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A California Dream Home Wine Cellar Built Out of a Spare Room

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A wine cellar cannot function properly without the right components installed in it. A professional builder, who has the appropriate knowledge about proper wine storage and racking, can help you in your wine room conversion project. In Ramona, California, Vintage Wine Cellars has transformed an unused storage space into an elegant wine cellar. Check out the features of this wine room.  

Custom Wine Cellar Installation Project in Ramona, California

waterfall wine rack design Ramona California wine cellar project

Waterfall Wine Rack Ramona California Home Wine Cellar

The primary goal of your chosen builder must be to create a place that can maintain the perfect environment necessary for the proper maturation of wine. Poor storage conditions can affect wine’s quality.

A well-built wine cellar must be able to maintain a stable temperature and humidity level that will preserve the desirable characteristics of wine for years to come.

Your builder should also make sure that your wine rack system will display your collection impressively. If you are a homeowner and a serious wine collector, investing in a climate-controlled wine room is a smart idea. It can increase the lifespan of your precious vintages and enhance the beauty of your home.

Vintage Wine Cellars, a master builder in California, always makes sure that your wines are safe by installing the right insulation, cooling system, racking, and flooring in your storage space. Their design team uses their creativity and passion to create beautiful wine storage displays that will sweep your guests off their feet.

Converting an Unused Storage Room into a Stylish and Functional Home Wine Cellar

Recently, Vintage Wine Cellars has completed a construction project in Ramona, California. As a standard procedure, they first created 3-dimensional drawings before installing the essential components. These images showed the different elevations of the wine room, dimensions of the storage racks, and the bottle capacities.

They started preparing the room after the client approved the drawings. The large room measures 14’x10’x8’. They added features that would maximize the storage space and allow for ease of cleaning of the wine racks.

Combining Racking Styles to Create an Eye-Catching Wine Display and Added Functionality

When designing their customer’s storage racks, Vintage Cellars California incorporates various racking configurations to create a display of wine that would capture the eyes of the viewers and add functionality to the home wine cellar. To maximize the storage capacity of the room, custom features were added. The entire racking was constructed from Premium Redwood, with wine barrel features.

Elegant Wood Wine Rack System

Vintage Cellarsowners recently converted an unused storage area into this beautifully designed custom wine cellar in Ramona, California.

Ramona California Home Wine Cellar Installation Project

The left wall as you enter the wine cellar consists of double deep racking with a double-high stemware storage rack at the center. This feature allows the owner to store the wine glasses upside down. A tabletop was added to provide space for decanting and serving wine.

Made from Fontenay wine barrel, the tabletop is an eco-friendly feature in the wine room. Reclaimed wine barrels can also be utilized to create other “green” features in California home wine cellars, such as flooring and storage racks.

California Wine Cellar Installation Wooden Wine Racking

California Wine Cellar Installation Wooden Wine Racking

There is also a double high reveal display row on both sides of the tabletop, and in the middle section of racking on the rest of the walls. The top and bottom sections of the left wall have openings intended for storing magnum bottles individually.

The back wall was originally a window made of glass. Vintage  Cellars removed it and added the proper insulation. The back wall is the focal point of the wine room because it consists of a visually appealing storage unit – the waterfall display rack, which goes down to the center of the cellar.

This type of racking stores the client’s magnum bottles in a cascading manner, leading down to a horizontal storage unit. The waterfall wine rack is double-sided for additional bottle slots.

Above the horizontal display wine rack is another wine barrel tabletop, where the owner can serve and drink wine, and display other accessories.

Like the left wall, the back wall also consists of double deep single racking and a high reveal display row, both for magnums. There was a dead space behind the waterfall wine rack, so Vintage Cellars decided to utilize it by adding case storage slots. This racking style allows for collectors who want to buy and store wines in bulk.

The single-deep wine racks on the right wall consist of a high reveal display row in the middle section, with horizontal magnum storage openings above it. The top and bottom racking provide individual storage slots.

California Home Wine Cellar Insulation and Cooling Solution

Vintage Cellars always makes sure that every client’s wine room is constructed with proper insulation and a cooling system to keep wine safe. Proper insulation and installing the right wine refrigeration system will prevent a waste of investment by maintaining the perfect environment for the graceful aging of wine.

Spray Foam Insulation

California Wine Cellar Spray Foam Insulation

California Wine Cellar Spray Foam Insulation

Poor insulation can result in wine spoilage. It will allow the warm air from the outside to interfere with the cooling of your refrigeration unit. Additionally, your wine’s quality will be damaged because the cold air will leak out of the cellar. When this happens, the chemical properties of wine will be altered, resulting in an unpleasant aroma and taste.

Sealing a refrigerated wine room will also prevent moisture build up that can wreak havoc with the desirable qualities of your wine. The wrong humidity levels can cause bacteria and molds to grow in the ceiling, walls, bottles, and racking of your wine cellar.

Hiring a professional to seal your wine room will protect not only your wine collection but also the structural integrity of your cellar.

Additionally, your climate control system will have a longer lifespan because the warm air cannot pass through the walls, ceiling, and door. Warm air will force the equipment to work harder than it should and may result in higher energy consumption.

Vintage Cellars used spray foam insulation in this wine cellar. One of the advantages of this type of insulation is that it can also act as a vapor barrier. It eliminates the need to use plastic sheeting to wrap the entire room.

Efficient Wine Cooling System

Wine Cellar Cooling System California Project

Wine Cellar Cooling System California Project

After the room had been insulated, Vintage Cellars installed a 1-ton split ducted cooling unit by Wine Guardian. The return vent and air handler were hidden in a soffit above the doorway.

To maintain a quiet operation, the compressor was installed outside the cellar, and covered with a metal housing to protect the unit. For easy monitoring, the thermostat was placed on the wall right beside the door.

Your Dream Home Wine Cellar Can Be Yours. Contact an Expert.

If you have a space that you want to transform into an elegant home wine cellar, Vintage Cellars California can help you. Call them today at 1-800-876-8789 or request a custom wine cellar design for FREE!

A Small Yet Impressive Texas Home Wine Cellar Design for a Small Space

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Are you thinking about investing in a wine cellar but do not have dedicated space?  Worry no more! Wine Cellar Specialists can build your dream wine room in a small space. In their recent project, they converted a tiny room into a sophisticated wine storage display. Learn more about the custom features of this Texas home wine cellar.

Building a Wine Cellar in a Limited Space

Custom Racking Deisgn Texas Home Wine Cellar

Custom Racking Deisgn Texas Home Wine Cellar

Limited space is one of the common problems faced by many wine lovers who desire to build a functional wine room in their home. Traditionally, wine cellars are located in basements to provide wine a cool environment necessary for aging.

Nowadays, a refrigerated wine cellar can be installed almost anywhere in your home such as the garage, closet, or under the stairs. An expert in wine room construction can provide a turnkey solution to the unique requirements of their clients.

Wine Cellar Specialists, a master builder in Texas, completed the installation of an attractive wine storage facility in Colleyville. They have been our partner in wine cellar construction for many years. They offer products and services that suit the unique needs of every wine enthusiast.

Custom Features of the Wine Rack System

Wine racks are not only storage units for one’s wine collection, but are also one of the factors that affect the overall appearance of a Texas home wine cellar. For these reasons, your wine racks must be manufactured using durable and appealing materials. Additionally, they must also be designed with functionality and creativity.

In this wine room conversion project, Wine Cellar Specialists designed and installed the wine racks, refrigeration system, door, flooring, walls, and ceilings. They took into account many factors to ensure that everything suited the room’s location and size, and the client’s personal preference and budget.

Visually Appealing Wooden Wine Racks with Grapevine Design

Custom Wine Cellar Designed Drawers and Cooperage Tabletop and Racking

Custom Wine Cellar Designed Drawers and Cooperage Tabletop and Racking

There are important considerations in creating a wine rack design. Wine Cellar Specialists spent quality time to know the aesthetic and functional requirements of the homeowner.

They used racking styles and included custom features that would suit the mood that the client wanted to achieve.

The design was also created according to the number of bottles intended to be stored in this Texas wine cellar.

Combining Various Wine Rack Styles to Create an Eye-Catching Storage Display

Known as a top-notch wine cellar builder, the team of Wine Cellar Specialists always sees to it that every design they create is incorporated with bottle orientations that create elegant and unique wine display. In this project, they combined different wine rack styles to achieve this.

Display Wine Racks with LED Lights in Texas Custom Wine Cellar

Display Wine Racks with LED Lights in Texas Custom Wine Cellar

The left sidewall has three rows of single bottle storage slots at the top section. Below this racking are two display rows. The first row is a low reveal display and the bottom row is a high reveal display. LED tape lighting was installed above each display row.

On the left of the individual wine rack is a window between two half-height, quarter round display racks. These quarter round storage units sit on a tabletop located below the window to the kitchen. The tabletop is made of engineered planks from reclaimed wine barrels. Two case storage bins and more single bottle storage racks were added to the bottom section of the left wall.

Just like the left wall, the right wall also consists of two display rows in the middle section. Additional slots for individual bottle storage were added to the top and bottom sections.

Texas Wine Cellar Prokect Back Wall Wine Racks with Tile Mural

Texas Wine Cellar Prokect Back Wall Wine Racks with Tile Mural

The focal point of this small, yet beautiful wine room is the wine rack at the back wall. Wine Cellar Specialists used an elegant solid arch incorporated with a grapevine design. They added a glass rack and slots for magnum bottles on both sides of the arch. As an additional custom feature, they also added a tumbled marble tile behind the arch. The tile matches the classic appeal of wooden wine racks.

To add functionality to this Texas wine cellar, they installed another reclaimed wine barrel tabletop with two drawers below it. The drawers were also carved with a grapevine design on the front to match the solid arch. Each of these drawers has a handle pull equipped with a European style self-closing slide hardware, which came from the Vineyard Collection hardware of Wine Specialists.

The bottom section of the back wall was installed with a diamond solid bin wine rack. This type of rack is ideal for storing wines in bulk.

Attractive and Durable Material for the Wine Racks

Custom Wine Racks and Window Small Wine Room Conversion Texas

Custom Wine Racks and Window Small Wine Room Conversion Texas

In addition to the design of your wine rack system, another factor that helps achieve an appealing wine storage display for a home is the material used to construct your wine racks.

Wood and metal are the most widely-used materials in manufacturing wine racks.

Most wine cellar builders recommend the wooden wine racks for residential owners who love the classic appeal of wood. Wooden wine racks are not only beautiful, but durable as well.

In this conversion project, Wine Cellar Specialists used Premium Redwood for the wine racks. This wood variety exhibits a reddish color with streaks that add character to the wine racks.

A Perfect Choice for the Flooring of a Home Wine Cellar Built in Texas

There are many factors that can help achieve the ideal environment needed by wine to age properly. One of these factors is the wine cellar flooring, which should also be chosen carefully for aesthetic and functional purposes.

Wine Cellar Specialists always recommends the addition of an eco-friendly feature in their client’s wine room. In this project, they used Cooperage flooring. It is a style of flooring, which makes use of reclaimed wine barrels. In this style of flooring, the wood pieces come from the top and bottom sections of used barrels. The wooden planks are engineered to create flooring that displays the unique stamps and markings of the barrels.

Just like the walls and ceiling, the flooring was installed with the proper insulation to prevent warm air from mixing with the cool air inside the wine cellar. Proper insulation helps regulate the conditions in wine storage facilities.

Unique and Cost-Effective Walls and Ceilings

Custom Wine Cellar with Stone Walls and Ceiling Texas Installation Project

Custom Wine Cellar with Stone Walls and Ceiling Texas Installation Project

Another feature that makes this Texas home wine cellar stand out is the Stonecoat design on the walls and ceiling. Stonecoat is a material made of crushed limestone from France. To create a gorgeous stone effect, the material is blown onto the surface and hand carved. It is then colored according to the client’s preference.

Cooling the Cellar with a Wine Refrigeration System

Wine Guardian Refrigeration Unit in Attic Texas Wine Cellar

Wine Guardian Refrigeration Unit in Attic Texas Wine Cellar

The most important component of a wine room is the cooling system. Its function is very important in helping wine achieve proper maturation before it is consumed.

Wine Cellar Specialists used a ducted self-contained wine cooling unit by Wine Guardian. It was placed in a conditioned space in the attic, creating minimal noise.

Make Use of Your Tiny Space at Home. Work with an Expert.

A tiny space should not stop you from building a Texas home wine cellar. If you need help, please feel free to contact Wine Cellar Specialists at +1 (866) 646-7089, or request a 3D custom design for FREE!

How a Master Builder Transformed a Carriage House into an Elegant Wine Cellar in New Orleans Louisiana

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It requires an expert in wine cellar design and installation to create a wine storage facility that will impress and meet all the requirements of the owner. In New Orleans Louisiana, a local contractor needed to renovate a wine room. The space was previously used as a carriage house in one of the mansions in the French Quarter, the oldest neighborhood in the city. They sought the help of Wine Cellar Specialists, who partners with WholeCellar in building custom wine cellars.

Elegant Design for New Orleans Louisiana Custom Wine Cellar

French Quarter New Orleans Courtyard

The Carriage House Before the Installation of the New Orleans Wine Cellar

New Orleans is a city in Louisiana where you can find its most famous neighborhood called the French Quarter. Known as a prime destination in the city, the French Quarter is home to hotels, restaurants, bars, residential, and tourist-oriented commercial properties. It is an ideal place for people who love to enjoy excellent food and fine wines.

In addition to enriching the wine tasting and dining experiences of its visitors and local residents, the French Quarter is also an ideal place to enjoy a leisurely walk while viewing the architecture built in the late 18th century.

A carriage house in the historic mansion had to be renovated to build a refrigerated wine cellar. A local contractor sought the help of Wine Cellar Specialists. WholeCellar has collaborated with Wine Cellar Specialists in many of their installation projects.

Wine Cellar Specialists Created a Beautiful Design for the Wine Room

New Orleans French Quarter Carriage HouseWine Cellar Specialists created the design for the New Orleans Louisiana custom wine cellar. They also provided the cooling system, wine racks, door, lighting, ladder, rails, and the glass window. They also made a careful assessment of the client’s needs to ensure that the wine room meets all the functional and aesthetic requirements.

Before the installation started, the carriage house used to have two entryways. The left door was the entrance to the carriage house, and the right door was the entrance to a bathroom. The room also had a wall with rectangular windows in the lower section, and a large sun-shaped glass window at the top.

Whatever the size and shape of the room that needs to be renovated, Wine Cellar Specialists can create a stunning wine rack design for their client’s collection. There may be space and/or financial challenges that may not be avoided during the planning and construction stages, but nothing can hinder an experienced and creative team to build an impressive wine display.

Wine Rack Components

New Orleans Wine Cellar Design by Wine Cellar Specialists

3-Dimensional Wine Cellar Design New Orleans

Wine Cellar Specialists designed the wooden wine rack system to accommodate about three thousand bottles. They used different combinations of racking styles to create a sophisticated display while maximizing the storage space.

The left wall is the wall where the rectangular windows were located. The bottom section consists of diamond bins, individual racks, and case storage bins. The upper racking also has individual storage slots, and two sections of French style wine racks. Centered above it is a large window with a sunburst design made of antique green glass. Built within the racking, a grill cover and box on both sides of the window were added to hide the twin evaporators.

Custom Wine Cellars New Orleans Builder Design Installations

Right Wall Wine Rack Design New Orleans Project

Wine Cellar Specialists incorporated a high reveal display row that lines the middle section of the left and right walls. This configuration highlights some of the fine wines of the collector. The light valance for the led strip lighting was placed above the display row.

The right wall wine racks have the same configurations as the left wall. The only difference is that the right wall has no glass window, only more slots for individual bottles and additional two X bins.

The center of the back end wall was installed with two drawers, with cabinet doors below them. Both sides of the cabinets are double deep X bins intended for bulk storage. The cabinets come with an adjustable shelf inside, and the drawers are self-closing. The installer provided the granite countertop above the drawers.

Wine Rack Features New Orleans wine cellar

Back Wall Wine Racks with a Solid Arch, Drawers and Cabinets

Above the drawers is an eye-catching solid arch with puck light. Glass racks were added to each side of the arch. The racking is finished off with a solid quarter round wine rack at the door wall.

Another beautiful feature of this New Orleans Louisiana custom wine cellar is the center island. To maximize the storage capacity of the room, Wine Cellar Specialists included horizontal display racks on both ends and solid diamond bins on both sides.

The horizontal display racking can house standard 750ml or magnum size bottles. Like the counter top at the back wall, the granite table top for the center island was provided by the installer.

Rolling Ladder – a Special Feature of the New Orleans Louisiana Custom Wine Cellar

Bent library ladder with Sunburst wheels and hook assembly New Orleans wine cellar

Wine Cellar Rolling Ladder

Rolling ladders, which are also known as library ladders, are in demand in wine cellar construction. For many homeowners, a rolling ladder is a great addition to any wine storage facility.

Its role is to allow the collector quick and convenient access to bottles stored high above the racking. With a rolling ladder, you don’t need to climb up a chair or stool to get hold of a bottle beyond your reach.

There are two types of rolling ladder: straight and bent. For this project, Wine Cellar Specialists used a bent rolling ladder.

It is ideal if you have double deep wine racks at the bottom section of your racking. It comes with hook assembly and sunburst wheels.  The matte black rails, which line the whole racking, are attached to a solid wood.

The Wood That Gave the Wine Room Rustic Appeal

The material used for the wine racks contributes to the overall look of the room. For this wine cellar installation project, the wine racks were constructed from Knotty Alder. This type of wood is known for its rustic appeal.

Wine Cellar Specialists contactAdditionally, Knotty Alder is recommended for wine cellars because it has the ability to withstand extreme changes in conditions. Other properties of this wood that make it a favorite of master builders include its natural beauty, durability, and high resistance to warping.

Need a Master Builder for Your Renovation Project?

Wine Cellar Specialists is a trusted master builder in New Orleans Louisiana. If you need help in your next project, contact them at +1 (866) 646-7089 today!