Florida Commercial Wine Displays Should Not Be Taken for Granted. They Can Enhance Business Sales.

wine business sales failureA restaurant business is believed to be a high-risk investment. Many restaurant owners try using different marketing techniques, but are not successful in increasing their profit.

There are many causes for restaurants failing. These include the wrong choice of location, inadequate capital, poor marketing strategies, and the demanding workload of the industry.

Another possible reason is taking for granted the importance of wine displays. In restaurants, wine plays an important role in business success. It is a large percentage of the total sales of most restaurants.

Offering a great selection of wines to be paired with an exciting menu can enhance your guests’ dining experience. Other restaurateurs offer rare and interesting wines to attract wine enthusiasts to dine in and buy them. This can be a good strategy, but it can be more effective if wines are displayed impressively.

How an Impressive Wine Display Boost Sales

Toscana wine display

How you display your wines also contributes to how customers perceive your products, and how you entice them to purchase one. Because of this, presentation should not be taken for granted if you want to have higher revenues.

Toscana Divino RestaurantA wide array of wines displayed beautifully and uniquely in your restaurant will draw customers’ attention easily. They might even go back to your restaurant again and again because of the relaxing atmosphere.

A well-built wine cellar in your restaurant will not only showcase wines impressively, but it will also provide the ideal storage conditions needed for wine to keep its quality.

With the goal to succeed in the industry, the owner of Toscano Divino, a well-known restaurant in Miami Florida, wanted to have a one-of-a-kind commercial wine cellar. They wanted to encourage their clients to taste and buy their great wine, trust their products, and add luxury to their dining experience. They believed that customer satisfaction would result in sales generation.

Striking Florida Commercial Wine Storage Display

Toscana Divino Restaurant interior

Toscana Divino Restaurant’s Cosmopolitan-Style Interior

The Toscana Divino Restaurant offers delicious Tuscan food prepared by Florence-trained executive chef Julian Baker. Their mouth-watering dishes, including Florentina steak, will not be complete without being paired with many of their finest wines.

A favorite dining establishment in Mary Brickell Village in South Miami Avenue, Toscana Divino is an upscale restaurant with a very elegant cosmopolitan-style interior. You will see elegant presentation on porcelain tables with handmade stemware, walls with Italian art pieces, and lovely shelves with souvenir handbags for sale.

The Focal Point of the Restaurant

Toscano wine cellar display.png

Toscano wine cellar displays

The most striking feature of the room is their commercial wine display area located in the middle of the restaurant, behind the bar. This storage space was designed and installed by Wine Cellar International, a leading wine cellar company in Florida.

This beautiful wine presentation has a cylindrical shape with walls and door made of glass. In addition to complementing the existing theme of the restaurant, enclosing the custom wine cellar in glass allows customers to enjoy the custom wine display from all angles of the room. It also encourages them to take a look at the different brands and varietals of wine.

Metal Wine Racking

Toscano metal wine racks

Metal Custom Wine Racking

The stunning display was created using Vintage View metal wine racks with black pearl finish. Because of style, functionality, flexibility and appeal, these metal wine racks are in demand in commercial and hospitality wine storage applications. Wine Cellar International has used them in many of their installation projects in Florida.

Other Custom Features

Toscano rackingThe walls are wrapped up with wine bottles on display. Designed to store wines in a label-forward orientation, the racking allows customers to browse the wine selections conveniently.

Additionally, it was constructed with high quality horizontal rods and stainless steel support beams to ensure safety of the bottles. The racking was designed with floor-to-ceiling height to maximize storage space.

It is common for restaurants to buy wines in bulk. A stylish and effective bulk storage racking must be used instead of boxes. In this project, Wine Cellar International designed the racking to allow case and bulk storage, still keeping with the cylindrical shape of the custom wine cellar.

The Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

In restaurants that sell wine, the wrong type of refrigeration system will have a negative effect on wine’s quality. Selling bad wine to your customers will harm your business’ reputation and will result in profit loss.

To avoid this from happening, temperature and humidity levels must be stabilized by using the most suitable wine cellar refrigeration system. In this project, Wine Cellar International used a commercial-grade ducted refrigeration system. It was hidden at the top portion of the storage space to achieve a clean look.

Let a Commercial Wine Storage Expert Showcase Your Wines with Elegance

Wine Cellar International

Wine Cellar International – Florida’s Leading Wine Room Designer and Installer

It’s vital in your planning process for your restaurant to plan for proper wine storage and display. Whatever your budget is, Wine Cellar International will provide the most effective storage solution that will showcase your wine selection with elegance. Call them now at +1 (954) 630-5866 or request a 3D wine cellar design for free!

More Photos of the Completed Wine Cellar

Toscano wine storage pic

Toscano wine storage
Toscano wine storage display