Boost Wine Sales with Commercial Wine Displays Created by an Expert

Nikita Restaurant in Malibu, California

Nikita Restaurant in Malibu, California

The worst thing that can happen for a new upscale hotel or restaurant is to underperform in wine sales. Gone are the days when wine was an afterthought to the owners. Wine is now a predominant concern for every company in the hospitality market. Because of this, wine displays are becoming more and more important in the marketing efforts in the industry.

At the same time, wine displays solve some other major problems that come with serving wine. They solve storage problems and add to the overall dining experience. It’s for many of these reasons that the owner of the Nikita Restaurant in Malibu, California wanted to have a commercial wine cellar designed and built for this space.

In choosing a builder they picked Coastal Custom Wine Cellars because of their experience in working with many wine cellars and displays, both commercial and residential over the years. Jerry  Wilson at Coastal helped Nikita think about all the issues that had to be considered when building a major project like this.

Why Have a Wine Display in a Restaurant?

Attractive Commercial Wine Displays in Nikita Restaurant, Malibu California

A wine display that is not spectacular tells your customers that your wine is mediocre. There’s no way around this sad fact.

Wine storage displays that are aesthetically pleasing, however, do the opposite! They tell your clientele that your wine is AMAZING! If you create a truly incredible display for your wines, you will entice people to taste and even buy them. This will result in increases in sales revenue and make customers trust your products.

Additionally, the way you present your wines has a big impact on the customers’ perception of your business. Wine displays play a very important role in drawing people’s attention and contribute to their dining experience. They create an experience of luxury. They make people feel like they are in a unique and opulent location. Great displays certainly make it more likely that customer will come back.

Some restaurants fail to create an ambiance that would make customers want to go back again. Most people prefer to dine in or buy from a restaurant that has a relaxing atmosphere. They want to enjoy the place while eating and chatting with family or friends.

In any business, customer satisfaction must be prioritized. One way to satisfy them is by adding a nice commercial wine room to your restaurant which will enhance their dining experience. This will encourage people to go back to your restaurant again and again, leading to sales generation.

The Nikita Restaurant Commercial Wine Cellar

For this very reason, Coastal carefully designed the wine cellar in Malibu, California to match the existing theme of the Nikita Restaurant. They saw to it that the bottles are displayed in an elegant way.

You may have seen restaurants that have wine racks that were not designed to fit the storage space perfectly. Some wine cellar designers neglect the importance of maximizing space.

For every custom wine cellar project, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars ensures that the storage space is maximized. For optimal storage capacity in Nikita Restaurant, the Vintage View metal wine racks were cut to the heights of 3 feet and 4 feet. Doing this allowed the wine racks to fit well within the borders of the wood shelving and walls.

Nikita Restaurant Custom Wine Racks Designed for Optimal Storage

Optimal storage capacity for this wine cellar was achieved also by using floor to ceiling Vintage View commercial wine racks. These wine racks were installed near the glass walls and the wine room’s entrance. Vintage View floor to ceiling wine storage racks are designed to be mounted on steel frames fastened safely to the floor and ceiling. Wine racks were also designed to accommodate wines in bulk.

You’re going to have a big problem if you buy and store wines in bulk, and you don’t have the right storage space for them in your restaurant. You can’t just store them in ordinary boxes and place them in one area in your restaurant.

Storing wines in bulk is not very easy. This is a common problem in commercial wine cellars.  Restaurants with large number of wines need effective and stylish bulk storage racking.

In bulk storage, one must choose a type of wine rack that allows wines to be grouped according to variety. Metal X-cube bins are a creative wine racking solution that allows convenience in storing bottles of various sizes and varieties. These are the reasons X-cube metal wine racks were used in this beautiful wine cellar in California.

What Needs to be Considered When Building a Commercial Wine Cellar?

When planning to build a restaurant wine cellar, make sure that your wine rack design will provide your customers convenience and match your restaurant’s theme.

Convenience in Browsing

Vintage View Metal Wine Racks

You don’t want customers to have a hard time looking for a specific wine in your wine cellar. Convenience in finding a specific wine variety or vintage must be considered in your commercial wine rack design.

This is why Vintage View metal wine racks are widely used in restaurants and other hospitality storage facilities, including Nikita Restaurant. These wine racks allow bottles to be stored with labels facing up.

Label forward commercial wine displays will not require flipping or removing the bottle from the wine rack to see the label. This kind of wine display will allow people to find a specific wine variety or vintage easily.

Complement the Design of the Restaurant  

The Nikita restaurant, which is located near the Surfrider, and the Malibu pier, was built in a contemporary style. The client wanted their wine cellar to complement the contemporary theme and Zen-inspired design of their restaurant.  To match the restaurant’s relaxing ambiance and existing theme, Coastal used Vintage View commercial wine racks made from metal to achieve this.  In building wine cellars in a contemporary setting, metal wine racks are widely used.

Metal wine racks look elegant, making it a perfect choice in a contemporary setting. They also provide a wide array of styles and designs to meet various needs of wine collectors.

Find the Right Wine Cellar Builder

With so many companies out there willing to build wine cellars, yet so few with the expertise, understanding and experience in building and installing commercial wine displays it’s important to choose the best.

Wine Cellars by Coastal, one of our partners in wine cellar construction is a sought-after wine cellar builder in and around California. They are known for their expertise and craftsmanship in both residential and commercial wine storage. Their experienced team ensures that every wine cellar they build is distinct and visually appealing.

Coastal took note of the client’s specific requirements and integrated them into the wine cellar design. They provided wine storage solutions that could help increase the restaurant’s sales revenue.

Seek Help of a California Wine Cellar Expert

Jerry Wilson, founder of Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Jerry Wilson, founder of Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

This custom wine cellar in a high-end restaurant in California shows Coastal’s passion and expertise in providing efficient wine storage solutions. If you need expert advice in design, construction and refrigeration of your wine cellar, contact Wine Cellars by Coastal at the following numbers:

Toll Free – (888) 735-8889   

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