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Awesome Transformation of a Spare Room into a Custom Wine Cellar and Tasting Room in Flower Mound, Texas

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Any room, regardless of shape, size, and/or location, can be converted into a functional wine storage space. Nowadays, you can build your dream wine room in your basement, garage, closet, or any area in your home. In Flower Mound, a town near Dallas, Texas, Wine Cellar Specialists built a unique custom wine cellar and tasting room in an office space. See the amazing features of this installation project. 

An Expert Transformed a Spare Room into a Wine Cellar and Tasting Room

wine tasting room Flower Mound Texas home bar area

Wine Tasting Room Flower Mound Texas Bar Area

Do you have an unused space in your home? Why not convert it into something useful?

All you need to do is hire a master builder who can design your wine cellar creatively, and install the right components to ensure the proper storage of wine.

Investing in a refrigerated wine cellar offers many benefits. It will protect your wine collection from damaging factors. If designed with creativity, it can also enhance the beauty of your home. We recommend a custom design for those who want to create a stunning wine storage display.

Wine Cellar Specialists, one of our trusted partners in wine cellar construction, has recently completed an installation project in a city located northwest of Dallas. They added custom features to the design to create a unique wine cellar and an adjoining tasting room. They also made sure that the room has an airtight seal to keep the wine’s complex flavor and aroma for years to come.

3-Dimensional Drawings and Custom Wine Rack Features

original room with built in cabinets before the installation of the Texas home wine cellar

The Office Space that was Transformed into a Lovely Texas Wine Cellar

The room that would be converted into a custom wine cellar was an office space in Flower Mound, Texas with green walls and built in cabinets. Wine Cellar Specialists created a 3D design after making a careful assessment of the room’s size, shape, and location. They also took into account the client’s aesthetic and functional requirements.  The overhead plan view shows the different elevations: A, B, C, and D.


display wine racks and tabletop Texas wine cellar

High Reveal Display Row

left wall racking Flower Mound Texas home wine cellar

Left Wall Racking Flower Mound Texas Wine Room

The sidewalls (elevation A) consist of individual bottle slots at the top section and solid diamond bins at the bottom. The middle section is a high reveal display row that stores the bottles at a 15-degree angle.

This bottle orientation allows the owner to highlight some of his favorite vintages. Additionally, it also helps keep the cork moist by allowing the wine to be in contact with the cork.

When dried out, the cork might get brittle and shrink, causing an unwanted amount of air to mix with the wine. This can affect the wine’s taste and aroma.

Corner Walls

To achieve a smooth transition from one wall to another, a true-radius curved corner wine rack was installed on each end of the back wall. The high reveal display row, which lines the length of the whole racking, is installed with a light valance above it.

Back Wall

custom wine racks front  wall Flower Mound wine  cellar

Wooden Wine Rack System for a Home Wine Cellar in Texas (Front Wall)

At the back wall (elevation C) of this home wine cellar, Wine Cellar Specialists included a solid arch at the center. There is a puck light installed above it. Above the arch are horizontal wine racks that can accommodate magnum size bottles. The rest of the top racking consists of storage slots for individual bottles.

There is a tabletop installed from the left to the right corner of the back wall. It is made from the inner portions of reclaimed wine barrels.

It is called the Infusion style tabletop, which exhibits the color of the wines that were once stored in the barrels. Since no two barrel planks are exactly the same, this feature added a unique touch to the custom wine cellar in Flower Mound, Texas.

Below the tabletop are six double deep X-bins. There are six rolling case storage slots below the X-bins, which provide quick access to the cases stored at the back areas.

Quality and Attractive Wood Variety for the Wine Racks

For wine collectors who want to achieve a classic look in their wine rooms, wooden wine racks are recommended. Wood’s natural beauty can enhance the beauty of a wine cellar. They can also go well with the existing décor of your living space.

In this project, Wine Cellar Specialists used All Heart Redwood for the storage racks. In addition to its natural beauty, this type of wood is stable, and highly resistant to shrinkage, insects, molds, and mildew. In addition, it has natural wood preservatives that make it a favorite material in wine rack construction.

All Heart Redwood is ideal for refrigerated custom wine cellars in Flower Mound, Texas because it has the ability to withstand the extreme changes in temperature and humidity.

Wine Cellar Library Ladder

Texas wine cellar feature ladder rail attached to a 4-inch wood panel

Ladder Rail Attached to a 4-Inch Wood Panel within the Racking

Your wine cellar should not only keep your wine safe and beautify your home, but it should also provide convenience in accessing your bottles.

In this project, a library ladder was included to allow the owner quick access to wines stored in high areas of the racking. It is made from All Heart Redwood, coated with chocolate brown powder, and comes with Starburst wheels. The ladder rail is attached to a 4-inch solid wood panel on the racking.

Wine Tasting Room and Bar Area

Wine Cellar Specialists built an adjoining wine tasting room and bar area. This is a great addition to the home, allowing the owner to have a nice area for entertaining friends and hosting wine tasting parties.

Custom Features

lovely home bar in wine tasting room Flower Mound Texas

Gorgeous Home Bar in the Wine Tasting Room Area

The walls and ceiling of the tasting room is designed with Stonecoat. This a material made from crushed limestone that is blown on to the surface. After the application, it is then hand carved and colored according to the client’s preference.

Made from Knotty Alder, the home bar consists of open shelves on the left and right sides. The shelves have racks for the glassware. There is a lighted cabinet at the center of the bar. The bottom section has a built-in refrigerator (Uline brand 3036 model) with two drawers above it. The refrigerator has solid cabinets on both sides.

The Elegant Entrance to the Wine Cellar and Tasting Room

Flower Mound Texas custom wrought iron gate entrance to the wine tasting room

Wine Tasting Room Custom Wrought Iron Gate

Wine Cellar Specialists installed a 36 x 96-door with a window on each side. The frame is made of Knotty Alder applied with Chappo stain and lacquer.

The glass panels are dual paned. The wine cellar door is equipped with full weather stripping and an automatic door bottom.

The entrance to the wine tasting room is constructed with a double wrought iron gate. It was manufactured in Oil Rubbed Bronze and comes with a Victorian Style handle set and lock.

Planning to Build Your Own Wine Room? Contact a Specialist.

If you have a spare room that you want to convert into a custom wine cellar, a specialist in Flower Mound, Texas can help you. Contact Wine Cellar Specialists TODAY at +1 (866 ) 646-7089!!! They have built stunning residential wine rooms in Dallas, San Antonio, and Chicago.

New Component for Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems Improves Performance

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US Cellar Systems, a California based wine cellar manufacturer that we work closely with recently announced an important new innovation in one of their commonly used components. The LRC Expansion Valve is now externally equalized. Learn how this is to be installed and some of it’s performance advantages.

The Expansion Valve by LRC

The Expansion Valve by LRC

New Expansion Valve

The LRC Expansion Valve looks almost like a pressure regulator, mounted inside one of the US Cellar Systems refrigeration system for wine cellars. It is a common component in all of the series offered by US Cellar Systems, except for the CC series.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Technical Update – New LRC Expansion Valve Saves Time and Effort
This valve is now externally equalized. This gives the system better performance on all of the systems and makes it more convenient to adjust.

Installation of the New System by LRC

When installing, add a T with an access shrader. This has a key advantage. You will be able to measure your evaporator coil pressure at the evaporator, instead of having to go all the way out to the condensing unit to look at your gauges. This makes adjustments to your system much more convenient.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Adjustment

Adjusting Your Expansion Valve by LRC

Adjusting Your Expansion Valve by LRC

Use a 3/8” nut driver or a ratchet and a 3/8” socket.

You can adjust the valve by turning the head on the top of the regulator. To increase pressure you turn clockwise. To decrease pressure you will turn counter-clockwise.

Caution! Remember to make small adjustments. Never go all the way in with the adjustment. If you go too far in you can damage the diaphragm and then the expansion valve will no longer adjust. This damage will not be covered under warranty, so be very cautious when making adjustments to prevent such harm to the system.

Contact US Cellar Systems for Support and Advice

US Cellar Systems (Logo)If you’re in need of technical support for your wine cellar refrigeration system, contact US Cellar System here: +1(562) 728-5774.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of their systems, feel free to contact sales and customer support: +1(562) 513-3017.

This new expansion valve has important advantages; they can give you more information about it if you’re interested in learning more.

Wine Cellars Dallas – Elegant Residential Mahogany Design

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Residential Wine Cellar Project in Dallas Texas (a Processed Video Transcription)

Mahogany Residential Wine Cellar Design in Dallas, Texas

Chevis wine cellar drawing

Chevis Residential Wine Cellar Design Drawing

Traditional, original, and totally functional, describes the Chevis home wine cellar. We started with the drawing. Each elevation is designated with a letter – elevations A, B, C, and D. The overhead view shows our first challenge.

A duct for the air conditioning system to the adjoining room was found in a wall space that we removed on the left to make our space wider. To use the space, we needed to make the ducting as inconspicuous as possible.

We built custom ducting, making it shallower but wider, and as close to the ceiling as possible. We framed around it. We designed the room with curved corners on a double-deep section of the lower back wall, allowing a tabletop across the entire back.

Chevis wine cellar hidden ductingElevation A is the left wall. Here you can see where we added a solid wood piece in front of the hidden ducting. We added a hand-carved grapevine design at the front. The rest of the wall is individual racking for 750 size bottles, along with a row high-reveal display.

Dimmable lighting was installed above the display. A rail for the ladder is shown in the upper area. It is attached to a 4-inch solid wood panel. We used 4-inch crown molding, and standard 1 ½-inch base molding.

Elevation B is the back wall. The solid horizontal display rows of the top center are large enough to store magnum bottles. The solid arch includes the puck light. LED lighting is also above the display rows on each side of the arch.

Chevis wine cellar back wall

Chevis Wine Cellar Back Wall with Diamond Bins and Case Storage

Double-deep solid diamond bins are included just below the tabletop. The case storage is on rolling shelves, the right to our double-deep, and the left to single-deep.

Here was another challenge: at the back of this wall, a vent protruding through the floor to the exterior of the back wall. We built a wooden wall around this as well, and hid it behind the left case storage. The ladder rail goes across at the top, attaching to the 4-inch solid section.

Chevis wine rackingElevation C is the right wall. The fan coil or evaporator for the ductless split wine cooling system sits behind the grill cover and box at the top of this wall. Another ladder rail, individual 750 bottle storage, and a high-reveal display row with lighting, make up the rest of this wall.

Elevation D has the two half-high curved corners that sit on top of the tabletop. A curved display row with lighting is included in this wine rack.

Here are the 3D photos of the room. This is the overhead, the left and back wall; the back wall, and right wall; the custom-designed door with surround; and the full wine cellar view from the front.

Chevis left and right wall

Left and Back Wall Racking

Chevis back wall

Back Wall

It’s now time to show you the finished product. The front door is in mahogany with chestnut stain and lacquer with heavy distressing. It includes operable wrought iron, and an automatic door bottom. The design for the iron on the wine cellar door was drawn up with input from the owners, and help from our design team.

View the different types of wine cellar doors.

Custom Wine Cellar Door in Mahogany and Wrought Iron

Totally custom-designed with two fleur de lis, swirls, knots and diamond shapes. The door handle set is our St. Charles pattern that also includes the fleur de lis design.

Here’s a close up of the handle set and lock, as well as showing how the iron is operable, and opens for easy cleaning of the dual-pane glass panels behind.  Here’s the close up of the iron at the top of the door.

Inside the custom wine room, we added Cooperage reclaimed wine barrel flooring panels to the ceiling. The left wall shows the carved wood section that hides the intruding ducting from the next room.

Chevis wine cellar ladder

The Rolling Ladder

The rails are attached to the 4-inch wood section that is included in each of the wine racks. The ladder is mahogany with chestnut stain and lacquer.

The individual bottles continue onto the curved corners.  The racks are also mahogany with chestnut stain and lacquer.

The corner sits on top of the tabletop, which is above the double-deep bottom section. The upper part of the back wall includes solid horizontal display rows that will fit magnum bottles as well as 750s.

The ladder is a hook ladder. It can be moved to any other three walls. The ladder is also a bent ladder to be able to work well with the double-deep back wall section, as well as the side walls. The ladder has contemporary-style wheels.

The double-deep bins and case storage are also solid mahogany. The case storage is on rolling shells for easy access to both the front and back cases. The right back side shows the high-reveal display rows turning the corner.

The grill cover and box hide the evaporator coil. There’s another rail ladder below. The lower right wall is all 750 racks with a display row, and LED dimmable lighting above.

This is a look to the outside of the Dallas, Texas residential wine cellar from the inside. The Chevis custom wine cellar combines luxury with practicality, making it something the owners will enjoy for many years to come. For a beautiful custom wine cellar your home, call Wine Cellar Specialists today.

Chevis wine cellar Dallas TX


HS 6600: A Wine Cellar Refrigeration Installation Beverly Hills Project

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Beverly Hills, popularly known by its zip code 90210, has been home to popular celebrities that’s why when you hear of the place, luxury comes to mind. Even the events are extravagant — the Beverly Hills Wine and Food Festival collaborates with prestigious sponsors to offer the taste of selected wines, liquors and beers as well as the makers of extravagant products.

A Beautiful Home at Beverly Hills Los Angeles CA

A Beautiful Home at Beverly Hills Los Angeles CA

Beverly Hills has a warm Mediterranean climate. If you have a wine collection, you would really need a wine cellar refrigeration installation. A climate controlled wine cellar needs a refrigeration unit that is of the right size and quality. Wine cellar cooling system Beverly Hills will give your wine collection the setting it needs for the optimum aging and storage environment and the proper temperature and relative humidity levels as well even with the town’s climate.

Wine cellar refrigeration is one of the most important aspects that your wine collection needs. When deciding on a cooling unit, you have to be certain with the design and construction. Trust only the most reputable manufacturer because sub-standard and undersized refrigeration units can cause you harm along the way.

M&M Cellar Systems

M&M Wine Cellar Systems

One of US Cellar Systems trusted and most reliable partners when it comes to climate controlled wine cellar designs and wine cellar refrigeration installation Beverly Hills is M&M Cellar Systems. It is a California-based company, well-known for their HVAC refrigeration and heating installations as well as good customer service and proper cooling unit maintenance.

One of M&M Cellar Systems projects was a wine cabinet specifically designed for cooling small wine storage areas. It was engineered to give the proper amount of circulating air into the narrow-spaced storage. It is more commonly known as a High Static (HS) System.

High Static System

High Static Wine Cellar Cooling System

High Static Wine Cellar Cooling System

HS Systems are specifically manufactured with a design that will provide cooled air from medium or high-temperature spaces. They are also designed with a split-type refrigeration system.  It has very powerful evaporators that it is possible to install it as far as 25 feet from the cooling room.

These ducted wine coolers transport cool air to the wine storage room via ducts, which frees your storage room from noise and space compared to an in-room evaporator.

The HS models use the refrigerant R134a with a total evaporator capacity of up to 20,000 BTU/hour.

The HS 6600 Model

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Installation Beverly Hills

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Installation Beverly Hills

A wine cellar refrigeration installation Beverly Hills was done in a residence’s living room. M&M Cellar Systems initiated the installation of a split-type wine cellar cooling system which has two major components: the evaporator and the condenser, coil and compressor.

Specifically, the HS 6600 wine cellar cooling system was installed and was done by Mario Morales. He owns M&M Cellar Systems and also acts as the company’s lead technician. The HS 6600 model also includes piping sets for moving liquid or gaseous refrigerant into the wine cabinets.

Mario was sure that HS 6600 was the perfect wine cellar cooling unit to be installed because of the room’s specifics, dimensions, type and location of construction.  The wine cellar cooling system Beverly Hills was also charged with a refrigerant, Freon, which is commonly utilized for air conditioning.

Moreover, Mario conducted a pressure test for the climate controlled wine cellar after charging it with Freon to make sure that there are no leaks inside and out and to ensure that the wine cellar refrigeration installation can handle the pressure declared by the climate controlled wine cellar manufacturer.

Climate Controlled Wine Cellar Beverly Hills

Climate Controlled Wine Cellar Beverly Hills

This wine cellar cooling system Beverly Hills is just on of M&M Cellar Systems’ many refrigeration solutions to 90210’s warm climate. As the owner, Mario takes pride in his company’s good customer service in addition to its high quality of work. So for your wine cellar cooling needs in Beverly Hills and in L.A., trust only M&M Cellar Systems.

WholeCellar LLC California & Mexico, What Happened?

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What Happened to WholeCellar LLC?

First, let’s make it clear that WholeCellar LLC, a company based at 2244 Main Street Suite #9, Chula Vista, CA 91911, website, is not the same as   For more information see the notes at the bottom of this post.

What We Know:

  1. At least five wine cellar dealers have been hit with significant losses as WholeCellar LLC failed to deliver on their product orders in December 2013 & January 2014.
    • As far as we know, all five dealers have been able to find alternative sources for the products that they had on order with the company.  The only negative impact to end clients may have been some delays in shipping.
    • If you know different, please let us know, contact details at the bottom of this post.


  2. The WholeCellar LLC’s manufacturing plant has been closed and they tell us they have notified their dealers that they can no longer fulfill all existing orders or accept new orders.

This is sad times for the industry as WholeCellar LLC’s products were many and varied and of great quality.  It is also bad news for the people in a company when a business fails and certainly bad news for the all the dealers who have incurred financial losses as a consequence.

We have been unable at this time to get any further comment beyond the information above directly from the manufacturer.

The Good News

The custom wine cellar and wine racking markets for both the commercial and residential sectors, continues to appear buoyant with most local wine cellar builders reporting record quarters in Q4 2013.

IronWine Cellars & Furniture have apparently stepped in and in many cases we are told, have been able to quickly create and deliver the outstanding products previously ordered from

IronWine are a high quality wine rack and custom cellar racking manufacturer based in California with manufacturing in Mexico.  It seems that for every failure there is a silver lining for someone.  As a result of WholeCellar LLC demise, IronWine have seen a significant upswing in business.

Comment from IronWine Cellars & Furniture

IronWine Cellars California“It’s sad to see a company fail but for us at IronWine we have been able to expand our operation based on this additional business.  Although it’s been a bit of a scramble, as a number of orders were already overdue, we have been able to execute quickly to create identical products to keep our dealers and their clients happy.  When you are in this business, cash flow, manufacturing efficiency and quality control are critical to business success.” Said Luis Vazquez of IronWine.

Comment from Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

COASTAL LOGO“I’m frustrated and disappointed that the WholeCellar LLC manufacturer has failed, however I am grateful to IronWine for stepping in a picking up the deficit.  As a result we have been able to look after our clients and insulate them from any consequences of WholeCellar LLC demise. So far, IronWine have demonstrated an even better level of service and quality build.” Commented Jerry Wilson of Coastal Custom Wine Cellars.

As to what lead to the demise of WholeCellar LLC, we can only speculate.  The inability of the company to manage its costs and cash flow when sales fluctuated would appear to be the most likely reason for its failure.


WholeCellar LLC


Email: Unknown

Phone: +1 (619) 730-3220

A manufacturer to the trade of both commercial and retail wine racks and related products.  The company was based in 2244 Main Street Suite #9, Chula Vista, CA 91911, with a manufacturing facility in Mexico.


IronWine Cellars & Furniture



Phone: +1 (866) 866-8851

A manufacturing operation based in southern California and Mexico.  Ironwine make use of innovative manufacturing processes to create a range of both wood and iron based wine racking solutions as well as furniture.  They leverage their Mexico operation to create pre-designed and fully hand crafted custom products at highly competitive rates. (This website)



Is an online magazine dedicated to providing quality content and market intelligence to buying customers and the trade.  At we showcase many wine cellar dealers work and help to promote local builders who can demonstrate quality work and happy clients. is not affiliated with WholeCellar LLC in any way.

Why are the names so similar?

In the early days of the WholeCellar LLC start-up there were negotiations for WholeCellar LLC to fund and develop the website as its marketing front end.  Those negotiations failed to materialize into any substantive agreement.  Since then has been developed as an independent website.

Commercial Wine Racks Texas Wine Store Project Dallas Display

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Commercial Wine Racks Texas Wine Store Project Dallas Display – A Processed Video Transcription


Commercial Wine Racks Texas Wine Store Display Dallas Project

Commercial Wine Racks Texas

Choosing the correct wine racks and design concept for your wine store is almost as important as choosing the correct wines to carry.  Commercial wine racks Texas should not only look good with your selected decor, but should display your wine so that the customer can easily see what is offered and have easy access to the bottles they wish to purchase.

I believe the wine store that we are about to walk you through has accomplished both of these things with the help of the Wine Cellar SPecialists design and install teams.  What you’re looking at is the overhead view of the floor plan for the Wine Down Market.

Wine Storage Wine Racks Design Specifications

Overhead View Commercial Wine Racks

Overhead View Commercial Wine Racks

As you know in the upper right hand corner we have accomplished storage for 3,398 bottles.  Here you can see that each elevation is marked Elevation A, B, C, C1, C2, and C1 again (these are the same commercial wine racks), as well as D.  This being the overhead view, you can see that the commercial custom wine racks are in an L-shaped configuration.

This is a wine store and tasting room, so it’s not like a regular wine market that has thousands of wine.  They are very selective in this market.  We’re looking here at Elevation A.  What we’ve done is combine both residential and commercial wine racks, so that we have height differences going along.

We made it a very interesting look, which you’ll see later on in our pictures.  Elevation A begins with residential quarter round and solid X-bin then goes on to a 2-column retail stacker, again a solid X-bin in the residential.

Commercial Wine Racks Texas Design

Commercial Wine Racks Texas Design

We move on to Elevation B where we have a round corner that holds 4 bottles wide.  This is a commercial rack, so it is one of the tallest.  The back wall begins with solid rectangular bin storage.

Our commercial wine racks are 84 5/16 inches high.  We then go to a 3-column retail stacker and drop down to a solid residential X-bin.

Moving on to the next section, what we have is horizontal wine store wine racks.  This is a display row here where bottles stand up in front and behind the bottles will sit in these vertical bins.  We have then a 3-column retail stacker and another horizontal rack.  We also have commercial rounds in the center of the aisles out from the two walls.

3D Design for the Commercial Custom Wine Racks

3D Design of the Wine Room

3D Design of the Wine Room

As you can see the overhead view 3D showing where our center commercial rounds are and the two L-shaped walls.  Here you can get a 3D view of the entire walls, looking at it from the right end.  Now we’re going to show you some photographs of the room as it was completed.  This is the Wine Down Wine Market.

The Completed Commercial Wine Room

Completed Wine Store Wine Racks Installation

Completed Wine Store Wine Racks Installation

Here is the wine room.  We’ve done our commercial custom wine racks in unfinished Knotty Alder.  This is very good wood to use for a wine market.  It is one of the lesser costly woods, but still has a beautiful look to it.

You can see where our quarter rounds moved on into the corner and down the side wall and the rounded display in the center.  Here is the quarter round and the solid X and the 2-column retail stacker.  These were all taken right before the grand opening, so the stickers are on the front of the commercial wine racks.

I don’t believe they’ve put in the price tags and things on yet.  You can see all the beautiful wine store wine racks and how that height difference really makes a difference.  Here is the 4-bottle curved corner.

Rectangular Bins Wine Store Wine Racks

Rectangular Bins Wine Store Wine Racks

We have the rectangular bins.  This is the long wall here and the height difference here really adds something to the room.  Here is your X-bin.  You can see on the horizontal rack where you have the ledge going all the way across and the knees are where your bottles just kind of stack above each other.

Here’s a little close up of it.  Here is a retail stacker.  You can see all the display ledges on the front of these commercial rounds looking down from the right hand side.  Here’s a little close up of one of those round center islands and from the window of the store.

So, I hope you liked walking through this.  I think they did a beautiful job.  Our installers did install these for the Wine Down Market and they’re very pleased.  Grand opening was the day after these photos took place in Flower Mound, Texas.

So if you ever buy that way, look them up.  Have a glass of wine or buy a bottle or two.  Give us a call at Wine Cellar SPecialists, we’d be happy to help design and get you the wine store wine racks that works for your wine store.

California Custom Wine Cellar Designs with Stylish Features

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You are a wine collector and would love to have a good storage place for your wines at home. Having a residential wine cellar will keep your collection safe for a long time.

Stylish features will allow you to showcase your precious collection aesthetically, impressing guests and friends. This is also true for commercial wine cellars. Visually appealing custom wine displays will attract customers to buy your wines and come back your establishment again and again.


Features of Custom Wine Cellars Built with Style

Glass Enclosure or Walls 

When building a wine cellar, the needs and requirements of each client must be met including the ambiance one wants to create , thus it is wise to work with a trusted wine cellar builder.

Glass-Enclosed Wine Displays

If you want a contemporary or modern wine cellar, metal wine racks must be used to house the wine bottles. Locating a specific vintage will be fast and convenient since the bottles are arranged with labels facing up. Air flow in and around the bottles are also one of the benefits of using metal wine racks.

Glass wine cellar enclosures or walls are also in demand both in residential and commercial custom wine storage. These allow the owner to easily view their custom wine displays without having to get into the wine cellar.

View some examples of wine cellars with glass enclosures or walls: 

The wine cellar projects mentioned above were built by Wine Cellars by Coastal, a company whose goal is to provide their clients the best wine storage solution, one that will them enjoy wine to the fullest.

Eco-Friendly Features and Accessories 

There are popular eco-friendly wine cellar floorings used in California custom wine cellars – wine barrel, nautical timber, and cork flooring. These types of flooring are all durable and visually appealing.

In addition to flooring, reclaimed oak wine barrels can also be used in making elegant countertops (cooperage) and wine barrel carvings (barrel end).

Wine Barrel Carving (upper left), Nautical Timber Flooring (upper right) & Wine Barrel Counter Tops (below)

Accessorizing wine cellars with wine barrel carvings is a trend in the wine cellar industry. They can be personalized with your own theme or design and can last a lifetime.

If you want to ensure functionality, style, and uniqueness in your wine storage space, request a no-obligation consultation and wine cellar design package at  WholeCellar is partnered with the most reliable wine cellar designers, builders, and suppliers.  They will find a specialist in your area who will design and install a distinctive custom wine cellar in your home, restaurant, or wine store. Click here to learn more about their products and services.

Commercial Wine Racks Miami Florida at Toscana Divino Restaurant

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The strategic positioning of commercial wine displays in an upscale dining establishment creates a visually enticing business showcase of wine collectibles that can enhance both aesthetic appeal and overall dining experience.  Commercial wine displays Miami Florida are climate controlled wine storage spaces that also serve as display rooms, within which wine choices are stylishly presented.

Toscana Divino Restaurant Miami Florida

Toscana Divino Restaurant Miami Florida

Toscana Divino, one of Miami’s top gastronomic destinations, specializes in authentic Tuscan and Italian cooked recipes.  The famous Italian restaurant’s passion about the Tuscan lifestyle is evident in their delicious food and excellent wine list.  Some of their most popular Florence-styled dishes are Smoked Duck Prosciutto and Tagliata di Manzo, and wine choices of reds, whites, and bubbly, including Italian red and white wines.

The main attraction of Toscana Divino is the stunning cylindrical-shaped commercial wine displays Miami Florida, situated in the middle of the dining area.  Designed by Florida’s premier wine cellar builders and designer, Wine Cellar International, this contemporary commercial wine cellar features glass windows and a glass entryway, as well as metal commercial wine racks Miami Florida.

The cylindrical-shaped wine cellar is encased in glass walls and equipped with metal wine racking solutions all around that provide an impressive wall of liquid collectibles, and serve as a visual treat for old and new diners alike.

Impressive floor to ceiling commercial wine racks fill the commercial wine cellar interior and present a mosaic of wine labels, which can be seen from the outside, through glass walls.  The middle part of the room is spacious enough for bulk storage and case lots.  In order to match the restaurant’s modern interior, the design team used metal commercial wine displays from Vintage View.

Commercial Wine Displays Miami Florida

Commercial Wine Displays Miami Florida

Vintage View metal commercial wine displays combine functionality and style in creating a design scheme that not only maximizes storage capacity of the space, but also provides an efficient and attractive presentation of various wine bottles.  Vintage View commercial wine racks Miami Florida facilitate label forward display that offers full visibility of wine labels and enables customers to easily peruse the different wine selections.

A floor to ceiling layout of metal commercial wine displays Miami Florida allows for optimal use of storage space.  This modern wine racking solution features precision crafted and high performance horizontal rods that can be designed to accommodate up to three bottles laterally, and configured to single, double, or triple-bottle depths.

Commercial Wine Racks Miami Florida

Commercial Wine Racks Miami Florida

Floor to ceiling commercial wine racks Miami Florida is constructed from high quality metal support beams that offer multiple installation options.  Since these commercial wine racks are fastened to the floor and ceiling, their positions are not confined to a single location.  They can be placed in the middle of the room or right next to glass windows.

Metal based commercial wine racks are the perfect wine storage application in a commercial setting because of their sleek and sophisticated appearance that befits contemporary styled dining establishments.

In order to maintain the ideal climate conditions for preserving the overall quality of wines, wine cellar builders installed a ducted wine cellar cooling unit, which utilizes air ducts to blow air into and exhaust warm air away from the wine storage area.  The cooling unit is mounted at the top of the storage space to keep it hidden from view.

The Toscana Divino commercial wine storage and display solution is a testament to the excellent workmanship and unique design of the team of wine cellar builders at Wine Cellar International.  They are committed to providing quality products and service to all areas of wine cellar design and installation, from refrigeration systems to wine racking solutions.

Modern Look in California Wine Cellars with Metal Wine Racks

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Wine aficionados and collectors, who have the budget and love for their wines, prefer to invest in a California wine cellar. Some have numerous wine cellar racks which are usually made of wood, as it can be formed in various designs. Wood also does not affect the quality of wine placed inside the wine cellars, especially when there is a functional wine cooling system in use.

Aside from wood, wine racks can also be made from metal. Metal is a favorite material used in wine racking by wine cellar builders. Let’s find out why.

Metal Wine Racks – Excellent Choice for Wine Storage

Easy Visibility of Wine Labels 

Metal wine racks allow bottles to be stored with labels facing up for easy location of a certain vintage. Vintage View metal wine racks are the most trusted brand of this type of storage.


Vintage View Metal Wine Racks

Vintage View Metal Wine Racks


Durability and Easy Maintenance 

Metal wine racks are known for their durability. They don’t easily break as long as they are built properly. The material does not easily rust and can be used for a long time. They are also easy to clean and don’t take much for their natural beauty to come out.

Versatility and Appeal 

Metal is a versatile material. It can be formed into various shapes and designs depending on the wine collector’s preference. Because of this, metal wine racks easily fit in limited spaces.

Collectors who have a few bottles in their collection prefer to use custom metal wine racks that stand on the floor or can be mounted on the wall.

Collectors and homeowners can choose a design that can match the style of their home, allowing the metal wine rack to blend beautifully with the rest of the furniture and fixtures.

For commercial wine cellars, metal wine racks are in demand because of the eye-catching appeal and modern feel that they provide a commercial or hospitality wine storage space.

Wine cellars can be constructed with metal wine racks and glass walls and doors to create a cozy ambiance. A good example of this wine cellar can be found at

Buying Tips 

From the beginning, it is wise to analyze and decide what kind of metal wine rack one prefers. It can either be floor-standing or wall-mounted.

The design of the metal wine rack should also complement the theme, color scheme, and decor of the rest of the room or house. Make sure, too, that one will not be changing home style and design for a few years to maximize utility of the wine rack.

Ensure that the metal wine rack is designed in such a way that it has the proper support and balance for the bottles and ends, and connected parts are properly welded.

It is always prudent to set a limit or budget to the amount of money you are willing to spend. It is also advisable to look around at several suppliers before buying one to be sure that you get a good bargain.

Metal wine racks are just one of the many racking options one can avail of. It largely depends on the wine collector’s preference and objective in using racks made of metal. It is a piece one can showcase on its own and is sure to acquire admirable looks and comments from guests.

Wine Cellars by Coastal is a top-notch California wine cellar builder. They offer metal and wooden wine racks of various designs and sizes to fit every client’s specific requirements. Check out their website at here to get a FREE 3D wine cellar design package.

A Guide to Proper Lighting for Texas Custom Wine Cellars

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When planning to build a Texas wine cellar, the lighting is one of the most important aspects to consider. It can protect or damage your wine and enhance or ruin the look of your wine cellar.

The wine cellar lighting should emit as little heat as possible and have less UV rays. This is why it is essential that you choose the best wine cellar lighting system for your custom wine room.

Why Wine Cellar Lighting is Important

Wine cellar lighting contributes a lot to the visual appeal of your wine display. Since the ambiance of your wine cellar is determined by the type of wine cellar lighting installed in it, it is recommended that you take it into account and discuss your requirements with a Texas wine cellar builder.


In commercial wine cellars or restaurants, lighting has a big impact on the marketability of the owner’s products. Opt for a stunning lighting system to attract the attention of potential customers.

Convenience in stacking and organizing wines can be achieved with a good light. Reading the labels and selecting the bottles that you want to drink will also be easier.

Highly Recommended Wine Cellar Lighting Fixture 

LED LIGHTINGMinimal heat is the key to ensuring that your wines are safe while being highlighted in your wine cellar. The most favorite and widely-used lighting in wine cellar installation is LED (light emission diode) lighting. It has no harmful UV rays, emits low heat, and is durable and energy-saving.

LED lights are a bit expensive, but using them will save the wine cellar owner a lot of money in the long run because these lights have longer life span and require low energy consumption.

Wine Cellar Lighting Management Tips

Have a switch outside your wine cellar so you won’t have to enter the room if you want to turn off the lights. You may also opt for a light indicator which will inform or warn you that there are still unattended lights in the wine storage area.

There are some lighting systems that feature a dimmer switch that allows adjustment of heat emission. This will ensure that the ideal wine storage temperature is present in your wine cellar. These monitoring and control features are essential in maintaining proper lighting in the place where your wine bottles rest.

To ensure that your wines are safe from harmful UV rays and too much heat, you must invest in a reliable lighting system. Wine Cellar Specialists will help you build your custom wine cellar equipped and installed with efficient components. Contact them at 866-646-7089 today! You may visit their website at