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New Component for Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems Improves Performance

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US Cellar Systems, a California based wine cellar manufacturer that we work closely with recently announced an important new innovation in one of their commonly used components. The LRC Expansion Valve is now externally equalized. Learn how this is to be installed and some of it’s performance advantages.

The Expansion Valve by LRC

The Expansion Valve by LRC

New Expansion Valve

The LRC Expansion Valve looks almost like a pressure regulator, mounted inside one of the US Cellar Systems refrigeration system for wine cellars. It is a common component in all of the series offered by US Cellar Systems, except for the CC series.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Technical Update – New LRC Expansion Valve Saves Time and Effort
This valve is now externally equalized. This gives the system better performance on all of the systems and makes it more convenient to adjust.

Installation of the New System by LRC

When installing, add a T with an access shrader. This has a key advantage. You will be able to measure your evaporator coil pressure at the evaporator, instead of having to go all the way out to the condensing unit to look at your gauges. This makes adjustments to your system much more convenient.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Adjustment

Adjusting Your Expansion Valve by LRC

Adjusting Your Expansion Valve by LRC

Use a 3/8” nut driver or a ratchet and a 3/8” socket.

You can adjust the valve by turning the head on the top of the regulator. To increase pressure you turn clockwise. To decrease pressure you will turn counter-clockwise.

Caution! Remember to make small adjustments. Never go all the way in with the adjustment. If you go too far in you can damage the diaphragm and then the expansion valve will no longer adjust. This damage will not be covered under warranty, so be very cautious when making adjustments to prevent such harm to the system.

Contact US Cellar Systems for Support and Advice

US Cellar Systems (Logo)If you’re in need of technical support for your wine cellar refrigeration system, contact US Cellar System here: +1(562) 728-5774.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of their systems, feel free to contact sales and customer support: +1(562) 513-3017.

This new expansion valve has important advantages; they can give you more information about it if you’re interested in learning more.

Maryland Homeowners Turn to Wine Cellars to Grow Home Value

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Since the housing bubble burst, homeowners have adjusted their expectations concerning how to grow the value of their home.  It’s no longer adequate to throw a fresh coat of paint on the walls and flip it. Now, more than ever, Maryland homeowners are turning to wine cellar builders to help them increase the value of their home.

Wine—A Growing Market in Maryland

Wine is growing in popularity in the state of Maryland. There are now over 400 wines made in the state. Wineries in the area are also are growing in reputation with over 60 wineries to visit in the area.

Wine Cellar Baltimore

A beautiful wine cellar in a luxury home.

But anyone who understands wine will tell you that you can’t just put that fine bottle in the back of a closet and leave it there for years and expect it to grow in quality. Proper storage means maintaining a constant cool temperature in your wine room. It’s no surprise that the new trend in luxury home modification is the addition of custom wine rooms.

Build Your Own Wine Cellar

In the good old days the common method of thinking when it came to growing your home value was to remodel the kitchen, adding granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. A home theater or hot tub was also a welcome addition. But now it’s not uncommon to see low rent apartments with granite counter tops. Most housing units have a hot tub. And even more modest homes can feature state-of-the-art surround sound with their flat screen displays at very low cost.

Luxury home owners are then faced with a real challenge to make their home stand apart in the competitive marketplace. It’s not surprising then that many owners in Maryland are turning to builders like Coastal Custom Wine Cellars in Baltimore, to help them find the edge. A beautifully designed, temperature controlled, wine cellar or room gives these homes the edge they need, driving up resale prices. They can be enjoyed while the homeowners live there, and truly appreciated when it comes time to sell.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Baltimore

New location in Baltimore

New location of Coastal Custom Wine Cellars in Baltimore

2708 Leppo Ln

Finksburg, MD 21048

+1 (443) 821-0321

Chicago Custom Wine Cellars Need Quality Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

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Custom wine cellars in Chicago, Illinois are the most ideal storage places for wines. A well-designed and well-built residential wine cellar with a quality wine cellar refrigeration unit installed can provide the ideal conditions for wines to age properly. Baroque Designs LCC, a wine cellar designer and builder in Chicago, teams up with US Cellar Systems to create the best wine storage rooms in Chicago.

Residential Wine Cellar Project in Long Grove, Chicago

 A residential custom wine cellar was designed and built in Long Grove, Chicago, Illinois, by Baroque Designs LCC. This wine cellar can accommodate more than 1000 wine bottles. It is unique because of its medieval and classic design.

A billiard table room in the client’s home was renovated and converted in order to construct the custom wine cellar. There was a fireplace in this room, which was sealed up, and insulation and a vapor barrier were installed.

Insulation and vapor barriers are very important when building a custom wine cellar in Illinois. These help make sure that the temperature and humidity inside the wine storage room do not fluctuate constantly. No matter how good a wine cellar refrigeration unit is, if insulation and a vapor barrier are not installed, or are installed poorly, the wines will still end up damaged.

Chicago Wine Cellar Medieval Design

Home wine cellars in Chicago should be designed to reflect the owner’s personality and style. As for this Wine cellar project in Long Grove, the client wanted a classic look with a medieval ambiance. Baroque Designs LCC constructed handmade custom wine racks made from reclaimed barn wood to achieve this look. The wine racks had individual storage and a diamond bin for bulk storage. The four niches were 2’ high and 6” deep in the corners, to showcase magnums. To complete the medieval appearance of this wine cellar, stone work was done up to the 10’ ceiling and a suit of armor was added to the décor.

Moreover, a custom wine cellar door imported from Europe was purpose-built for this medieval design wine storage room. A large classic style wine tasting room with a table and chairs also enhanced the medieval appeal of this residential wine cellar in Chicago, Illinois.

Custom Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installed

An RM8600 TE Ductless Split Type Refrigeration Unit was installed in this beautifully designed residential wine cellar in Chicago. A licensed HVAC technician installed the cooling unit. The wine cellar refrigeration system and the professional installer were from US Cellar Systems, a leading wine cellar refrigeration company.

Wine Cellar Cooling Tips for Vancouver Wine Cellars

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In the realm of wine collecting, one of the more important things to consider is how to store your wine properly. Wine aging is a delicate and complicated process, thus the proper conditions must be met in order for this to happen without a hitch. In this regard, investing in a good wine cooling system is crucial.


Wine Cooling System – How it Protects Wine

How exactly do wine cellar cooling systems work? A wine cooling system is a device that stabilizes the temperature in Vancouver wine cellars. Temperature should not fluctuate beyond the acceptable range for wine to mature properly before it is served and drank.

The ideal wine storage temperature is 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This can fluctuate, but ideally not more than 2 degrees Fahrenheit.

Aside from regulating the temperature, wine refrigeration systems are designed to help maintain the ideal humidity as well. Humidity levels are important factors that must not be taken for granted.

Low levels of humidity can cause the wine cork to dry up. If the wine seal is compromised, oxygen can seep in and cause the wine to spoil making it undrinkable. If humidity levels are too high, on the other hand, molds can grow in your custom wine room and can damage your wine racks (especially if they are made of wood). The wine labels can deteriorate too if the wine cellar is too damp. The ideal humidity level is between 55%-75%.

What to Consider Before Buying a Wine Cooling System

1. The Capacity of Your Wine Cellar 

First you have to check how many bottles of wine you intend to store and the capacity of the space that will be used to accommodate your collection. Also take note if you’re planning to add more bottles to your collection in the future. The greater the number of your wine bottles, the larger the capacity of the wine refrigeration unit you will need.


2. Location  

If you intend to place your wine cooling system in a very visible area of your house, you might want to consider its look and design. Take a look at the existing aesthetic of your room and choose an appropriate wine cooling system.

Request a 3D wine cellar design for FREE!

You will also need to consider the amount of space it will take up. Make sure it will blend seamlessly with the rest of the room without appearing too chunky or bulky. If your wine cooling system will be located in the garage, then the design might not be that important.

Besides this, you may want to think about the noise level that a wine cooling system will produce. There are types of wine cooling systems that can be quite noisy, while others keep noise at a minimum or non-existent.

3. Specific Temperature Zones 

If you intend to store wine for just a short period of time, single temperature wine cooling units will work best for you. However, if you intend to store wine for a longer time, your best bet is a wine cooling system that allows you to fiddle with its temperature and humidity controls.


4. Budget  

The good news is that there are plenty of wine cooling systems out on the market today, and they are designed to fit the requirements of any budget. While you do not want to spend too much on your wine cooling system, remember that the quality of your wines largely depends on how properly they are stored.

If you scrimp on a wine cooling unit initially, this may end up costing you more in the long run if your precious wine bottles get spoiled. So, never compromise quality over price.

Make Blue Grouse Wine Cellars a part of your cellars success story!

Make sure that your wine collection is safe and protected by having the most suitable Vancouver wine refrigeration system in your wine room. Need help? Contact Blue Grouse Wine Cellars today at 1.888.400.CORK (2675). They will provide you the best wine storage solution because for them, every client deserves nothing but the best.

How to Choose a Good Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit

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Wine cellar refrigeration systems are an essential part of wine storage. Wine cellar cooling units provide the ideal temperature and humidity inside a cellar for wines to be able to age tastefully. A good wine cellar cooling system can provide a temperature of 55 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity of approximately 70%. Here are the things that you need to look for when choosing a wine cellar cooling system:

1. Check How the Cooling Unit Works

Most wine cellars are configured with a self-contained cooling system, known as forced air cooling. In this system, two fans are utilized. One fan functions to circulate the cool air inside the wine storage room while the other fan forces air through the condenser coils on the outside and exhausts warm air that has risen to the top of the storage room. This configuration is very efficient, especially if your wine storage room is in an area where the temperature outside varies 30 degrees Fahrenheit above or below the appropriate wine storage temperature range.

2. Check for Temperature Control Mechanism and Digital Display Apparatus

Wine cellar refrigeration systems that are made by quality manufacturers usually have electronic temperature controls, as well as digital displays. These features are very helpful, because they allow you to have precise control over the temperature and humidity inside the commercial or residential wine cellar in California. Not only do electronic temperature controls make sure that temperature readings are accurate, they also prevent fluctuations in the levels. Digital displays are a great addition, because you can read and gauge the condition inside the storage room any time.

3. Check the Cooling Unit’s Noise Level

The noise level of a unit is one of the major factors to consider when choosing a wine cellar cooling system in California. There are many manufacturers today that are dedicated to creating a wine cellar refrigeration system that is quiet and vibration-free. There are wine cellar cooling units today that utilize an absorption technology wherein compressors are not needed and vibrations are not generated. Choose the refrigeration units for your cellar wisely, because vibrations can damage your wine collections.

4. Choose Cooling Systems that are Easily Repaired or Replaced

Wine cellar refrigeration units in Vancouver are as much as an investment as your wine collection. You want to make sure that your beloved wines are aging efficiently by investing in a quality cooling unit. In case your refrigeration system breaks or wears down, you want it to be easily repaired or replaced, so that your wines won’t suffer being stored out of the ideal temperature and humidity while waiting for the unit to be repaired or replaced.

Wine Cellar Designs Irvine California & Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems Maintenance by Arctic Metalworks

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A custom residential wine cellar is designed to protect wine collectibles from adverse external influences by providing a dark and stable environment.  The primary objective of wine cellar designs Irvine California is to create a wine storage space that is ideal for aging wines, while also elegantly imparting the wine lifestyle through its design elements.

Arctic Metalworks Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems

Arctic Metalworks Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems

For this uniquely customized residential wine cellar designs Irvine California project, Arctic Metalworks collaborated with a general contractor (who built the house) to ensure that the room was outfitted with proper insulation and vapor barriers, and installed with the right flooring material and lighting systems.

Arctic Metalworks is the leading installer and provider of wine cellar cooling systems in Southern California.  They also provide wine cellar refrigeration systems maintenance and onsite service when necessary.  Arctic Metalworks expanded their operations to include wine cellar designs and installation, and wine rack construction.

Ray Moore Tennis Player Pro

Ray Moore Tennis Player Pro

The Arctic team designed and constructed this beautiful residential wine storage application for the former South African tennis pro Raymond Moore.  This 8’ x 12’ custom wine room is big enough to house over a thousand wine bottles, came with customized features that could accommodate the client’s rarest and most valuable wine collection.

The wine cellar’s wine racking solutions were entirely handmade by Arctic Metalworks.  The wood material of choice is black walnut lumber, which has an attractive grain that enhances the overall wine cellar designs.   The racking systems were deliberately left unfinished, thus giving the product a very pale appearance.  Adding a stain and lacquer finish matching wine cellar designs is possible, provided the material used does not leave a heavy scent.

Drawers with individual bottle cradles were added to this wine cellar designs Irvine California project.  These highly customized storage compartments serve as bottle holders for some of Raymond Moore’s collection of rare wines, like a 1982 Chateau Haut-Brion and a 1986 Chateau Lafite.  These drawers are specially designed to store the most valuable wines in private and keep them away from light exposure.

Wine Racks with Drawers

Wine Racks with Drawers

To help maintain the proper climate conditions that will allow wines to reach their full potential, Arctic Metalworks used an Arctic 0500 Split System.  Wine cellar refrigeration systems Irvine California are engineered to help stabilize temperature and humidity at the ideal levels.

Split-type wine cellar refrigeration systems Irvine California offer versatility in installation options, as well as provide whisper-quiet operation.  A split system consists of the evaporator unit and the condensing unit.  The split feature allows the noisiest part of the refrigeration equipment (condenser) to be located in a remote place, to eliminate fan noise.

For this residential wine cellar refrigeration systems Irvine California project, the compressor was placed in a 5-car garage and the Arctic team utilized electrical wiring and copper tubing to connect the refrigeration components together.  The line set extends over 50 feet, and was installed during the construction of the home.  The entire refrigeration installation was completed in 10 hours.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems Maintenance - Arctic Metalworks

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems Maintenance – Arctic Metalworks

Aside from supplying the cooling system, Arctic Metalworks provides a warranty on parts and labor, as well as proactive wine cellar refrigeration systems maintenance, that includes cleaning and checking the refrigeration equipment and oiling the motors.  Conducting regular wine cellar refrigeration systems maintenance ensures that the cooling units function at their optimum.