the return ducts carried warm air out.

The Unico refrigeration system mounted in this project used a high pressure forced air system, which is necessary to push cool air through the special-sized ducting.

Additional Cooling System Accessories Were Installed 

An ideal wine storage setup is one where the temperature is constantly kept at the right levels with minimal to no fluctuations. In the Laguna Beach refrigeration system installation project, our team included a thermostat and a remote sensor, so that the temperature in the wine cabinets is maintained at 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

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The thermostat and the remote sensor installed in this project were added, so that the temperature inside the wine cabinets were maintained at the ideal levels.

Hire a Trusted Wine Cooling Specialist to Provide Your Refrigeration System Needs

Click image for a larger view!Your wine collection deserves the best – the best storage space and the best cooling system. Thus, it is imperative that the refrigeration equipment installed is the right one for your wine room. To ensure that you have the appropriate HVAC system for your wine storage structure, you must consult an expert.

Our expert cooling technicians are more than willing to help you select the most suitable refrigeration system for your wine room. We are also fully equipped to provide you installation and maintenance services. Call us today by clicking here!

List of Different Models of Wine Fridges – Choose Your Own Wine Fridge Now!

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Wines need a safe haven, where they can age gracefully under the right environmental conditions.  There are many available wine storage options in the market today, including wine fridges.

You can find many wine fridge products from one of the most trusted wine storage design experts, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars.  Listed below are the different brands of quality wine fridge that Blue Grouse offers, and their specs.

Vinotheque Wine Fridges

Vinotheque wine fridges are an ideal choice if you are looking for quality wooden wine storage furniture.  Their wine fridges are available in different wood species, depending on the model you choose.  Several wood stain options are also offered.

The versatility of these wine fridges makes it easy to blend them with kitchen cabinetry and other home furniture.

Closet Wine Fridges

The Vinotheque Closet Wine Fridge model features a display row with LED lighting.  It is equipped with a WhisperKOOL 2500 wine cellar cooling unit -one of the most trusted brands of cooling systems.

Closet Wine Fridges are available in 3 stain colors (light, medium, and dark).

Wine Reservoir

The Wine Reservoir model is the entry-level product of Vinotheque.  It is equipped with a WhisperKOOL 2500 wine cellar cooling unit, to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity inside the fridge.

It has wire shelving, which maximizes wine storage capacity and grants flexibility in storing various sizes and shapes of wine bottles.  Wood choices include Luan and Mahogany hardwoods and veneers.

Vinottheque Wine Fridge Models

Vinottheque Wine Fridge Models

Sienna Wine Fridges

The best thing about Sienna Wine Fridges is that the full length windows and simple structural design make your wine bottles the center of attention.  The panels are made of Alder hardwood and veneers, and the racking is made of high quality metal.

Optional LED lighting and a display row are available with Sienna Wine Fridges.


Clos Pegase Wine Fridges

The main design features of Clos Pegase Wine Fridges is the attractive French windows and intricate dentil moldings.  This type of wine fridge comes in 6 sizes that can house various types of wine bottles.

Clos Pegase Wine Fridges are equipped with a QT wine cellar cooling unit that operates quietly.  They come with a liquid measuring thermostat option, where a probe measures the wine temperature inside the bottle.

Wood options include Alder, Red Oak, Maple, Black Walnut, Cherry, and Mahogany.  Wood stain options include light, medium, dark, natural, and limed.

Wine KoolR Wine Fridges

Wine KoolR wine fridges are an economical wine storage solution with a striking design.  Choose this brand if you are in need of a wine storage capacity of 120 up to 800 wine bottles.

Wine KoolR offers wine fridges in single deep or double deep configuration.  They come unassembled, so they are convenient to move to your preferred storage space.

Assembly procedure is fast and easy.  Assembly service is available for metro Vancouver customers.

KoolR Slimline Wine Fridges

There are three types of Slimline wine fridges.  These are the KoolR Imperial Slimline, Sovereigh Slimline, and Goliath Slimline wine fridge models.  They vary in size and storage capacity:

Imperial Slimline: 120 standard 750ml Bordeaux bottles

Sovereign Slimline: 240 standard 750ml Bordeaux bottles

Goliath Slimline: 400 standard 750ml Bordeaux bottles

Wine KoolR Slimline Wine Fridges

Wine KoolR Slimline Wine Fridges

The KoolR Slimline wine fridges are in single deep format.  They are made of a reinforced, stackable, heavy duty honeycomb plastic material that enhances insulating properties and reduces the weight and size of the wine fridge.  Color choices include black oak and mahogany wine.

The door is a reversible Lexan glass door which can be hinged on either side.  It is installed with a keyed lock for security.  A virtually silent digital wine cooling unit maintains the ideal temperature and humidity inside the fridge.

KoolR Full Wine Fridges

The KoolR Full wine fridges are the double deep version of the KoolR Imperial Slimline wine fridges.  Here are the three different types of the double deep KoolR wine fridges and their storage capacities:

Imperial Full: 240 standard 750ml Bordeaux bottles

Sovereign Full: 500 standard 750ml Bordeaux bottles

Goliath Full: 800 standard 750ml Bordeaux bottles

Double deep KoolR wine fridges have the same design and quality features as those of the Slimline version.

Le Cache Wine Fridges

If you are looking for fine furniture for your fine wines, choose Le Cache Wine Fridges.   They can easily blend with virtually any décor, or become the center of attention in a room.  With Le Cache, you can be sure of top quality craftsmanship, and the fridges can be passed from one generation to another.

Le Cache Loft Wine Fridge Models

Le Cache Loft Wine Fridge Models

Le Cache Loft Wine Fridge Models

Le Cache Loft Wine Fridges have aluminum doors, with the choice of two finishes; namely, black matte and brushed aluminum.  The door can be hinged on either side.

The Loft wine fridges have black laminated walls and dual-pane tinted glass.  They feature all-wood universal racking with 3 ¾ inches opening.

To maintain the ideal temperature and humidity inside the wine fridge, an ultra quiet CellarPro cooling system is installed, featuring digital display, temperature control, and adjustable humidity control.

To make climate control more efficient, a top-vent exhaust, foil-backed polyisocyanurate insulation, and low-heat interior light were used.

Below are the different Loft wine fridge models and their corresponding storage capacity:

Le Cache Loft 1400: 172 bottles (160 racked, 12 bulk)

Le Cache Loft 2400: 286 bottles (256 racked, 30 bulk)

Vinopro Wine Fridges

Vinopro is known for their stylish, functional, and affordable wine fridges.  Vinopro wine fridges are one of the best new offerings of Blue Grouse Wine Cellars.

Enjoy the many options with Vinopro wine fridges:

Models: BU-490, BU-145, BU-130, BI-56

Bottle Capacity: 24-194 wine bottles

Vinopro Wine Fridge Models

Vinopro Wine Fridge Models

BU-490: 194 bottles

BU-145: 46 bottles

BU-130: 41 bottles

BI-56: 24 bottles

Temperature zones: Single or Dual

Door types: All glass or stainless steel

Installation: Built-in or Free-standing

All of the models are available in single and dual temperature models (same price), except for the BI-56 wine fridge, which is available in single temperature only.

Vinopro wine fridges have the following features:

  • Stainless steel pull handles
  • Slide-out beechwood shelves
  • Touch-key control panels with digital display on the door
  • Power on/off
  • Automatic control panel locks
  • Interchangeable Fahrenheit and Celsius units of temperature
  • Circulated fan cooling for balanced temperature
  • Low vibration
  • Auto defrost
  • LED lighting
  • Smoked tempered glass doors

Enjoy one year full-system warranty and 3 year warranty for compressor.


EuroCave Wine Fridge Storage Cabinets

EuroCave Wine Fridge Storage Cabinets

EuroCave Wine Fridge Storage Cabinets

Avid wine connoisseurs choose EuroCave wine fridges for their quality and design.  EuroCave wine fridges have unique features that make them stand out among the others brands.

Twin Process Thermal Control for an Even Temperature

Eurocave Wine Fridge Cabinet (Pure Series)

Eurocave Wine Fridge Cabinet (Pure Series)

This special feature keeps the temperature inside the fridge constant, even when the temperature outside reaches up to 35 degrees Celsius.

This is achieved using SRA aluminum walls, which promote the even distribution of temperature, as well as by ensuring that the heating and cooling processes are balanced.

Hygro + System for Constant Humidity Levels

Relative humidity is kept constant above 50%, using stucco aluminum walls that distribute moisture evenly.  This keeps the cork moist, which in turn maintains an air tight seal for the bottle.

Cellular Insulant for Effective Insulation

EuroCave is built with a CQI cellular insulant, and 5cm cabinet walls.  This combination provides solid and effective insulation.

Separate Vents for a Breather Effect Ventilation

EuroCave wine fridges have separate vents, one for air intake, and one for air output.  The air intake vent has a charcoal filter for air purification.

Alarm System for Better Security

The alarm system is triggered when the temperature or humidity level goes wrong, or if you simply leave the door open.  This lets you know right away that you need to check on your wine storage fridge.

Better Storage Capacity

The design maximizes the storage space for higher bottle capacity.  The durable shelving of EuroCave wine fridges can house wines of different sizes or shapes.

Different EuroCave Wine Fridge Models to Choose From:

  • EuroCave Tete a Tete System

    EuroCave Tete a Tete System

    Revelation Series

  • Professional Series
  • Pure Series
  • Premiere Series
  • Collection Series
  • Compact Series
  • Tete a Tete System

All of these wine fridges come with a carbon filter with a meter, a lock, a reversible door, and a brilliant amber lighting strip.

These design features, and the wide selection of wine fridge designs, make EuroCave Wine Fridges a favorite among many wine aficionados.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars offers these different brands of wine fridges.  Contact them now to choose your own wine fridge.

Wine Cooling System Installation in Beverly Hills, California by M&M Cellar Systems

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A wine enthusiast contacted M&M Cellar Systems to do a wine cellar job for him in his residence in Beverly Hills, California. He had a wine cabinet in his home that needed a wine cooling system that could effectively provide and maintain the ideal temperature and humidity for wine storage. A wine cabinet refrigeration unit manufactured by US Cellar Systems was installed. Learn more about the wine cellar cooling system installation project by M&M Cellar Systems.

Cooling Systems for Wine Cabinets

Wine is a beverage that has to be kept in a temperature-controlled environment in order for its quality to be preserved, and for its flavored be allowed to develop tastefully. This is why all wine collections need to be stored in a room or cellar with wine cabinets, and to have a wine cellar cooling unit installed. You can’t have just any wine cellar refrigeration unit installed in your wine storage room. You need to determine the appropriate wine cellar cooling unit to meet the specific storage requirements of your wine cellar.

A residential wine cellar is ideal for the wine enthusiast, because having the wine room in your own home makes organizing and managing the wine collection easier. But, there are cases wherein there isn’t enough space in a wine collector’s house for a wine cellar to be constructed. The next best option is to install wine cabinets with a good refrigeration system.

A good wine cabinet cooling system is one of the most important parts of a wine cabinet. Without it, a wine cabinet cannot provide the necessary conditions for optimum wine aging and storage.

Wine Cellar Cooling System CA

Wine Cabinet in Wine Cellar with US Cellars Wine Cabinet Refrigeration System

US Cellar Systems Dealer – M&M Wine Cellar Cooling Los Angeles

In order to make sure that a wine cabinet cooling unit can provide the storage requirement of your wine storage solution, choose a wine cabinet refrigeration unit that is manufactured by a trusted wine cooling expert. Substandard cooling systems can do more harm than good to your wine collection.

US Cellar Systems is one of the most reliable wine cabinet cooling unit manufacturers in Los Angeles, California. They have teamed up with various wine storage expert companies in the United States, to provide wine enthusiasts all over the country with quality wine storage solutions. One of their long term partners is M&M Cellar Systems.

M&M Cellar Systems is a wine cabinets cooling system manufacturing company based in California. They have long been known for their expertise in the installation of HVAC refrigeration systems, as well as in heating. They are also reputable for providing quality service and proper maintenance of wine cooling units.

Wine Cellar Cooling by US Cellars and M&M

M&M Cellar Systems – US Cellar Dealer

M&M Cellar Systems Installs an HS Series Cooling System in a Wine Cabinet in Beverly Hills

One of M&M Cellar Systems’ noteworthy projects was the installation of a wine cabinet cooling unit in Beverly Hills, California. More specifically, the cooling unit installed was a HS 6600 System, manufactured by US Cellar Systems. This wine cabinet refrigeration unit model is under US Cellar System’s High Static (HS) Series of cooling systems.

US Cellar System Products

HS Series by US Cellar Systems

HS Systems are a type of wine cooling system built to provide the right circulation of air in storage with narrow spaces. They are also split-type wine cooling systems, which means that the evaporators and condensers can be placed far from each other. HS Series cooling systems have evaporators that are so powerful that they can be installed as far as 25 feet away from the wine storage room. This configuration also means that this cooling unit does not create noise in the wine room.

Split-type cooling systems can either be ducted or ductless. HS Series wine cabinet cooling systems are the ducted type. This means that cooled air passes through a duct and into the wine storage room.

US Cellar uses R134a refrigerant in all the HS models. The evaporators in these cooling unit models have capacities that range from 1,800 to 20,000 BTU/hour.

For the Beverly Hills wine cabinet, Mario Morales, the owner and lead technician of M&M Wine Cellar Cooling Systems, determined the appropriate wine cabinet cooling unit by calculating the heat load from the wine room’s details and dimensions. He also considered the type and location of construction. Consequently, he installed an HS 6600 wine cabinet refrigeration unit in the Beverly Hills wine cabinet. The HS 6600 model is a high static ducted unit. This wine refrigeration unit model includes a piping set, for moving liquid and gaseous refrigerant to the wine cabinets.

The HS 6600 model, a split type high static wine cabinet cooling system, was installed in the client’s wine cabinet, located in his Beverly Hills house’s living room. The installation of the cooling system involved charging it with Freon, a refrigerant that is commonly used in air conditioning. Mr. Morales also did a pressure test on the refrigeration system after it was charged with Freon. A pressure reading is done in order to check for leaks inside and outside the cooling system. Additionally, although US Cellar Systems is a reliable manufacturer of quality units, this pressure testing is standard operating procedure done by HVAC installation professional, and helps make sure that the wine cabinet refrigeration unit can handle the pressure declared by the unit’s manufacturer.

Only Trust the Professionals

This wine cabinet cooling unit installation project is one of the many successful projects of M&M Cellar Systems. In order to make sure they provide their customers with utmost satisfaction, they make sure that they use only products manufactured by the best in the industry. M&M Cellar Systems collaborates with various companies to maintain this reputation. One of the companies that they have constantly teamed up with is US Cellar Systems.

US Cellar System manufacturers all kinds of wine cooling systems that can meet the various storage requirements of the various wine storage solutions. For more information about their products and services, contact US Cellar today at (562) 513-3017!

Common Wine Defects and Ideal Wine Storage Solutions

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Have you opened a bottle of wine from a cabinet in your kitchen or a box under your sink and found out that its smell is not floral, fruity, or spicy? Have you noticed some discoloration? You should know that these are signs that your wine has a defect and may be undrinkable.

Let us find out the different possible wine defects and learn the ideal wine storage options that will preserve wine’s quality and desirable characteristics.


When unwanted air mixes with wine, it is subjected to hot temperatures, or is aged too long, oxidation occurs. The original vibrant fruity scents in wine become lifeless or flat, losing their aroma, flavor, and color.

oxidized wine

This results in stale, stewed fruit and a burnt marshmallow, sherry, or vinegar-like smell. The moldy smell is caused by the TCA or Trichloroanisole in corked wine due to high level of oxidation.

The insipid taste in oxidized wine is caused by the bacteria that oxygen promotes when it gets into the wine. The alcohol in wine turns into acetic acid, causing unpleasant taste.

The color of an oxidized wine is usually a shade of brown, while other wines look dull. These are the clues that indicate wine defects.

Oxidation can happen prior to or after bottling of wine and even while it is stored at home or in a restaurant. So, next time, you will know when to pour wine down the drain or return it to the restaurant or wine store where you bought it from.


The cork of wine bottles functions as a seal to protect wine from being exposed to unwanted oxygen. How can a cork cause wine to spoil? When wine comes in contact with a contaminated cork, it will smell and taste like a wet newspaper, rotten cardboard, or damp cloth, resulting in what they call “corked wine”.

cork taint

A cork is contaminated when 2, 4, or 6-Trichloroanisole (TCA) is present. This chemical compound is usually formed when the natural fungi that reside in cork come into contact with chlorides.

Chlorides are found in sanitation products used in the winery, such as bleaches. Using infected corks will cause cork taint, a wine defect that destroys the natural aromas and fruitful flavor of wine.


Maderized WineMaderization is a process where wine is heated and oxidized to make it taste like Madeira wine that has a nutty and caramelized character. When talking about wine defects, the term “maderized” refers to the condition of wine exposed to too much heat or very high temperatures (greatly higher than 55 degrees Fahrenheit). This usually happens in wines with low alcohol content.

There will be greater chances that your wine will become maderized when you keep it near a radiator or any heating device in your house. An under-the-stair space where hot water pipes are installed is also a bad storage place for wine.

Too much heat exposure increases the rate of wine’s aging, resulting in spoiled wine. This is why proper wine storage must be practiced to preserve wine the right way.


Ideal Wine Storage Solutions – Wine Cellars and Wine Cabinets

One of the major reasons wine gets spoiled is from storing it in a place where stable temperature and humidity levels are not present. Wine needs to be stored in an environment with temperature ranging from 55-75 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels between 50-60 percent.

The two most in-demand and efficient wine storage solutions are custom wine cellars and refrigerated wine cabinets. When choosing between a wine cellar and a wine cabinet, consider the size of your collection, your space, and your budget.


Residential Custom Wine Cellars 

Nowadays, home owners in many parts of the world, including Canada, who have the right budget, invest in a residential wine cellar to keep their finest wines safe from harmful external factors.

Wine cellars are carefully designed and installed to ensure that a climate-controlled environment is provided to your finest wines, especially those intended for long-term aging. Proper room insulation and installation of a vapor barrier are the primary steps to prepare the room for construction.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars Designs and Installs Custom Wine Cellars in Canada

In Vancouver, Canada, a team of experienced designers and installers, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, has been building custom wine rooms for many years. With their expertise, any extra room can be converted into a functional resting place for your wines.

For them to achieve the ideal temperatures and humidity levels in their client’s wine cellar, they use efficient wine cellar refrigeration systems suitable for the storage needs and requirements of the collector.

The right wine cellar door material and seal must also be installed. Other things that must be given consideration are the wine rack material and design and wine cellar lighting. All of these can affect the stability of the conditions inside a refrigerated wine cellar.

Building a home wine cellar in Canada may not be affordable to some, but in the long run, you will realize that having one will save you money since it lowers the risk of having a defective wine in you collection.

Below are some photos of high-end wine cellars built by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars:

Custom Wine Cellars Built by an Expert in Canada

Wine Cabinets  

If having a wine cellar in your home is not possible due to budget and/or space constraints, you shouldn’t worry because there is another wine storage option that is more affordable – the wine cabinet.

Wine cabinets with a built-in wine cooling system are called refrigerated wine cabinets. Even though it is a budget-savvy option, a refrigerated wine cabinet has the ability to maintain an environment similar to wine cellars.

One of the most popular brands of wine cabinets in Canada is Eurocave. Their sturdy, high capacity and stylish products are being used by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars in many of their wine cellar projects. Learn more about Eurocave wine cabinets by clicking here.

Eurocave Wine Cabinets – a Top Choice of True Connoisseurs

In addition to sturdiness, style, and capacity, other features that you should look for in a wine cabinet include internal lighting, an alarm system, and vibration exclusion. Keep in mind that wine cabinets only accommodate a certain number of bottles, unlike wine cellars that allow your collection to grow in the future.

A collector’s goal is to store his wines in such a way that its desirable characteristics are preserved properly. Storing them in a climate-controlled environment is the key to achieving this. Depending on your needs and budget, make sure that your choice of storage solution can help prevent wine defects.

If you need expert advice in choosing the right wine cabinet to suit your needs, call Blue Grouse Wine Cellars at 1.888.400.CORK (2675) or visit their website at